anime quirks
I wonder if hardcore lesbians are virgins.
I mean... she doesnt have a thing.
So how does she put it...or she needs to.....have something inside.... oh forget it. I was just curious.
Iris Kroes
dylan does seems like a really nice person, like asking if you were scared and if you were sure that you wanted it!
hola me llamo nunya business
I lost my virginity when I was 6 years old because I was raped and now I don't care about my sexuality and have sex all the time with different guys because I am already messed up.
Miss Chic
I'm 18 y.o & i'm still virgin
She kinda sounds like laci green and her hair is similar to hers lmao
Christina Romines
sorayyah yusrizal
Isnt this ashley?
windy yuu
Mindy Lee
I think this is ingrid nilsen
Đåïmąøü Ŕãęįi
17 and not a virgin ^(`∀´)_Ψ
Di M
Dylan gotta teeny weeny
Majestic Eggs
One minute
Elena Schiff
she said she was Gay why would you want to even be with a boy if your gay if you want to sleep with a boy your not a lesbian. a lesbian is defined as as a girls who only likes girls if she wants to sleep with boys thats fine she Bisexual then not Gay . Im the same age as this girl and a Lesbian and don't even want a boy or man to touch me .
Sumith Dsouza
Man!! who can get a girl like this .....she wanted to have sex ...she asked him to break her virginity ...
Ho Gxbu
Victoria Bellamy
I didn't lose my virginity, I know who I gave it to.😁
Chris Crocker
I lost mine at 12 😳
Miles Is bored
We know who all these people are buzzfeed. Picking from the cast of people in all of your videos without a voice changers.
Meg McCormick
Its so easy to tell who it is
Tushar Raj
And he said he's finished.
"I finished"
Jessica ODonnell
I was 18 when I lost my virginity. It was a week ago.
katie lyn
wtf was that at 3:15
Is this Ingrid Nielsen 😂
Catalina Godoy Núñez
Am I the only one who thinks that that's Grace from Pop trigger with her voice edited??
anthony quezada
U had sex... the end
Kristina Caruso
This girl is Alexis G Zall
v cute edits
Is this Alexis G Zall?
Amelia Shipley
Only Men can be gay....women can't its called lesbian
- ninå -
Wow Dylan. Just wow.

Louise Taylor Manny santos Bella
Even Zeroes Can Be Heroes
as much as I hate to admit it...losing my virginity was pretty traumatizing . in the end it just made me sexually confused for a long time. I still don't know if I'm gay,bi or straight for sure but I'm a 21 year old guy that finds attraction in both males at times and females at times . most of the time though I'm not sexually attracted to anyone. however I do still feel the "urge" ya know? I don't know how I am going to tell my family about it though because as far as they know, I'm still straight to them. I just hope I don't get disowned.
She sounds like Jaiden Animations
ilovefood132 yeah
I love these secret storyteller
Don't Mess With The Trio 3
Is this Jordan?
Risky b1ueb3rry
This is 100% Brittney
Abi Eve
is this ingrid???
rachel pitcher
why am i watching this??
Cristhian Vargas
This guy kept her lesbian lol
JiaYu Zheng
Was this Niki?
Brianna Garcia
i know who it is I can tell lol
calsparks 33
*40 seconds into it*
her: "you can keep going..."
dylan: "...I finished"

But cute story tho!💕
Pinky Samantha
this made me feel so much more comfortable about sex. so me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost 6 months but were long distance and there is a really high chance im gonna lose my virginty when i see him. i trust him and i really do think hes the right person for me to do it with.
Marvijane Amor
nice reflection 👍
Omg poor Dylon
It sounds and looks like Alexis Gsal
Once i was 14, i got raped. It basically happened when it was late at night, my dad convinsed me to do it in the bathroom with him. But i kept telling him no, eventually he forced me to go, he was rough, very hairy, and then when he finishied and i spat it out and washed my mouth with water and goed to sleep. And thats how I GOT FUCKED BY A TOOTHBRUSH.
Do more of this series
Lux Haiku
Maria Andrews
Oh my 😂😂😂
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