How DaddyOFive Ruined His Childhood

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Word is starting to spread about the controversial and unethical content that DaddyOFive has been making for a while. I thought that I would use my small platform and inform you guys about this issue.
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meme machines who got striked:


feel free to spread the word and share the video with your friends if you feel like this issue needs to reach more people
EDIT: oh wow looks like im being raided by DaddyOFive's fans lol if you enjoyed this video leave a like and maybe subscribe if you wanna see more vids from me xD
It's also not looking good for DaddyOFive right now from what I can tell... I also wanna give a shoutout to Phil Defranco for using his big audience to bring this issue to light.
5 whole minutes... when the prank starts at 1 minute and they tell them at 4 minutes...
lamy is daead XD!
i love seeing kids get sad and cry
Corona Miralis
this father, no, this... thing should be sent on a island with her wife, both sterilized, without any device to connect with the other world and be filmed as they meet their demise. God, you cannot use a child as some kind of object to toss around and torture for making money. I really hope Social services to save these children from these two monsters
Spark Alan
Is that the Postal Dude?
The answer is simple. I AM a YouTube Hero
x x
Thomas The dank engine
Sick ass fucken people
Natasha Crampah
why do the parents only bully the ginger kid ? i feel so bad for him
Peter johnson
Ghosts n Gaming
it's acting you fuck
Mishelle Ch.
I heard about this by @izzynobre and felt i had to search for these videos. This is extremely disturbing, these are kiddos, this is their guardians abusing and hurting their minds AND bodies. CHILDREN, for fucks sake! And they show no empathy, they show no sign of knowledge, they just don't know nor care about their constant aggression.
Serial killers rise for less than that.
These two are fucking insane (on the literal meaning of the word) and must be immediately treated. The children must know their lives can be better and that's not a way to be treated by your guardian.
Seriously revolting. Seriously disturbing.
Gabriel Jeronimo Pinheiro
Foi a mãe dele
YouTube sucks ass.Just look at the trending page!Aaaaaaaaaaa
Slicer Killer
these videos are fake and staged and the kids come up whit the idea
Screaming Guy
guys, there's an ongoing petition from related to do5
So that we as a community can end child abuse and give justice for cody. Thank you
Claire Bolle
this make me so sad and angry :(
Big City Slider
I think Cody deserved it. He's one of those cringey Minecraft kiddies
Katarina Opacak
man... everything is on point. but I kept thinking to myself how your voice is so good, I could listen to you reading my college books every day. :$ lol
DaddyOfive no more videos deleted all the videos
halo Master Chief
i have that to
Marjo Kotnik
did u now that he bot a new tablet
Leafy IsQueer
I hope both those shitty excuses for parents rot in prison.
BOOOOOOOO!!!!! You killed HIM!!!
Kuro K
OMG, those poor kids, they`re getting me 350 thousand views, poor souls.
Luke Moyer
Cody sucks
Michaela Soltesova
Im not really into kids, but i would never ever let my children or any other suffer!! Monsters...
Jamie Boylan
The parents are scum
leo thelion loveer
his YouTube channel is down and one of his viewer
Rafael Amaral
Melat Fatface
SobeCenteno Rodriguez
Ugly dumb fat bitch, the way they yell at that poor baby. Fuck them both. I hope they both rot in a jail cell
I can't understand how there's a good amount of people that actually defend Daddyofive and his whale-sized wife.
James Ferraris
DaddyoFive is becoming the next Mcjuggernuggets channel and I CANT BELIEVE IT!!! 😕
Dude, my heart is broken now
Sunni Gu
Diamond Monkey
that bad? wow! im unsubing to daddyofive!
Carolina Herrera
really this is stupid you are so stupid they were acting and her parents always buy then all i love daddy of 5 and know i ca not wachet again and that ws acting stupid fuck you you too this video is a chet
The Gamingtrain
"It took them 5 minutes to stop" but in says 4:11
The Gamingtrain
The videos are fake
Waukesha Fire And Police Videos
Because the vids are fake asshole
Francesca Taddia
this is the most documented case of child abuse
If u really think that his videos are not fake, u are a blatant retards
retarded asshole
DarthFader your a fucking idiot the vids are fake or staged Cody wants to be an actor when he grows up
Alex Burke
id beat that fat bitches face in
Fucking disgraceful
Celtic Cam
Daddyofive is not a child abuser and I can't believe people grown adults aren't mature enough to stop ranting and understand his channel is for his kids
This Kid is gonna grow all fucked up in the brains poor kid ... He didnt deserved this ... Its gonna take him years before he gets better from this trauma ... Someone should arrest these people!
I'm not a fan but it just does
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