Jeff hardy vs cesaro Full match : WWE Monday Night Raw Live 17 April 2017

Jeff hardy vs cesaroJeff hardy vs cesaro Full matchWWE Monday Night Raw Live 17 April 2017raw 17 aprilraw highlights 17 aprilraw

Watch Jeff hardy vs cesaro Full match : WWE Monday Night Raw Live 17 April 2017

Union Ragg
نور noor
see mor

last video in my channel
Gopal Gopal
I like the roamriengs
1:10 I guess that's all they're going to give Umaga. It's about time.
Knightlove 1999
I was hoping he would come out with his arm bands and his face paint
Sam Brady
I am happy The Hardy's are back in WWE and their on Raw my Favorite brand. I am glad Jeff Hardy won.
he won bcus he was booked to win
a big dude 6'1 lol he isnt that tall
Nathan Moore
I wish they showed what happened after the match. True Sportsmanship
They shoulded put No More Words for the intro song for Jeff Hardy😢
But btw welcome back 😀
Nichelle Myers
jeff looks amazing
Aleta Kim
I was hoping jeff would come out with his no more words theme...
so hype he's back
Frosty Games
Why does not Jeff have his own song ?
Anthony Voorhees
Jeff cut his hair
Michael Sumi
love jeff Hardy....
typical expert
sheamuses kelt ;]
m scorpio
hehehe jeff hardy closed his eyes thinking he had his face paint on....... but however welcome back hardys
Tony Cannida
chuloo coraa
brandon gould
welcome back jeff but cesaro will probably win
Gian X Salman
my favorite wrestler, JEFF HARDY
Hamras Ambu
Ярослав Семак
In case you forgot. JEFF. HARDY. HAS. AWESOME. MUSIC. THEME.
Really where is Endeverafter?
shivraj sharma
I like Cesaro 💔
Emirhan Tuncer
ı love You Jeff Hardy welcome back
Sahin Folz keskin Folz
I want full show
Mohamed Hardy
welcome back 😍😍😍
Expose Ninja
Thx for vid
*j僃 нคяdყ*
Jeff Hardy 😍
Joshua Coles
Next week...

Matt vs Sheamus
Joshua Coles
2nd person not comment lmao 😂
Josh Lion
Josh Lion
Josh Lion
Josh Lion
Josh Lion
Josh Lion
Josh Lion
Josh Lion
Josh Lion
managed to spell my name
Josh Lion
also the second lol
Josh Lion
dead first to comment
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