How To Turn Air Into Drinking Water

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3 Cool Gadgets Under $50 -

This machine from Ecoloblue takes moisture from the air and turns it into clean drinking water.

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Unbox Therapy
3 Cool Gadgets Under $50 -
this should be given to people in flint
Fresh Films
I'll just stick to tap water
Aziz N
solar panels and this combined could save the earth one day
Mark Carlson
It's a dehumidifier. Big deal..
thomas ellsworth
people could really use this in...

Chris RMendoza
Cosmic Bro
Wait so it's a humidifier, but I can drink the water
Anonymous unknown
It can be used in the middle east it's soo humid there.
mohammed aljehany
next step this thing with solar power ...
Obi1CanSpankU u
If this takes water from the atmosphere then that's means it could cause rain deprivation.
What if you have a tap?
i would love for us to buy this we live in texas and it gets really humid in the day and i think that this would really solve our water problem for years to come
Łukasz Mariański
well it would probably not work on the desert cuz thre is lower amount of water in air there
Pratikkhadka Khadka
Dude can I ask u a question. What is Your qurency?
Emily Sweets
Thunderfoot is probably shaking with rage while watching this video.
Suraj Punia
my split ac do the same plus it cools the room too.
the only problem i see with this is that it's a dehumidifier its taking moisture from the air and making the air dry. In some cases that's not good
yung cash register
Semi-pointless. Much cheaper water tanks out there. However for places where there is drought the price point is too high for everybody to buy it.
i wish there was an air cooler/swamp cooler/evaporative cooler that can do this
Abdullah Ayao
Abdullah Ayao
Rachel Betmarik California
And they said you can't get water from thin air
Aaron Lane
Flint, Michigan, would heavily benefit from that machine.
what happens when u fart?
Bjørn Hangel
What about the electricity bill?
do you save money with this product or do you get insane electricity bills?
James Dyess
The first thing I thought was ...Moisture farming...whinny emo orphans on desert planets...sarcastic droids...
Reyna A
My dehumidifier can do that
elijah diez
you know oxygen has small water and gets the air and then gets tye water in the air
Take my money
ii Scroll
put a solar panel on it for power
Nico .148
"Off the grid", he says, clearly reffering to an Electronic Device....🤣🤣
Try to bust this shit thunderfoot
What happens when the air is super dirty
Ian Caleja
Yes, there's electricity in the desert
A0X player :D
air water how lol
Mudd Boss
big whoop its just an advanced dehumidifier.. nothing extremely special about it.
Capt'n Joe
Gee..... A LARGE dehumidifier.
Kameryn Baglia
And The Machine is only $600,000 lol
oğuzhan türküzel
its maybe useable after 50 year...
You want some water? Cool, just insert some water, wait 48 hours and you get water!
Daphne Blake
I've used a water a distiller for years I won't drink tap or even bottled water. but that requires a water source first! not this! very cool!
yuiopoiuy __
Make that solar powered
ReddyStaff Gaming
put this machine in UAE or UK, You'll end the dehydration of Africans.
I had the same idea when I was 10 years old and I saw a dehumidifier in my living room... too bad I wasn't as motivated then as I am now!
colton chestnut
isn't it just a big dehumidifier
Kelvin Quah
Is it efficient?
Call 911 For Cookies
i have this crazy tech device in my bathroom which also emits water. and it costs about $1 per month. (aka water faucet)
Spunky WaterMelon Animation
These should be produced in bulk and send millions to Africa
(and they could make it so it uses no electricity)
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