How to Make Popsicle Stick House for Rat

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In this video I show you how to make popsicle stick house for your rat, guinea pig or hamster! For this house I used near 600 popsicle sticks.

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Michael Williams
I'd be scared my rat would eat the hot glue and get sick or worse.
Dinh Huynh
hay wa
uy Dangi
Cupcakegaming 335
I made that same house on Minecraft......weird
Gladys Torres
Make a home for squirrels
Luisa Cabrera
im may
Gaming Zone
keep in mind that this is a joke comment
that rat is spoilt i mean HE HAS A FRIKIN MANSION
Karla Sanchez A
Alijja Sinanovic
oooooouu 😇😋😉😊😇😇😍😘😎😊😘😉😐😇😊😘😁😄😊😇😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😗😘😎
Joaquin Peñalver Frail
?me encanta
Fernanda Silva
Nossa q legal também serve para as Barbies para as crianças q tem muito legal para o pichinho
بنين بنين
أنت مدهش 👍👍👍👍💋❤🐀
lankawe Ohoma thmai
Azzurra Pifferi
Che Carin
Potato Lover
Lol the mouse is soooo cuteee and kinda chubby and fluffyyyy
Cesar Severino
i crimex
i'em deutsch
i crimex
ı'hef do hämmster
Javed Ansari
bohot khoob
Fredi Bro
Hung Ho
Chi co ban cai do kh em se nua
sehrish zafar
So nice
s3xyii typ3
You can buy tiny hinges and glue them to one side of the roof so if you wanna get your buddy out of the house its alot easier! love this !
Arte, Sabor e etc
ficou linda
Lps Forever More
I want to make this but I don't have all the popsicle sticks I have to literally a bunch of boxes of popsicles to get all the states and plus I want to use it for my LPS not a rat
AnhNgoc Nhung
Good morning
احمد999 حسين
يشبه بيت باس ستوب في عراق كرافت
بنين بنين
إني اكتير حبات الفاره ❤👍👍👍
Anju Singh
anju singh
my doll world
i have pet rats that are boys named schmitt and magic
Kelven Gerci
no te doy el me gusta porque no explicaste y no te doy no me gusta porque la casa estubo bonita peronose fi es facil o dificil
note doy ni un me o no me gusta
Hiane Oliveira Costa
Ja fis o meu
Jacek Witosiński
Xuân Mỹ Tạ
Rất hay phát huy nhé Chào bạn
Bendy and the ink machine
im make this toooo
Cam Tu Bui
Ali Afzaal Afzaal
Serhat Ötü
Çok güzel
منوعات حياتي
kaka pyly
Vivek Kaur
Very nice g
Thu Thi
Chị thơ cho em nhà đó ichi
Harshita Bhargav
Simplicit y
Guy: I'm gonna make you a house what do you wan-
Nhu Y Vo Thi
Làm nhà búp bê còn hơn
Hồng Châu Channel
So cute
Bobby Chatterjea
Does anyone here like sml
Erick Andrade
Que excelente casa
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