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Giorgi Kartvelishvili
ppl need this in the Dominican Republic where people struggle to find water................................
Uhm.. so.. a dehumidifier - with attached filters?
Erathor Noname
Ima gonna build this to look like moisture vaporator from star wars... if you gonna do an invention do it with style pleaase
k1wi CS:GO Gaming and others
you can give it to kids in africa
Jacob Dodd
So a dehumidifier that has a drink dispenser in it? Nice
It's a dehumidifier. We've had these since like the '40s or '50s. The main reason you don't want to drink the water that comes out of these is that it will contain all the shit that's in the air around you, that normally gets filtered out before normal water gets to your tap. This thing has to have a filter and those ain't cheap!
$$$$$ ?
Friday Harlowe
Send it in Africa, in poor countries...
Curly Savv
Id put this in my bathroom so right after a hot shower i would have an equally hot cup of water 😁😁
zagadka 314
Why would you pay so much for expensive air water when you have this thing called a "sink"?
What if your a smoker
Phoenician Lessons
Good luck lugging this thing around Death Valley and plugging it into a cactus.
I live in china and i have that! Why does it taste like gas?
luis castillo
do u know the idea to get water from the moisture in the air starts in 1900 o.O
Some of this is sweat probably
Marc JustMarc
what we really need is someone who understands the binary language of moisture vaporators
Sean _
Someone needs to hit up flint Michigan with one of these things
Sumit Dev
best device for cold desert
Christoffer Enfors
It’s a reverse sleep apnea machine..
selim zoorob
my father made that (no joke)
The Lucky Guy
Professor D
Those filters might be costly as well. And need to be replaced often if this was running all the time.
Professor D
Looks like it uses a lot of power. The obvious pairing for this machine is solar panels, but I bet it would take a lot of panels to keep this thing going.
Lol, this seems very counter-intuitive for someone who has an air humidifier in their house....
Joseph Zimmerman
Why don't you just take out the middleman and just drink the air?
the real question is:

what if it uses farts?
We should have like a Million megasized ones of these in Melbourne. Maybe it will dry the shit out of the air and it won't rain so freakin much!
A dehumidifier
It's basically a dehumidifier. Which is basically an air conditioner. Like an AC unit, one side blows out cold air and one side blows out warm air. Inside a room, it's somewhat of a draw where temperature change is concerned, but it will always put out more warm air than cold air. This can be a factor in a small space in the summer. Not to mention that it will dry out the air. It would be best to use this thing outside under a cover of some sort. It will also have access to much more moisture (obviously).

I have a little dehumidifier which I use to lower the moisture in my place when needed. It works fine as a water gathering unit as well and can condense gallons of water out of the air on a humid day. Gallons of crystal clear water in fact. It, and a small low-noise generator are my backup plan for getting water in an emergency. Of course, I also store drinking water as well. I would not drink the water directly no matter how clear it was. But all I would have to do is filter it in a pitcher-type filter unit and maybe boil it or purify it with chemicals as well. The thing is it will be a much cheaper solution than this unit. And I can just use it as a dehumidifier as needed. Takes up only a small fraction of the space this unit needs as well. These people are selling convenience. And expensive filters.

Of course Jerry Brown will outlaw these devices if too many start using them there since they take moisture out of the air and that means some people will be getting more than their "fair share" of that moisture. Don't laugh. It could easily happen in that nanny State.
Adolf Hitler
Where do you get electricity in desert?
now they need to make it solar powered
Epic Warrior
vTv Krieg
This would be good in a shed or garage but is still expensive overall
Culture Trove
It seems to me that water from a dehumidifier is only H2O because it is from humidity in the air. There are no other molecules in the water it is only pure water. What are these expensive filters filtering out?
teknowafel sam
this has been here for years: it's called a dehumidifier running to a brita filter
teknowafel sam
imagine if it was cheaper, portable, and had a built in electricity generator
Charlie Harper
where to buy it/?
HS How
Great video!
Subscribe my channel for amazing videos
Royale Univeristy- Clash Royale and Brawlstars
Solar Panel Cells + This machine = infinite water...? Hmmm
Marion Batula
this is awesome we need to share it.
Cubert Miso
Make dehumidifier and sell the idea to VCs. This is easier way to make money than up shady alt-coins.
Jimmy O.
this would not work in areas in need of water where the air is very dry. Arizona and southern California, most people need to put humidifiers in their house to make it comfortable. this would undo that and make the problem worse. it will also run very inefficiently in dry climates anyways. the thing would only work well in humid areas that you already need to dry out or at least is not in a water shortage.
Juan Perez
"you can put this thing in the desert" well shit let me just find an outlet to plug this huge ass machine in the middle of the desert
broken theatre gaming
It's pretty much a dehumidifier that makes more water than usual
Chad Johnson
In the northern states like Minnesota where I live they require air exchangers in homes, due to the vapor seal between the walls. It can get so dry it cracks solid oak furniture. Especially in the winter months when humidity levels are a kin to desert conditions. Dew points of 10-15 degrees. This thing is very kewl to be sure. But mostly a very expensive toy for someone with money to burn. Depending on the model you can expect costs of $500 to $2500 a year in replace filters and power consumption. Remember this thing heats and cools. Which is the most expensive and inefficient use of any available power. Think furnaces and air conditioners on a small scale. I don't see the over all value. Except to try and keep as many water bottles out of landfills as possible. Which is such a huge issue. I love bottled water too. So I'm a huge hypocrite. Wish there was a great across the board solution. But this could be a big step towards a overall solution. Keep inventing. We need these types of advancements.
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