Giant Gummy Worm Candy Challenge VS Super Gross Real Food - Mommy Freaks Out!

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Hi friends:)
Me and my mum try out some real food and some gummy food with a funny twist LOL! So real or gummy? We had so much fun eating these foods.I think my dad likes being a chef  LOL.

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afefa klu

Natalia Thunder
eat it
juguetes fantasticos
hahaha she can't get a worm
Tainá Santos
Eve Breant
Santos G Seda
my momyyyu
Renae-RoyalZ World
Renae-RoyalZ World...check it out
Karla Thais Resto Gonzalez
Alexandra Eytchison
the one you can do it we believe in you
Antonio Tortora
sono italiano
Monika Telatyńska
i like sushi
ضحى البغدادية
Giorgiana Lelea
good Tiana
jacquie hill
It was good
jacquie hill
It was good
Heba Horani
from wher you by the gummy food and warheads
Lattif Gaming
Il y en a qui parle français
Tiago Vargas
la de miniatura parece tragando una pija del negro xd
Arissa White
come on mommy be brave
Iris N. Smits
i like worms i used to have them in my hands and just look at them... i really do think they are cute

am i the only one who thinks that😂
NimitraKat AJ
I have touched worms before and I don't care 😁😂😂😂
Hillary Peralta
7:06 hahahaha😂😂😂😂
Manda Geitz
I did
Anapaula Nitoker
Marianella Quintero
wrere do you live at
Tina Anderson
Don't do it
Kaca Ka
i love tiana
Mandy Mackenzie
aplicaciónes aplicasiones
minuto 12 hasta el 12 con 12 acto pervertido
nikki morgan
in a way it was cheating because in the videos​ the people actually ate the worms or PROPERLY heled them
Mama de alber XD
que mierdaaa de video mas infantiles son dios mueransen familia del orto negros drl culoo
sarah beresford
what is that brown stuf
ฮายนิท เมนนี่
ฮายนิท เมนนี่
Tuan Linh
Berkay Yüksel
çıkardım konuş
lamyia tariq
Freddie Gale
Giada Di Biase
dee p
yes mum
Gamze Kanat
Türk varmı
alberto mier
love vidious
yves dorcent
you 9
tasha davis
did you see that they worm moving around but that gummy worm look so good
Barbara Vigo
yes love love gume
Patrice Thomas
I am your biggest fan i like your bad baby videos. They are so funny
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