How DaddyOFive Ruined His Childhood

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Word is starting to spread about the controversial and unethical content that DaddyOFive has been making for a while. I thought that I would use my small platform and inform you guys about this issue.
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meme machines who got striked:


feel free to spread the word and share the video with your friends if you feel like this issue needs to reach more people
EDIT: oh wow looks like im being raided by DaddyOFive's fans lol if you enjoyed this video leave a like and maybe subscribe if you wanna see more vids from me xD
It's also not looking good for DaddyOFive right now from what I can tell... I also wanna give a shoutout to Phil Defranco for using his big audience to bring this issue to light.
Jay46f Gaming
I used to go to this place in NYC where I live it's called play land it's an amusement park and they sell a lot of invisible ink and I bought some and I love pranking my family sometimes but this is to harsh man that's why they lost custody of Cody and emma
Iiro Viskari
i tell all for you do to your childrens to police........
Jacek Kaźmierkiewicz
carlos julio pardo loves ramen noodles
literally at 1:00 fat ugly piece of shit who call her self a "mom" fuck you pig go to jail
Jack Kurata
shut the fuck up its all pranks why you watching his vids if you can't fucking handle people ranking there kids
Purplekitten 12
Hey Darth, If you don't know, Mike and Heather lost custody of Cody and Emma, and they have been sent to their biological mom which is amazing.
Simon Fernandez
The worst parants are in this video and using the fuck word in front of a small boy.I feel so sorry for the small boy.
There family is just fucked up they should get the kid a better family
Just discovered DaddyOFive garbage through some YTPs. I'm glad the stuff has been put offline!
Ric Official
So so crazy
Gamerzombie XD
I hope they never get their kids back again they don't deserve abuse.
Kayden King
you are a child abuser
best gamer
dude cody from this video is a pussy and beliveme on that i subscriped his cannel and yea cody is a big pussy
oh my god i hate him so fucking much
benni boii
Daddy o five more like daddy o three
ริว ทองขาว
f*** you
Berthold Hoover
I Gonna Report you
Rafael Fokerson
I'm not religious but I wish that Lucifer drags those sinners to hell.
"dystopian youtube family" - I guess that's how you should call it.
cher johnson
Send DaddyOFive to N.K. for 15 years hard labor.
Benjamin Hellström
The push WTF fucking Child abusers
Nick Childers
dude your a total idiot. its not abuse and its ment for fun
thelegend 27
That's moment when everyone still doesn't know it's fake😑
Wojtek Wiecek
I feel so sorry for Cody...
Isaac Elliott
Brush your damn teeth heather
Luca Brasi
The person who make this video is a fkg bitch my parent whooped my ass when i was kid so where the problem with prank
Brody DeLarge
Holy shit.
b-b-b-b-but he's only like 7
shut your fucking mouth nigger
Nacho Muñoz Salcedo
I hope the parents kill themselves in jail. The world will be a better place then.
Mateusz Włodarczyk
2000 łapek w dół
Mateusz Włodarczyk
przestań kurwa znęcać się nad dziećmi
steve taurus
fucked up parents the are.... i hope they die soon
i wanna hug these lil babys that have to go through this shit
Pamela Scullion
The parents are really terrible and cruel. That was not funny. 😡😠
Your English is bad
Arty Crafter
Yik Chen
They had kids just to abuse them
half of it isnt even pranks
Mr. Pro
you are fucking shit
sebastian gallardo
que hijo de la remil puta
` `
Even if the kid did it and this wasn't a prank, that's a very shitty way of handling the situation and i think it reflects how they treat their kids on a daily basis. Seriously who dafuq screams cusses at their kids?
Jackthecool 1111
At least he was spoiled, I have a cracked phone, a family PS4 with about 7 games, and my dad's computer. (Not saying I want to be spoiled)
Alvin Biju
They had the fifth kid to prank the crap out of.....:/
What's the difference between Daddyo5 and Hitler? None
This is so so sad. At first i thought these videos were cool because i kept hearing they were fake..and i saw it as if everything was fake. But ive been seeing other videos that say that there is abuse behind the videos. THIS IS SICK im so done now that ik the truth. YOUR NOT A FATHER! A father would not torture his kids to make money.. I hope your utube channel is taken down. I will pray for Cody and Ema so they can recover and so God can give them love and grace safely in his arms #prayforcodyandemma 🙏🏽
M.G Daniel
"Get your fucking ass up here!
What the fuck is this?
What the fuck!!!"
What the fuck is wrong with that crazy bitch?
Drio S Sierro
Cody when you grow up forget about your dad and family and start a new life
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