Andrew Givens
Same shit different year
The engineers were probably executed.
jason mcdonald
Come on first he said he was going to sink a US Carrier with one of his missiel's. Now he's going to attack Alaska. Neither one has happened in 74 years.
Matt K
I wonder what Knights gonna do about those missles
"President Trump has not yet commented"
Probably still laughing.
busy boy
the Chinese have been telking us in the last 20 years that they are smarter then us (us means anyone not chinese) clever then us and that China is going to take on the world ,economically and politicalky.
So ,instead of fucking up the littke islands on the south and alk the shenanigans of ""great Navi,great Air firce "" and alk the booring movies about wars on Chinese TV for the kast 68 years NOW FINALKY THEY GOT THE WORK CUT OUT FOR THEM.
to do something to fix the N.Korea uncertainty because the "" music tune "" of not interference is not onky USELESS at the UN but it is useless for them too.Up to now beside sending N.K. refugees back ti a sure concentration camp to die they did do spectacularly fucking nithing x 50 years.
Josh Vogel
heavymetal 210
one of these days they are gonna blow them selves up with that shotty missile making skills
Zak St-amant
i hope he eats his own irradiated fish.
The Grand Warden
Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahqhahqhqhah, sucked it you pathetic swine
Emp missile test.
North Korea's strategy experts are more flexible than Trump's tactics.
JL Yamba
trump is probably gonna let Obama come back coz trump can't do shit
frank dracmann
Porky Pig better walk lightly, he's not playing with limp wristed obama, this is President Donald J Trump, the sleeping giant.
Fat boy needs to be taken out of office today.
ϟRU soucy
made in china ;p;;
Sugar Samurai Motion pictures
The U.S should just drop a series of well placed MOAB's on missile sites and air force bases and be done with that fat little goof.
Overwhelming Euphoria
Lil Kimmy models his missiles after his penis, a small little choad that can't get it up.
Ariana Music HD
South korea is slave of the west warmongers
David Walker
Get ready for the pain FAT BOY!
Bill Gates
Kim Jong unnnnnnnnnn Suck my balls you fat gay hole
Riley Nash
One thing I know for sure 100% without a doubt. North Korea would be destroyed in less then three days if the U.S. Decided to do something about it.
brian hatfield
There getting ready to get TRUMPED ON.
2reactbros Jan
This mother think it's hard to kills someone with tight security but let me say simply easy hints for you it's just my lesson for you people here is example if your a dog and want to kill lion in his own jungle. Lion might think. That one dog he can't even enter my jungle when I have too many other lion also in my jungle but what if that dog goes like his country people. 30 Miles away to stay here is now the dog make 1st step close to lion in his jungle without letting lion ni that he is there he thinks might be far way to be close to me but people think c can see him when he t talks is daam easy but the tecinolgy can fly and ubderground carying little things as little bomb to blast his face right in front of his fucking twat mother ducker who ever hid mom is might she is whore got fucked 100 times even by his grandfather and his uncle and even this ugly fat pig Kim Jong his thinks he is powerful then he might be a fucking dick head mother ducker rim so pissed off that I really wanna fucking cut his throte into two pirate and also I wanna fucking give his live body to Isis so Isis will fucking cut this out ugly fat fuck Kim Jong liken his mother ugly fucking Pusey slice fucking sick head he thinks America he want too win hahahha ma he thinking it's easy coz he have bomb but you no what when America start attacking this fat fuck gonna start hide like a fucking dick he is a gay he fuck his solider into his bed every singel day telling them dintbtrkknenhujrbjrbrjjhrjrhm
Dela Pompe
just send them a nuke can already. wait for what?
Dela Pompe
so America can launch nukes but NK cant....... got it
RonnieSix -O
Kim the type of nigga to pour milk in before cereal
Fuck Trump
Run Platypus
Goodluck hitting US mainland with those crappy payload delivery rocket.
Fat Pig Kim Jung Un must be furious right now. Hahaha!
Xavier cardenas
That's what happens when your missiles come equipped with Kia rocket boosters 🚀... 💥... 😞
Kim your next missile test may be your last one, choose wisely.
rubel molla
rubel molla
rubel molla
hazmie ahmad
It's too round at the top! it need to be pointy. round is not scary!
Aidan Liker
Try hards
Aidan Liker
Damn rip they were so happy, but watch tf out lol, your country is so small we only need one atomic bomb to wreck your it
Oh shit. Here comes WW3
Rene deMan
I really think we should send the North Koreans a ton of diet coke and a ton of Mento's for their rockets. Probably work better but the boy wonder would probably use the mints to cover up his bad breath and drink all the Diet coke! :P
Alright AgainX3
So everyone in the world is just basically waiting for Nk to succed at the cost of some lives so we can finally resume war?
Leon Fernandez
Muak banget liat si muka babi
Swift power
Fuck Trump. Go fucking home Yankees. Stop sticking ur fucking nouse in other countries.
People of South Korea need to realize that the DPRK is not their friend. The ROK has repeatedly offered assistance to their Korean Twin's Government, only to be rudely awakened by them. That False Korean God Northern Twin has always wanted the Southern Twins Death.
draft galosa
North Korea is the modern day Nazi concentration camp state. The crimes against human rights they commit daily will only be seen when their empire collapses from self implosion . Shame on China and Russia for supporting these criminals.
Christian King
Nice try asshole. Go back to what you do best. Eating. Instead of trying to play with the big boys and ultimately getting your shit pushed in.
Mandy Stephens
They're going end up blowing themselves off the map.
We have to stop laughing before we can respond to the test failure.
godliness :god
north Korean army please for love of god terminate this wrong thoughts
I hope this is all about ending Kim's regime. But what if the primary target is not Kim but all the cooperation's of SK and Japan, US is far too superior for NK to touch it, but it can touch SK and Japan easily. In the name of collateral damage Samsung and so on will be destroyed paving a way for Apple's and so on's monopoly in the market. Maybe its the war of cooperation's not nation. Just thinking outside the box, hope I am wrong.
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