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3 Cool Gadgets Under $50 - https://youtu.be/plsGaFOFRd8?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34
Tony Mathew
I made this 10 years ago with ice and 2 fans.
kavish dadhich
southern India is probably the best place to use this.(ex-Mumbai)
This would work really well in Guam, I live in Guam and the air gets HUMID, for like 4 hours after a short, light rain, your body feels like you just stepped out of the shower but only sort-of dry.
Daymian Hayes
Down here in Florida that thing would work good af
Brandon Hall
Is this not just an expensive dehumidifier?
So is this like have a 2x2 hole filled with water in minecraft?
i'm beginning to really love your personality, no homo btw
NoMan’sName X
It’s a dehumidifier with a water bottle spot on top
Henry Mellor
They need some of these in Africa
vanessa parent
its like $700
Christian Gallo
People, they reinvented something that always existed. The dehumidifier....
now we have a solution when earth runs out of water
David Perez
In deserts it’s dry there’s no moisture for that to accumulate
Rickard Van Wyk
Can you make more vidios of virtial realety clases
N English
So it's a dehumidifier that you drink from. Legionaries disease, yummy.
MrBeast's First Cousin Once Removed
- -
RIP moisture. Can you also produce water from pussy moisture?
little do you know they used quantum tunneling with cleansed ocean water
Pootis Man
Space Doge
just put a cup under your ac and filter the water. boom.
Clorox bleach
It’s called humid dumb duh
Soul Rescue
send it to africa
Jake Banasik
The military uses these.
Poor Countries Need This.
Nicholas Chuchman
This is going to be good in my fallout shelter
David Heise
Distilled water doesn’t need so much filtration as long as what you are distilling it with is clean. This is overkill I think.
Send that shit to africa
Aadhar Singh
Well, elon musk, Stephen hawking problem solved
terrence glover
Love this guy lol
Meaty Aoldre
Getting cloudy with a chance of meatballs vibes
Nate Clay
Yeah let me just hunk that around on an island that's isolated.
Victor Lodi-Fe
thats kinda bad because it makes all your air dry and that is not good
Karen Linnenkamp
Need it to work in case no electric
James Freeman
it's more like electricy into water
My water bill is 6 dollars a month. Just the cost of the cheapest unit would take over 11 years to pay for itself. That's not including filter replacements and the electricity to run it. I'll pass. Neat idea but very inefficient.
Mardy Lopez Fierros
the cost is way more than the water itself might as well buy a gallon everyday or buy in bulk you would save more
Atticus Vaden
And then you link this to your 50 Keurig machines and you're set
Sounds like e coli blue
Mike Misakian
Lou...I've noticed you usually use the same knife to cut open the box's on the videos. What brand and model knife is that, its VERY cool looking. I'd like to get one.
If you think about it why not use it in Africa
can it be solar powered?
Keith Russell
Think we solved world thirst with this machine. Not only is it water from the air but it is also drinking water, ya know we have all heard the 3% of all water on Earth is drinkable
Nicholas Glunt
It’s a dehumidifier
Faze Matorix
cool vid
"Now to get a job at a moisture farm on Tattooine just like my aunt and uncle!" hmm.
flim flam
This takes water out of the air! now in the early stages add water.
Baktha Doraiswamy
This could be saving millions of litres of water
Africa needs this
miaj 2875
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