Dude Monord
Pause The Video At 2:05 And Play To Be Continued Song!!
Alan Niebergall
You ain't kidding they ring fell
Nosakhare Eke
Are you f***ing kidding me?!
Not gonna noe this is awesome
Braun is not afraid on big show but he's afraid on Brock lesnar
Classified Anonymous
That poor ref
Jack Dren
anyone heard one of the two say "c'mon" right before they jump?
ana claudia vargas verde
Chanel Oberlin
that poor referee tho 😂
Daniel Nolan 2007
The way the ref fell tho
Youssef Helmy
Kevin Dunn probably went crazy with those camera angles....
Aditya Verma
fake fight in wwe
Savita Mann
O MY Goodness
Chiz Lucio
Looks like Show learned boxing against Mayweather 😂😂
Enzo :v
killjoy the clown
Dude at 2:12 behind guy in blue shirt looks like oh well this aint exciting to me
Aditya pratap singh Rathore
Lenord Pugi
Haters will say it's fake
Hen Gaming
sun fun
Twins lol
Miss Sakura
The poor ref
Yeasin Jibon
Please someone tell me
Yeasin Jibon
Is big show died
14 K.O.G
Did anyone else here bigshow say go
Faze Crans
bruh poor referee😂💀
Tiger Flips
The best match in years
2:02 you hear him say "GO"
Vivek Patel
If you listen closely someone said "Go" and then they broke the ring
Recently heard BS say he protested so much at this angle again he didn't want to do it
Kian Oclarit
Brock Lesnar - Smackdown 2003
Mark Henry - Vengeance 2011
Braun Strowman - Raw 2017
Dakota Smith
Anyone else worried about the ref?😂
Zachary Barcelona
big show didn't get superplexed by braun strowman he merely swanton bombed himself and braun strowman devoured him like a puny human
clotaire vilbrun
Jassi Rana
सोनू सैनी
Sudhakar K
Abdullah Yousuf
Ref died 😝😂😂
WavZZ ss
It feels like there fighting in slow motion.
I wanna see them have a match at a WWE main event
the war of goliaths in raw pt. 2
Gabriella Pascual
that was so awesome when the ring had collapsed I didn't know what to say I only said in my head thought my mouth "WHOA THAT WAS AWESOME" even tho I ain't a big fan of Braun Stroman it's still awesome but I'm a fan of Big Show & more WWE superstars it's like literally almost every wwe superstar is my idol
Gabriella Gibson
Im over here laughing at the referee falling am i the only one
Carlos Ivan Martinez
Guy at 2:12 behind blue shirt is not impressed whatsoever Lol
Harsh Chokhani
Who's here after their 3rd match?
Style PlayzYT
IGet Hoes
You can hear them talking about it, if you listen closely you can hear big show say go!
Gie Colot
hahahahahahahaha! lol the ring wrecked!!!! OMG..
Ahmed Al Harthy
I felt sorry for the referee. He has collapsed outside the ring.
All top list
Big show = Big potato
The ref though 😂
Candyce Miller
u can see the referee brace himself at 1:52
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