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In their FaceTime call as part of the #oktosay series, The Duke and Lady Gaga discussed how opening up and having conversations about mental health was vital to shatter the stigma that still surrounds these issues.

Sione Robertson
Product placement has ever been so strong
Анна Владимировна Мацкевич
he s sexy
Mark Felipe
Having this separation anxiety and near depression for 3 weeks now. Thankful that ive seen this
TwentyØnePhantasticPotatoHeads IntheBlueBadlands
This is an imperative matter that I'm very proud of Gaga for bringing up!
Jack Taylor
Why would people dislike this. Saddo.
Jack Mac
LOVE her so much!! she's a little angel here on earth.
Anthony Boure it :-)
Prince William&Harry are very engaged on this project. They are great.
Love gaga for this. Pretty much everyone got mental health issues #beautifulsociete, but finaly we are talking about in public.
CN Gillian
I'am like you mom but i'm not famous and nobody help me .. but its okay I LOVE YOU QUEEN SE YOU AT UR WORLD TOUR In my SWEET Paris
AK Baloch
What a royal conversation! 😃❤
Anderson Fabiano
It must be so exciting talking to Royalty, William must've loved it.
Kristen Waterton
Violence as Entertainment is Mentally ill
Kristen Waterton
Dear Lady Gaga, if you really want to help kids be healthy and yr not just a fabulous actress ?
Then stop pretending to be a vampire, killing people and drinking their blood.....
That would be so neat and kind. ( And healthy. ) Thanks.
Alexis Joyce
My family died when DIANA was killed I am glad she is with HOSANA. I keep reminding the psych wards that more people die by car accidents than guns every year when they ask about my weapons access.
cesar martinez
Oh no. She must be smoking more. Her brunette is sprouting.
alexis deminati
2 heads are okay nevertheless talent is talent
because somebody gave me the best I have ever had in my life
German Space Marine
where is blond gaga?
Imadaml Eve
Liers. Illuminati agenda behind
Arnold Chang
You are #oktosay !
Jay Dee
She does not have mental illness its just another attempt to be outrageous. How come she has never talked about these issues before? She's a sellout and an attention seeker. She's fucking annoying.
Is it an Apple Commercial?
Finn P
Not a fan of the Queen, prince Philip and Charles but William and Harry are great, they both use their publicity and fame to help people in need.
Angel TG
she looks amazing
Lilli Adam
i ship them lol
Conor Bohane
This apple promo tho
this video kinda convinced me to buy the new macbook. lol
Rachel Orr
would be good if you stopped messing with my mental health and came to Scotland while you were in the UK Gaga. seriously.
My mom doesn't even have my number and Lady Gaga is facetiming Prince William?
Greg Hill
when she sipping that tea but the cup is empty LMAO
dest lecter
God bless Gaga for making great music while standing up for so many people in our society. Of course, Prince William's effort is also so important. #oktosay
Марк Шумахер
and so...!?
Cristobal Chavez
Queen of everything. I will love you and support you forever babe!
tomás caicedo
nice couple they hookup sometimes inside queens bed
finally, gaga. in normal clothes. normal makeup. and Normal hair.
Muhel Hafriz
she giving me some joan Crawford realness yasssss mamacita
Deciphor Maniac
you need to put all the lamars on that program Ga
Deciphor Maniac
lol, is that a blk dude? nooooo, that's the prince of England.... Respecatble Royalty
Anne van Deelen
I ship it
Thank you Gaga for helping me with my mental you millions!
Bill Buffet
+Lady Gaga give me your Skype ID
RockME AllDeus
Glad to see these two bringing this issue to the forefront. This is important because it is raising awareness and destroying the social stigma. We live in times of increasing chaos, complexity and incoherence, and people have not been taught to have the emotional intelligence needed in order to cope with these changes, and so many people are getting stressed out. Not everybody gets depression, anxiety and mental breakdowns, but stress can lead to all sorts of problems - even an occasional stressful experience has a damaging effect on our bodies. So you can be sick without even knowing it! Approximately 25% of all Americans are hypertensive, and cardiovascular disease now claims more lives each year in the United States than the next seven leading causes of death combined. According to the American Institute of Stress, as many as 75 to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians result from stress related disorders. Everybody now knows that high blood cholesterol, diabetes, and cigarette smoking are high risk factors for heart disease. Yet in over half of the new cases of heart disease, NONE OF THESE RISK FACTORS IS PRESENT. What people fail to realize is that a heart attack or heart disease happens when something has been going wrong for a long period of time and finally breaks down. The real ailment isn't the final precipitating factor; it's what happened between good health and the disease. STRESS is the ailment to be concerned about. If we live in a stressed out state all the time, we become used to imbalance. But no matter how common this behavior is - how seemingly "normal" - it has serious consequences for our health.
Yan Amor
that's clearly sponsored by apple
arra gerrari
cure song is dope😍
MY QUEEN ❤ ❤ ❤
gaga's girl
i wish gaga was a motivational speaker or my therapist (but also our mother monster full time too) 😂
She's so freaking cute!
Zibbia Gray
👏🏽That's Good😄
Luchemir Zalessky
She has no doubt the great stamina to control the anxiety if mentioned has its place to be, coz practically it is that hard to.
I'm so glad that the two of them are doing this, when people see two such high profile figures talking so openly and honestly about mental health & the umbrella of things that that encompasses, it can Only be a good thing.
Keep positive, stay strong, and wake up every single day, regardless of how hard that is! On some days, you don't have to achieve something amazing, or even leave the house, sometimes just getting out of bed is enough! X 😃🤗
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