nada elsheikh
rashi garg
Try it
HK Home Buy
The most powerful speaker ever made.
It emits an super ultra-dense sound with physical impact, no distortion, no saturation, no background noise, from 14Hz to 27kHz.
This single speaker is powerful enough to replace large speaker at a live concert !
The best price for this speaker is:
rahima Sk
Noah G.
Kees V
Also known as Clickbait laden with commercials. Yuck!
Just waste of money shit
Makeup Academy
I broke the replay button
Theresa Shaw
i only like the herb chopper. & the omelette maker.
Bangaru Dinesh
Is this available in India
Brandon Mello
I'm obsessed with gadgets
please dont buy a the zyliss, only cut herbs such as coriander once, just bleeds and bruises the herb
Layla V
The future is now thanks to science 😂 (if you don't know what were I got this from who are you?)
Lauren Shaw
That herb cutter is ridiculous
P Arora
I have that chef lemon squeezer and it's awesome
How did I end up here? I10 mins ago I was watching the latest Sidemen diss tracks and now I'm watching a vid about kitchen gadgets.
Chloe M.
struggling with butter ... wtf 10 sec in microwave and it's ready to spread ...
Reem Alawar
Leevi 3180
Tamara TAM
if we buy all thing we gonna need an kitchen more bigger than a supermarket,and most of the time that making lost more time than win time..we use thing for 5mn and need 15mn for cleaning all part
Rama Krishna
1000 Spices
Wow. What a useful thing you uploaded. Thanks and a big big like
Jelena Evans
I wonder how many fingers get sliced per year per mandoline. I bought one expensive like 10 years ago and used it only once because of how uncomfortable it is! Crazy! Also, never understood how people use peelers either. I do better and quicker job with a knife anyway.
Mm Erry
I love all the tools'but we r Indian having a messy kitchen.and kitchen holder is also v need a smart educated loving hand ..
jamshaid tahir
Michael Huigen
Laughed so hard at that weird ass butter knife thing that made it almost even worse and it rapes your butter also haha
Michael Huigen
Why use dishwasher for clean glasses :P

Also most stuff on this list are complete bullcrap
Home Gardening
fuk amazon
Alan Simpson
10 best gadgets = more shit for your kitchen.
mani maan
We have been using the citrus juicer from like ages in India. Old one
advika p
Khan Billz
perfect things
Amazing World
not so good
amanpreet syan
Is for 45 dollar as starting range for dash go egg cooker how are u saying is for 19 dollar playing with us
Minda Fraser
damn it feels good to be a gangster lol
Eduardo Azevedo
I will stay with the knife. Much more pratical.
Umy Hassan Raza
i'm from Pakistan so can i buy???? and how?
Dan Rauch
You try the Towelster yet?
Jana Velasquez
"If your food is not naturally straight, oh can cut it into straight sections."
Oh not my gay ass
Annalisa Steinnes
The problem with the herb cutter would be that if you wash the herbs before you cut them, they will stick to the blades and be much more difficult to get off than with a regular knife. But otherwise it's pretty cool.
Annalisa Steinnes
The egg cooker might do hard cooked eggs well, but the poached eggs did not taste well when I made them. The texture was very strange.
Morgan Olfursson
how fucking lazy can one person be ?
Jessy Jessy
hi bro we have
Kelsey Koukol
The salad spinner is $39.95 :(
Timothy Legacion
I like the pancake mixer, it's so similar to a life hack I saw.
Accalia Murray
Why is everyone wanting to peel things like potatoes, tomatoes, apples, cucumbers.... why? That's where all the nutrients are stored, and they're the healthiest part. If you want to eat healthy, keep the edible peels on.
People have trouble with spreading peanut butter?
kavitha vavilla
Good items
that salad spinner was 33 bucks!
Sudarshan Chilampuri
good video but along with provide price also for each product
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