Animal abuse : A trash hits her dog on TTC. Let's make her famous

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It happened today, Aug 4, 2017, on TTC. I just finished work and got on TTC at Bloor-Yonge station. This trash non-stop hits her dog bites and pulled its hair. I was so furious to see her abuse her dog. After few mins, a man walked to her and asked her to stop, meanwhile, a man walked to driver's room. The whole train stopped, more than 3 TTC staff walked to her and then she got off the train.  Someone like her should never own a dog or a pet.  

UPDATE:  That dog has been seized and charges are pending against that woman. 

UPDATE : The woman has been charged and the dog is doing much better.

Roxy Huang
UPDATE: That dog has been seized and charges are pending against that woman.
This Leprechaun Writes
Fuckin' crack head.
Fuck animal abusers and fuck child abusers. Sick of evil FUCKS in this world!!!!
props to the first guy that had the courage to go and say something
Darlyn Fernandez
quientele el perrro a esa concha tu madre desgracia de mierda
obvious tweaker
SabersGrrl Channel
Instead of bashing the person doing the filming, why don't you congratulate her??? she was doing something worthwhile by getting video proof. I'm more pissed at the guy in white shorts, or the other 2 sitting by the door (man and woman) or just about anyone else who wasn't doing anything constructively! What's wrong with thooooseeeee ppl???? Who are they? their family and friends should shame them for not saying anything at all! Kudos to the one man who actually left the comfort of his seat or alcove where he was standing and approached the woman directly. He was far more polite than I would have been, but at least he said something in comparison to the cowards sitting around the stupid cunt.
Lucyfer Dea Bellum
Good it is on film but personally l would had kick the shit out of her and take the dog. Bloody cunt!
Silvana Yanet Sánchez
Por favor podrían decirme si se tomaron acciones contra esta mujer y si se le retiró el pobre perrito a esta animal????????? Podrías responderme en español por favor
Maybe she's part Chinese? Nom-nom... tasty doggie.
poor dog......
she ha serious problem......
capitalism turns people acting like crazy...
Liudmila Kh
Perhaps this woman is mentally ill. She was not guided by reason in this case, but by illness. But the dog needs to be rescued.
Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy
Well done to that man, the only person brave enough to speak up to this violent thug. Why does she even have a dog if she gets so frustrated by it?? She should be banned from ever owning a dog for her whole life. If this is how she treats a defenseless creature, imagine how she would treat a defenseless human being?
Viviana Consagra
En mi barrio la agarramos del cogote , le sacamos al perrito y si la drogada grita le damos una buena patada en ya saben donde.
laura streit
I think that the admonishment did not go nearly far enough. Someone should have had police meet her off the train and that poor dog needs to be taken from her. I thought she was either mentally ill or on drugs. God only knows what happened to that poor dog once she got off the train. Oh, I just saw the dog was taken away. Amen!!!
And please let's make this fat man famous too... he did not give a fuck about the dog. He was just worried about this fucking woman and did not even try to solve the real problem...
Her name is Teresa Rutledge. Please post her address here, so SB nearby can visit her and discipline her how to treat dogs.
Homme Fatale
Psycho Drug Freak! Take away the dog from her! Bring her to therapy and let her to go to school " how to love my dog!"
That's horrid
Mike J
Whoever was filming is an absolute coward, same goes for the other bystanders that did nothing. Train full of people and only one of them had the nerve to step in and say something.
Immigrant Mentality Stiopic
Fucking cunt must die very painfully and very very slowly
Bravo 073
I want to bump her head against the window
Anyone got her name. I'm a fan of ruining bad people's lives.
Michael Adams
I would have beat the living shit outa this skank.. and took the dog to reputable foster. It is plainly obvious she gets sexually off by abuse, or the feeling of power in public environments, I mean damn her crusty nippers are hard enough to cut glass...
Bart van den Bos
god bles thous who helpt her get RID of that poor Dogie
Vane Ashami
Why u cant help this dog? Why u dont say nothing??????? U are a really stupid come on.
James Ryder
There is something seriously wrong with this person, no dog should be treated this way
Lynnsie Albers
jesus christ. she's clearly on something, and the whole time the dog looks terrified and tried to get away from her. this is not okay. piece of shit.
ook ik zo naar haar kop kijk, is het een dood gewone ordinaire junk.Die blik in haar ogen zeggen genoeg.!!
lol i just choked a cunt out earlier for beating on a puppy,u beat a dog ,u get your ass beat the same,fuck being polite these days
Soul Cyster Support
Someone needs to put a leash on her crazy ass.
kadın deli galiba yazık amk elindeki köpeğe
kadın deli galiba yazık amk elindeki köpeğe birisi de çıkıp dememiş sen ne yapıyosun manyak kadın
junkie scum she should be beaten to a pulp shes lucky i was not on that train.
christoffer Gustavsson
disgusting woman good the man stopped her dog wasn't even doing anything just try get away from her.
Shreeya Zutshi
Thank you so much to whoever recorded this.
That's so bad... But I think these kind of videos should not be posted in YouTube
He should have taken the dog away from her. He would have been in the right had he knew he was being filmed. She was clearly mentally ill.
💖That's great news💖 Thank you so much for the updates💞💞 I was so concerned for the baby & what happened to it🌼
Forever777 Forever777
Couldn't watch this video. Poor little dog. :(
Sherrie Swanson
Karin Wyman
Glad to hear the woman has been charged for cruelty to an animal. The video is used as evidence. Other charges are pending because of other evidence not shown in the video. The dog is now in the care of the local SPCA.
Sherrie Swanson
She has to be mental and why on earth did, just take the dog and call the police?
dato carola
Sabes la escupida que te meto en la cara puta mujer, sucia. Una mina de las que esta ahí cerca debería romperle bien la cara hija de puta, mal nacida
BONAFIED training
She is obviously geeking out. TAKE THE DOG AWAY AND RUN!
Wendy Bryan
She like she's desperate for her next fix. This is not someone who can take of herself, much less someone else.
Peter F
What we all witnessed was a disturbed person, thankfully, her public display of violence towards her own dog, a helpless creature, has led to that dog's rescue.
But I also hope it has led to her getting some help of her own. When we name her "trash" or out her, what do we achieve? I think the same cycle of hate, rage and anger that may have led her to bite and abuse that poor dog in the first place. I think poor gal, may she not be further abused by society itself, but rather understood and helped. How did she end up like that? And how did she get a dog? Because collectively we all allowed it, and then are in shock when we see it publicly displayed.
We're all symptoms of our own dysfunctional society, blaming her doesn't solve a thing. Thankfully she just hit a roadblock, and the dog is safe!
Ευγενια Τζενη
suck my balls!
François Legrand
She's wearing crocs
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