Couk Company
i`m here because the plot sounds really good :)
Zohar Bashan
He became a lone wolf didn’t he
Brandon Bowers
I'm supposed to take THAT guy seriously as Vince Flynn's American Assassin? ROFL.
Eva Amadeus
at least add a proper arabic
MaestrO Frags
So sick
Dylan is such a good actor, he's my fav !!!
zighater camlover
My stiles is now an American assassin !!!!!!
asmaa zewail
He looks like paul walker :D
Tamieka Coleman
All of you people savant wannabes. Just don't watch the movie, problem solved. I personally can't wait. This movie looks kickass.
they got this twig boy to play Mitch Rapp?
Maryam Farooq
Mitha Yasella
am I the only one who doesn't recognize that it was actually Dylan O'Brien, damn those beard lol
Miss Bluegold
Maybe this movie is what Stiles went to do after leaving school and beacon hills
Ronin Kenway
He could be a good John Carter
raja younis
I also saw the announcement that the US is making terrorism from all sides
DoDo Bieber
I love Dylan O' Brien so much but I would really be happy if people would stop believing that Muslims are evil people, there are 1.6 Billion Muslims & 23% of the global population. I do not hate anyone from any other religion, what could make me hate them is their actions, not their religion. So, when a Muslim does a bad thing, please do no blame it on Islam, no one is perfect & we all sin. The bad Muslims you know are Muslims who do not follow what the Qur'an says. There is good people & bad people everywhere, no matter what religion they come from. No hate xo
Andrew Gaston
this is just like the punisher with a twist
Strawberrry Arewonn
#notmystiles jk i will always like Dylan :)
FisForFriends Bro
I think This is in such bad taste as someone who survived the Tunisia beach terrorist attack
Mrs Godfrey
Always known that Dylan O'Brien would have bright future as an actor, good for him. Can't wait to watch the movie
Jazmin a
Only clicked because of Dylan O' BrienπŸ˜‚
Hannah Bar
Who gave stiles a gun
LittleMissPerfect 4eva
Absolutely loved how Dylan o'brien looked in season 3 of teen wolf! Who agrees?
Is it just me or Dylan O'Brien with longer hair looks a lot like Taylor Kitsch??
Leslie Nguyen
Stiles upgrades from that bat am I right?
Ry VanDetta
Okay but why is this literally the show Nikita? Right down to the woman he loves being killed in an attack
Taylor Garcia
Leonard Ramos
Whats the name of Mitch's (Dylan) fiance?
not sam
dylan is such an amazing and versatile actor, i can't wait for this
Missy Murray
Yasss, finally were getting shirtless Stiles 😏😏😏

ps.: the movie looks cool too πŸ™‚πŸ‘Œ
leo sabellano
looking forward for dylan in the death cure.
Danny Rdaa
es charlotte vega
With American Sniper and Psycho out there already they had to specify
This better not be the same old the agency my enemy bullshit
Davi Pontes
Dylan <3
Plot twist: the girlfriend is in on it
Niilo Hirvonen
I dont like that movie.
fabstyles q
Michelle Peele
Mitch? Who you calling a Mitch?😠
glitche r
Dylan does not sound serious to me cause I watched teen wolf
Charlotte Howse
Hell Yes
Hossein Alikhani
what is the theme music?
Dimitri Luttrell
Dimitri Luttrell
Zainab M
Stiles! What are you doing here? Get to the pack!
Stiles...πŸ˜‰ came a long way from teen wolf
Megan Gilbert
looks like stiles upgraded from a baseball bat to a gun lol. for real though i am stoked to see this movie!!!
HELL. YEAH! took me a while to realise this is Dylan. this looks promising
tia w
Can't wait to watch this!!
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