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In their FaceTime call as part of the #oktosay series, The Duke and Lady Gaga discussed how opening up and having conversations about mental health was vital to shatter the stigma that still surrounds these issues.

Olle Sävlind
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Olle Sävlind
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Olle Sävlind
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I love how she just casually calls the prince!!! 😆 Seriously, this is a beautiful and brave conversation between the Queen of Pop with the future Kind of England. He will be an awesomely kind king.
Jason Rodriguez
I love her fucking hair like this.
The Fabsisters
Diana Trupia
That's beautiful
Lula Earle
We need to start talking about so many things.
Google User
She looks beautiful
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Lady Gaga's Superbowl halftime show became the most watched music event in history across all platforms, reaching 150 million people. Gaga became only the 5th woman to headline the Superbowl halftime show, & the first woman to perform without any guests in 3 decades. Gaga's Superbowl halftime show scored a record-breaking 6 emmy nominations, the most for any halftime show in history.

Lady Gaga doesnt need to prove anything anymore. A LEGEND.
Analou Malaidan
What a piece of
belasen khris
I love lady gaga
grisy Rodríguez
she is so ugly really
Cheryl Harper
They are friends?
LMAO she had her 'prop', drinking hot tea!😀😂
Anna Key
Lost any respect I had for 'Lady Gaga' when she performed for Hillary Clinton at the DP convention and when she did this video- I don't need to hear about mental health from some privileged parasite royal with a bloated bank account thanks. How fucking dare these people lecture working-class people on metal health- they wanna try stepping in our shoes, they wouldn't last five minutes.
Where's Harry?
Patt Ry
looks like a comedy
Ana Sanchez
Me encanta lo que están intentando hacer el Príncipe William y Gaga, pero viendolo desde una perspectiva mas amplía, algunas partes de la conversación suenan como a "Liberarse" pero de los "illuminati", tal vez sueno muy exagerada pero si deberían revisar con atención el intercambio de palabras que tienen.
PD: Buy "The cure" by Lady Gaga on itunes❤
Sophie Louis
That's the Non-Royal Body Double Williams of 1997. His known for Raping Steven,@
James Curfman
hotdave EightySiX
nelly g
hotdave EightySiX
te he
hotdave EightySiX
now it's next week , IS that all ??? ?...
Elizabeth Mendez
Well when we sell our souls it can be quite exhausting. A lot of these celebrities are going through mental health issues because they sold their souls and they are under ultra mind control. That's why a lot of them lose their minds on and off stage and cant remember what occurred. Or maybe too much drinkin and drugging! People make me giggle when they say she is so brave ! She is part of the satanic life! She made the choice to sell her soul like everyone else in the business don't allow these celebrities to brain wash you into thinking they care for a cause. They care about themselves. Whatever will make them look like good people. Wake up world! And stop being so naïve! This is show business! Everything they do is calculating. Its all about them.
hotdave EightySiX
🍁 Thee One n Only InFuCkInGcReDiBlE Gaga ( secretly rumoured to be the Reincarnation of John Lennon from The BeAtLes that died in nineteen eighty Dec, eighth, te he ... 🍁 ( shhh don't tell her ?! )
hotdave EightySiX
🍁 should We play celebrity n pretend that eh Reply IS coming from The One n Only LaDy GAGA , what IS the question(s) that We would most request answered then pretend that We are the second party n Reply , it's crazy butt IS anyone out there that wants to have fun chatting like this on this , any gal that looks like Lady GAGA do You have eh VLOG BLOG so I could believe it even so or eh Nude Vlog Blog that You could send Privately ?..., that would be great most appreciated of You if Your eh Look-a-LiKe Thank You for being You n nobody else butt You , I mean it got any VLOG BLOGs , when someone was claiming to be David Bowie three times or twice I didn't believe it so at that I dare say this IS one hundred percent true ... ( I am going to delete this , I am embarrassed , te he ) 🍁
hotdave EightySiX
🍁 Does anyone have any odd facts in common with the world ??? ?... , thought I would make eh Chat on this , she never replies to Me ???, other than kind of talking to the people that are suppose to look after humanity / us , the living human beings ?... 🍁
Ugly Gaga
A monkey just can't have class...
sparkle light
Thanks for the kind sharing
Lea Montes
i admire lady gaga for being honest to herself and share it with others in social media with confidence of her sickness.
Anna 5678
Both of them have influence on people. Watching them having conversation about mental health it is very eyes opening for people out there to learn about mental health instead looking it as a stigma in society. We need a better place where all lives matter regardless our races, our beliefs, politicians, our status, and our health conditions. This is very interesting and yes a good topic and educational of all of us. :)
Love the dark hair!
Keep Sweet
what happened to her face
Rayito 2005
She is so Sexy .
Was it sponsered by apple tho?
Chris G
Shes so fake and pretentious and annoying. everything she does is designed for attention and awards. she has a messiah complex. Lady 69 cents. The TRUMP OF POP.
Josy Germanotta
Tenho fé que um dia eu vou saber inglês direito. Me senti triste depois de um vídeo todo entender quase nada. 😕😐😟
Awe, this is so GREAT, I tried to tweet to you, I'm Blur, part of a mental illness community in Long Island, New York, and this place has almost saved my life, and I start a MILLION DOLLAR CAMPAIGN FOR MENTAL ILLNESS, I want to succeed and save my moms life, I have severe mental illness trying to take care of my physically disabled mom, it is so tough, and I will do a film documentary giving all my friends in this community 10,000 dollars each, i had no friends and lived a life of pure isolation before going to this program. THANKS!
I hate when people says "famous people should not be trusted, they just care about themselves etc" people like Gaga who use their power for things like this should actually be very supported because they have enough attention to solve or make things better
Brenda Rivera
awesome !!!! this is actually fantastic. Mental health is an issue that affects us all. " When we start to talk, we are not hiding anymore" ( Lady Gaga)
I think that more influential artist like her should start taking this subject seriously because they are in a position to demystify the realness of the situation. Mental illness can happen to anyone, regardless of socioeconomic status or race.
I love how the Prince pays great respect to the Queen 😍
cute person
Love this
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