Big Show vs. Braun Strowman: Raw, April 17, 2017

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The World's Largest Athlete stands up to the rampaging Monster Among Men in a colossal Raw main event.


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nico bellic
rip big show this is his 3rd time breaking the ring
1st brock
2st mark henry
3st braun
Tim Goodness
people actually pay to see this rubbish?
Chubs 86 83
Ladies and gentlemen the ref has returned
The ring was rigged to collapse in this match. The same thing also happened when Brock Lesnar suplexed the Big Show years ago off the top turnbuckle. In an interview years later, the Big Show said the ring was also rigged to collapse as apart of the wrestling match.
Longview 164
2:37 the camera man is like wtf
Jay Hicks
luigi pay
look at 2:00 minuts
Claudette Dale
l hope so referee was O.K. 🆗🆗🆗🆗
Wassim Rais
ani tfargtha
I Fell Bad For The Reffere
Abolfazl Rezaei
ilove you big shu
King Mole
That referee just got K.T.F.O!!!!😂😂😂
Amanda Heath
Braun suchs
Babi .....
as fake as it gets
Jenny N
That poor referee just disappeared into the darkness of space.
Rodrigo Gomes
Caramba que luta
Minecraft let's play
I like big show
Zyankamran Kamran
strowman stood up like he is drunk 😂😂
Bruan strowman the second giant wwe wrestler but still hasn't won a championship match
Cody Zimmerman
yum center is great
I Hate You Braun Strowman!
Kalie Kalkidan
how many times?
Dede Lee
big show's unique hand choreography :21-:24
Christopher Seabrook
that was awesome
Musa Khan
2:03 big show says go. all fake :/
Omolola Oyewale
mcSupercard at
how original
Hussain anajwala
iTz_ NightWolf_oK
Wow even my iPad shakes I think I even felt the earth
Pro Gamer
my prediction
Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt - WWE Championship House of Horrors - roman wins
Neville vs Austin Aries - Cruiserweight Championship match - roman wins
The Club vs Enzo & Big Cass - Kickoff Show - roman wins
Hardy Boyz vs Sheamaro - Raw tag team championships - roman wins
Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens - US title - roman wins
Bayley vs Alexa Bliss - Raw Women’s title - roman wins
Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe - roman wins
Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman - roman wins
Rakesh Mankar
Lynteasha Willis
Moment of silence
Steve R
Wow, Never seen that b4.
Farhat Fiaz
John Cone is still injured I hope he gets better by backlash

Isiah Porter
I feel like that did something to the ring that night to make sure it falls to give the crowd what they wanted to see! Brilliant Vince!
jack jhonson
thank you bahubali.GODofring. theundertekar(wwe)
3 dudes superplex the big show
1. Brock Lesnar
2. Mark Henry
3. Braun Strowman

Big Show its your turn to superplex someone I had enough seeing you this
The Phenom Underwearer
Braun Strowman will be 69x Cruiserweight Champion before i finish my entrance
Reza Uchiha
i just wonder, big show punch him to the face since 00:25
so ko punch ....
Boss Kid 123
the referee sold that like a boss
Raul Salazar
That hapenned when JBL v.s. Big Show 8 years ago.
2:19 He always says "YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!"
Michael Phelps
Kxda Arboladura
Clash of The Titans
I kinda want the big show to retire because he seems so unhappy ever time they kick out on the 2 count :( It makes me really sad, just look at his face! 0:54
bou chod dayi kalai pot dai shel laga ke damoh bhej daye
vai vai
Bronst Romen You must be destroyed
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