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In their FaceTime call as part of the #oktosay series, The Duke and Lady Gaga discussed how opening up and having conversations about mental health was vital to shatter the stigma that still surrounds these issues.

Lea Montes
i admire lady gaga for being honest to herself and share it with others in social media with confidence of her sickness.
Ann Abdullah
Both of them have influence on people. Watching them having conversation about mental health it is very eyes opening for people out there to learn about mental health instead looking it as a stigma in society. We need a better place where all lives matter regardless our races, our beliefs, politicians, our status, and our health conditions. This is very interesting and yes a good topic and educational of all of us. :)
Love the dark hair!
Keep Sweet
what happened to her face
Jessica lafortuna
She is so Sexy .
Was it sponsered by apple tho?
Chris G
Shes so fake and pretentious and annoying. everything she does is designed for attention and awards. she has a messiah complex. Lady 69 cents. The TRUMP OF POP.
Josy Germanotta
Tenho fé que um dia eu vou saber inglês direito. Me senti triste depois de um vídeo todo entender quase nada. 😕😐😟
Awe, this is so GREAT, I tried to tweet to you, I'm Blur, part of a mental illness community in Long Island, New York, and this place has almost saved my life, and I start a MILLION DOLLAR CAMPAIGN FOR MENTAL ILLNESS, I want to succeed and save my moms life, I have severe mental illness trying to take care of my physically disabled mom, it is so tough, and I will do a film documentary giving all my friends in this community 10,000 dollars each, i had no friends and lived a life of pure isolation before going to this program. THANKS!
I hate when people says "famous people should not be trusted, they just care about themselves etc" people like Gaga who use their power for things like this should actually be very supported because they have enough attention to solve or make things better
Brenda Rivera
awesome !!!! this is actually fantastic. Mental health is an issue that affects us all. " When we start to talk, we are not hiding anymore" ( Lady Gaga)
I think that more influential artist like her should start taking this subject seriously because they are in a position to demystify the realness of the situation. Mental illness can happen to anyone, regardless of socioeconomic status or race.
I love how the Prince pays great respect to the Queen 😍
cute person
Love this
Chocolate Bunny
so does she have a mental health issue?
dylan taylor
this almost makes me cry its like shes explaining what i go through besides my feet problems this is what i also go through
Alexandr Avilov
Love You Gaga
Rae Jae
I must say, this message would have gone down a lot better if it hadn't
come off the back of having to turn the television off at 9:30am
last Saturday morning because channel 11 was airing Gaga's 'Paparazzi'
film clip on free to air. Have you seen it? We were never exposed to
such bastardy as children and quite frankly, I don't know how I would
have taken it. How would that have affected me as a young person?
Especially in light of presenting her as a celebrity. A role model. I
would have asked myself as a young woman... Is that how I should aim to
be? And what would that have looked like if I had of started emulating
that behaviour?
As a new Mother of 4 month old twin boys, it really got my 'back up'.
Mind you, I had an emergency delivery with my boys being premature and
they were transferred to the NICU at the Royal Women's Hospital where
they received the greatest care that I could not afford. Because of that
place, those outstanding staff members, the generous contributions and
amazing charities that keep it going, my sons are alive today.
Everything has changed.
While Gaga is in 'relentless' pursuit to 'normalise' mental illness
(among other things), I'll be doing what I can to advocate to get her
'art' off free to air television in conjunction with stricter
guidelines. That's the kind of thing that should be paid for, on an
adult site if necessary. Not inflicted on our children on a show
specifically targeted at under 18's. It upset me to see this
collaboration because I look up to the Royals. Not blindly either. I'm
in support of them in light of all the absolutely horrifying, appalling
lies that have been circulating over the Internet. We as a society
already face much difficulty in overcoming the flood of misinformation
out there. No wonder that mental illness and utter confusion is rampant
in the world today!
I'm also in support of the concept of this campaign. Yes, things have
gone too far and it is time to take back our families, our sanity and
our values. Yet I don't understand how Prince and future King William
doesn't appear to make the connection between 'normalising' mental
illness and inflicting it in this instance. It moved me in certain ways
to see this clip. At the very least, I hope this means we'll be seeing
some works of redemption from Stephanie. Perhaps this indicates that she
will be more scrupulous in regards to the contribution she is making to
the culture that's helping to shape our sons and daughters. #Oktosay
Alberto Alperpaşa
I so hope that this wonderful campaign doesn't turn out to be a clever commercial that culminates in an (as yet unannounced) pharma "super pill" for mental health.

Turmaric, Omega 3's, Dark Green Veg, Walnuts, Soybean, Canola are just some foods missing from the common diet that make so much difference.

I just wish that (at least one of these Heads Together) would mention this. :(
Sione Robertson
Product placement has ever been so strong
Анна Владимировна Мацкевич
he s sexy
Mark Felipe
Having this separation anxiety and near depression for 3 weeks now. Thankful that ive seen this
TwentyØnePhantasticPotatoHeads IntheBlueBadlands
This is an imperative matter that I'm very proud of Gaga for bringing up!
Jack Taylor
Why would people dislike this. Saddo.
Jack Mac
LOVE her so much!! she's a little angel here on earth.
Anthony Boure it :-)
Prince William&Harry are very engaged on this project. They are great.
Love gaga for this. Pretty much everyone got mental health issues #beautifulsociete, but finaly we are talking about in public.
Gillian CN
I'am like you mom but i'm not famous and nobody help me .. but its okay I LOVE YOU QUEEN SE YOU AT UR WORLD TOUR In my SWEET Paris
AK Baloch
What a royal conversation! 😃❤
Anderson Fabiano
It must be so exciting talking to Royalty, William must've loved it.
Kristen Waterton
Violence as Entertainment is Mentally ill
Kristen Waterton
Dear Lady Gaga, if you really want to help kids be healthy and yr not just a fabulous actress ?
Then stop pretending to be a vampire, killing people and drinking their blood.....
That would be so neat and kind. ( And healthy. ) Thanks.
Alexis Joyce
My family died when DIANA was killed I am glad she is with HOSANA. I keep reminding the psych wards that more people die by car accidents than guns every year when they ask about my weapons access.
cesar martinez
Oh no. She must be smoking more. Her brunette is sprouting.
alexis deminati
2 heads are okay nevertheless talent is talent
because somebody gave me the best I have ever had in my life
German Space Marine
where is blond gaga?
Imadaml Eve
Liers. Illuminati agenda behind
Arnold Chang
You are #oktosay !
Jay Dee
She does not have mental illness its just another attempt to be outrageous. How come she has never talked about these issues before? She's a sellout and an attention seeker. She's fucking annoying.
Is it an Apple Commercial?
Finn P
Not a fan of the Queen, prince Philip and Charles but William and Harry are great, they both use their publicity and fame to help people in need.
Angel TG
she looks amazing
a plant just a plant
i ship them lol
Conor Bohane
This apple promo tho
this video kinda convinced me to buy the new macbook. lol
Rachel Orr
would be good if you stopped messing with my mental health and came to Scotland while you were in the UK Gaga. seriously.
My mom doesn't even have my number and Lady Gaga is facetiming Prince William?
Greg Hill
when she sipping that tea but the cup is empty LMAO
dest lecter
God bless Gaga for making great music while standing up for so many people in our society. Of course, Prince William's effort is also so important. #oktosay
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