Mm Erry
I love all the tools'but we r Indian having a messy kitchen.and kitchen holder is also v need a smart educated loving hand ..
jamshaid tahir
Gabie Gomez
what if i don't have a dish washer how do you wash
Michael Huigen
Laughed so hard at that weird ass butter knife thing that made it almost even worse and it rapes your butter also haha
Michael Huigen
Why use dishwasher for clean glasses :P

Also most stuff on this list are complete bullcrap
Home Gardening
fuk amazon
Alan Simpson
10 best gadgets = more shit for your kitchen.
mani maan
We have been using the citrus juicer from like ages in India. Old one
advika p
Khan Billz
perfect things
Amazing World
not so good
amanpreet syan
Is for 45 dollar as starting range for dash go egg cooker how are u saying is for 19 dollar playing with us
Minda Fraser
damn it feels good to be a gangster lol
Eduardo Azevedo
I will stay with the knife. Much more pratical.
Umy Hassan Raza
i'm from Pakistan so can i buy???? and how?
Dan Rauch
You try the Towelster yet?
Jana Velasquez
"If your food is not naturally straight, oh can cut it into straight sections."
Oh not my gay ass
Annalisa Steinnes
The problem with the herb cutter would be that if you wash the herbs before you cut them, they will stick to the blades and be much more difficult to get off than with a regular knife. But otherwise it's pretty cool.
Annalisa Steinnes
The egg cooker might do hard cooked eggs well, but the poached eggs did not taste well when I made them. The texture was very strange.
Morgan Olfursson
how fucking lazy can one person be ?
Jessy Jessy
hi bro we have
Kelsey Koukol
The salad spinner is $39.95 :(
Timothy Legacion
I like the pancake mixer, it's so similar to a life hack I saw.
Accalia Murray
Why is everyone wanting to peel things like potatoes, tomatoes, apples, cucumbers.... why? That's where all the nutrients are stored, and they're the healthiest part. If you want to eat healthy, keep the edible peels on.
People have trouble with spreading peanut butter?
kavitha vavilla
Good items
that salad spinner was 33 bucks!
Sudarshan Chilampuri
good video but along with provide price also for each product
*Mrs. Voldemort*
I have a similar peeler although a little bit simpler than that, mine uses both side, with one side as a peeler for hard and soft skin, and the other side for Julianne. Even in the handle you got 2 size of graters. It's dark green in color and made of hard plastic.
You know what? I bought that thing in a local store in Yogyakarta for Rp25.000,- (about $2) in 2013. It still in perfect shape and I use it everyday!!!. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nidhi Pandey
chesKa styles
10 kitchen gadget that will make you SUPER Lazy.... 😂😂
Enas Nagy
المنتجات دى موجودة عندنا
rita salim
I never have any problem when using regular knife to spread butter.
rita salim
this blade cutter is not safe to use at all, I am sure it will chop the fingers.
Franzter Francisco
This is all for lazy people
I love Bahsil Herhbs
Netzel The Pretzel
for more gagdets click here :
Charlotte Playll
Look at 1:02
Antonia Young
some really awesomeness
rajani pakhide
kya h ganno ke sath aa rahi thi ki tu bta pehele ki tu kya tst series papers in buying it works out at about to leave the house at da moon and the house at da moon and back on Monday morning all of u for being short they y h mere pass h uske phn se cl karke bta de yr kya h to mai bhi to free up with me forever and the house at da blouses and roman vs dead on Monday and the house at da 2k for the day before the heirs episode in buying it works out for the day before and I don't want a clan with th o 23rd and I have u been up to much I
GelaGela812 GeoHakera
Ramya Sathya
waste of money
Sarah Blackstone
That's not how you say herbs!
Pooper Dooper
That hot butter knife thing?
Heres a life hack,instead of buying that you lazy shits,
Grab a butter knife,and heat it up with water or in the micro wave.
Amy C
That herb chop looked so useless. I mean, you could just use your knife.
Johans wilgat
I just found amazing site about kitchen products all are best and cheapest listed there


#Best food




Farhana Muhammed
The last one was totally time wasting! and this gaget made me angry!:]
kkkei 96
y am i watching dis when im a 13yr old kid?
amirah rodriguez
it is not working
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