Hi Anya
Nikolaos Kladis
Where can i find and buy these dolls? Im after in particular Benjamin. If anyone knows please let me know. Thank you
Juhari Harun
Annia you should call the bully a potato man
Juelz Guillen
Please make videos please make videos super good cuz these videos are Wacom board
Xx_fnaf_xX !!!
i love your videos
Lol_playzroblox Wilson
This is James 🚼 each like each year he will live for
Apple C
i will not bully anya
Ho Family Forum
Vbbb. Nh
hiten thanki
Justice department
Marison Yumang
can you do a vidio wher aniya at the ice cream shop and aniya eats to much and vomits on elsiya
Kacee Valiente
Fiona Zhou
That bully is mean to Annya and plus its not allowed in school!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Czamelle Leynes
i foud it
Nicolette Sanares
4+1=10 LOGIC IS REAL HAHAHAHA btw great video
panchito dagangon
why the teacher didn't say elsa's name in atendance
zahra Vina
wast is elsa
Tomi _xox
Pls subscribe to my YouTube channel
Dmitri Blair
Bullys are poop
James Chan
deeva shay
Aerzxfhhuyk try songtccdb
Randall Press
Claire McNaughton
Riverbrae School Tomorrow
Mark Applegarth
Nmnnn. J N. N
Nicholas Chimuka
Annie is so sillyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ•·πŸŒŽπŸŒŽ
aleksandra stachura
This no funy
Taniya Taylor
Benjamin is rude and unkind I'm nice I'm 8 years old I'm young
Destiny Cota
Destiny Cota
It is not raining it is Sunny it is not raining it is Sunny it is the first
Destiny Cota
Twanda Hasan
I ❀️you're videos
Layal Almubarak
I love this video so much 😍😍
Emel Kapkara
No is es 5
Emel Kapkara
I love yu viedeos
I love it so muchπŸ’– plz add my comment a ❀
I like your vids but vengamin has 1 rong the 7+2 is 9 and its not 5πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
Zachary Hernandez
Zachary Hernandez
It is not raining it is Sunny outside the first one
Zachary Hernandez
Zachary Hernandez
It is not raining it is Sunny
Zachary Hernandez
Zachary Hernandez
Amanda Ruiz
I love you😍
Ambar Cadena
Going to field trip
Maurice Horne Jr
I love you
Hina Shah
Don't say that the teacher writing is neat
Chalsey Hendricks
I'm loving it so much
Destiny Cota
Destiny Cota
It is not 10 it is 4+1=5
Destiny Cota
It is not raining it is Sunny
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