Immortal gamers
I don't get it its just a leaf
Art Cozy
Gives spider caffeine ITS SUPER EFFECTIVE👍
Team Freddy12
I lost
Draco Malfey
Lol the spider
TheFish118 !
Rip headphones
Carson Backer
Pewdiepie looks like Kenny from South Park in this video
Nesma Abdo
At 0:25 data face doe :3
Multi Edits
i lost before the actual do not laugh started
Darkassassin 749
I dint' laugh
nomone now
Japan is going to war
ShrimpDick TheCringe
I just nutted
cat battles
i laughed in the first one
January Hannah
Is it just me or did anyone else think of Kenny from South Park when they saw pewds?
zacharie ???
i failed o nthe first one
Galaxy Creeping
i always lose... i camt stop laughing
Brayden Russ
I didn't laugh so easy not to
Cadence Dawson
NatePlays !
Wow pewdiepie looks like kenny from south park right now
TheHen King
"It's a dashcam videooo" sees a car coming the wrong waySkips video
Ibrahim Hammamieh
3:11 can someone tell me where i can get that underwear
Pewds speaking Arabic at the beginning 😭😭😭😭
arabic at first yes waddaup my arab friends
John DeLuca
9:06 10 out of 10 would sketch again
Gruntspartan500 0
a piece of gaming
hes gear is pretty expensive....
Hi Kermit here
8:48 WTF?!
BlockPro // Builder Pro
3:47 awwww :3
BlockPro // Builder Pro
That thumbnail though XD
Asmr Galaxy Gal
This is kinda funny only because he keeps laughing and doesn't realize
Joonas Alatalo
Ahmad Sharulg
anda ketawa, anda kehilangan. 😂
3:10 underwear
The Noodle Bandit
I laughed at the start!!!
D Deff
Lel anda tertawa anda kehilangan I'm indonesian
Go Pokemon
The video never makes me laugh it's always felix
Noelle Racic
I did not laught
Amirul Syafiq
its actually "anda tertawa, anda kalah" (Malay) 😂ya u dont care
akram gdr
i don't think that anybody won
hi pewdiepie your the greatest
Elgintil Mahmoud
you are so funny
Timo Bruin
6:22 "Felix after his first date"
Haikal Danirizki
in the start i see pewdiepie speak in a indonesia language and it makes me laugh cause i'm from indonesia trololololol xD anda tertawa, anda terhilangan means, if you laugh, you dissapear. lolololol
kami m
I'm so mad luv u pews tha best
kami m
Yo he lost 1m subriberz
alex gaming
anda tertawa is you laugh and anda kehilangan is you lost not lose
the chicken
American got talent
indonesian good...
Aiden York
we don't want to loz
Adrya Fuentes
lol i lost already
Adrya Fuentes
I'm mostly quiet so i dont laugh alot but sometimes i do.
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