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oyea baby
I remember when people never heard of him and called this trash but when he blows up he's not trash anymore
Dylan Barajas
21 I fucking like you because you rap the best you are the bests make a song with the word manny in itpeace I will see you later my homey I look up to you because you are the best rapper in the World
Young savage why you trappin so hard
David Thompson
So much dope that it broke the scales
Liam Joslin
I was eating bread. Now I’m eating toast.
Gabriel Jenkins
Sound like 21 been sleep for 4 years
Jakheem Moser
21 savage the type to rob a store then wait for police to arrive
Chance Brinker
I remember when this song came out shit was in the cycle heavy. Then it blew up and it just felt gay. I hate when that shit happens
poobum saleh vlogs
Who else finds that part annoying at 0:20
Juan Pérez
Old school does it better
Victos De Souza
oriveu que noooooooojjjjjjjjjjjjooooooooooo
Lord Of frog's Plug
21 Savage the type of nigga to crash into your car and make you pay for his car
Lord Of frog's Plug
21 Savage the type of nigga to go at a red light and stop at a green one
Lord Of frog's Plug
21 Savage the type of nigga to bring an Ak47 to his kid's school meeting just in case
what say in the 0:12 ?
Kammarro Miller
Hardstyle Forever
21 savage can’t rap, that niggas fucking crap. He’s a fucking snitch, skinny little bitch. Homie have you heard, savage is a nerd🤓
Zero Hd
Show this to my dog now he smoke weed
bugaj przejmuje klip
alaska issues
A song with 21 x TKAY ??
21 savage The type of nigga to ask someone Who sleeps if he/her is sleeping
Kasparas Nesakysiu
1:50 ultra realistic gun
Estanlin Martinez
21 the type of nigga who sleeps wit shoes on
Hyke Gaming Cs:go Bhopping
I showed this to my dog

Its still a dog, what did you expect?
Ravioli Maker
2:00 When she's pregnant
harsh dhanak
this black bitch earn million and still got no money to pay BROKE LEVEL 10000
sam akhirome
21 is the type of guy to prank call his own house
Nice reference to menace to society.
21 type of nigga to read a book up and down
De'Arreion Hogan
fire asf buh click on dis link
swag boy
21 gang gang
They took that alcohol store scene from Menace II Society
Viceland brought me here
codebat jedi
This song is so cool
Josh Lujan
"So much dope dat it broke the scale" i like that shit
Jacob austin Grant
I love this song
Sebastian Nicolae
21 that kind of nigga to play csgo with a steering wheel
Tee Harris
Shit is garbage
Stewart Little is a mouse, not a rat.
Jurnior Deer
go fuck off you dumb dick sucking ass bitch go suck tits as for 21 savage THIS NIGGA IN A FUCKING HOOD DOPE HOUSE TALKING BOUT' "Why you gotta 12 car garage" LIKE WTF THIS NIGGA IS RETARDED AND ALSO HE SHOULD MAKE A REMAKE WITH A HOUSE THAT ACTUALLY HAS A 12 CAR GARAGE
Mr. Blackmoney <------ check out this song . When you see this leave a review.... don't like it go to another song
United Hacks
Left this song playing in front of a glass of water.When I came back my water turned into Bacardi
paul wade
You savage fans retarded?
Nadir Chetri
In the beginning he sounded like he just woke up 😂 but i love 21 man ❤💪
Zamira Zamira
Макар Уваров
ебашит дико
Myllena Fernandes
negros viados amam ficar tirando até eu chegar neles, atingir eles com o fogo
This song makes me wanna rob my own wallet
Emil Andreasen
the beat sounds like something i heard on j cole conesert?
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