How To Turn Air Into Drinking Water

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3 Cool Gadgets Under $50 -

This machine from Ecoloblue takes moisture from the air and turns it into clean drinking water.

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Unbox Therapy
3 Cool Gadgets Under $50 -
they_said_im slvmp
How to get water in the most inefficient way possible.
N Elton
But there is no water in this air!!!
Adam Reel
It's a glorified dehumidifier.
Shane Sandel
😱😂😂😂😂😂 Lew dancing try not laugh at 0:01
Combine this with an air humidifier and Boom, u have created a useless machine which wasted energy
Erik Ruisbroek
What would happen to the water when you fart around it???
dude, how rich are you t actually buy this stuff

my dad's amazed!
Lauren B
Rain barrel?
Isint this just a glorified dehumidifier
Petr Novák
Its kinda funny, that in other episodes he advocates the usefullness of gadgets that turn water from a bottle into moisture in the air, because its so much easier to breath and to relax... and now a gadget that sucks the water out of the air and into a bottle...
I think this is amazing (if it produces 30 liter/48 hours... thats almost unbelievable) but its funny, that they had gadgets canceling each other in the same office :D I can very well imagine some genious modern rich person having a humidifier on and using this machine to get a drink... I can see it happening already :D
Sabarish DASS
Useful gadget for water scarcity
Sabarish DASS
Useful gadget for water scarcity
Clay Cook
dehumidifier with a water filter and spout. starts at 800 U.S. saved you a view.
just like air conditioners collect water
Eli Doran
so its a de-humidifier with a filter for 800$? why not just get thoes filters for about 30$ and get a dehumidifier for like 70$?
so it is basically a fancy dehumidifier?
So why there are none of these in Africa or something...
Shit... You can literally have an infinite amount of water as long as you fart every time. damn
Jacob Sucks so much
you are literally drinking out of a dehumidifier
Vecret Simbulan
h20 delirious gets an upgrade
Vecret Simbulan
in the start he dreams to be a ballerina 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retrokid 2.0
I've learned about water in the air from the weather channel and apps
Ethan Oldenburg
That is totally a cooler with water inside
Nicholas Rinella
it's really not that hard. it's just a dehumidifier that you take the water out of to drink
Its a dehumidifier LOL
I can finally drink my own farts
Lathifah Dhiya
What if the air is polluted?
James D
Get that shit to Africa
Its just a dehumidifier with filters…
Princess Lemmy
Water from the humidity in the air. In other words an overpriced dehumidifier.
Grims Reapy
Imagine all the sweat in the air
dave Danser
when you to mutch in gadgets: when you sit one of thous tings in to yre office and drink the sweat of yre co-workers every day :P
Bruno Coutinho
I don't think that machine would work that well in the desert during dry dies.
Ash Aphter
awesome I've had one for years now mine doesn't have the filters though and it cost about 50 bucks. its called dehumidifier which is what that is.
Sean Tillett
Have you guys ever heard of a dehumidifier? Well this is what that is but you just drink the water instead of dumping it.
Jacob Dongon
This will work great in my country, it's always 100% humid down here!
This would have totally come in handy for my grandparents, because where they live their town didn't have public water, so they had to filter creek water just to have any water at their house.
A scam Involving Cupcakes
What will it do with farts though?
Omega Henry
its called a de-humidifier
Austin Miller
All that is is a fucking dehumidifier 😂😂😂
RagingPandas Vlogs
Someone should fart into it
Thomas Carota
Almost $2000... yeah right
Chabane Mohamed
how u can take it in a desert if u must connect it to the mains?
Timothy Lee Wietzke
So if you have humid air, and dont like it that much and you have a air de humidifier anyways and you dont wanna waste the water, invest in this and the water isnt being wasted anymore!
Timothy Lee Wietzke
its like an air de-humidifier just with a filter
James Kang
lol this aint gonna work in las vegas with no humidity everyday ha
Div ‍
lord and savior for Africa
i think adding hydrogen to air is a more efficient way
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