Introducing Microsoft Surface Laptop

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Microsoft Surface Laptop is performance made personal. Featuring the best of Windows and Office, all-day battery life, a stunning screen that responds to your touch, and a choice of four rich tone-on-tone colors, it delivers the perfect balance of portability and performance. Learn more:

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Rafly Fernanda
add the usb type-c
Karthik Prasath
When in india????
I need this cover song recorded and released with the Surface Studio cover song as an album, PDQ!!!
Nina Call
I have a Surface Windows RT, haven't used it in a while, forgot my password. Can someone help me please?
Make one with a dedicated gpu and im sold
Jay Al
Doesn't have dvd drive
Yann Rolland
Les nouvelles Surfaces Laptop sous Windows 10 pro sont disponibles chez RCB Informatique, le partenaire informatique des professionnels
hakan akdag
I am a software developer. Do you think this will do enough for me? I need 8gb ram minimum thats for sure. But what about heating? Anybody uses it?
Beautiful perfect 👌 to put Linux on
ahmed sallam
Can I get it, please?
DaMe - Gaming & Livestreams
now I get it. the cover by "you're the one thing I want" is just incredible
mohammed aadhil
2k apple fan Boys
Comrade Doggo
can i get this as a gamer
Jeff And Jeff
0:35 freimand
Luka Gaming345
Can u send me 1 laptop plss :)
Miguel Saboyá
what is the song's name
Edwin Deng
I REALLY WANT THIS LAPTOP but my dad says i have to come up with the money to get it
i am currently at $200
maulana akbar
Mahesh Kshirsagar
I seriously love this add . best In feels
TYler SChecter
They tried to copy the MacBook Pro but they failed miserably! You can obviously see it! MICROSOFT IS TRASH!!!!!!!!!!
hej microsoft thanks for scamming me for a windows 7 apple is better then you
David Limonka
what is the music
Swim Health
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Darilia Cardoso
Vou comprar um desse deve ser muito bom
Canadian Prepper
Wow it has touch screen capability!!
Cooper Silva
Very nice design
Linus Esch
Oh my god all these stupid apple haters here we know you can´t understand that apple is in many points better and microsoft as well. But i mean can´t you just enjoy your tech that´s coming out and we can enjoy ours?
VoonVoon Box
Nice Video Dial (1-888-828-5947) Toll Free Phone Number to get help for solving any issue of Microsoft Product.
777 777
Microsoft: one month prohibition.
Better than the 1000$ Pixel Chromebook.
The llama
Buying that
RyoX Music
Watching this on my Microsoft Surface Laptop :)
Hello I saw the video it was great do you have a damaged laptop for free cause I want one
Bathila Jayasiri
Eric Agront
I wont one to review please!!!... Sick... she is what i been waiting for.
Don Bond
Rob Drokker
Hope ya'll look forward to forced updates that take hours at any given time. It's really cool when I'm on the road and truly need it to send an essential file. But no, I HAVE to do to a 45 minute update. Even better this place I'm staying has somewhat weak internet, so the update after 2 hours has now been locked "100% complete do not turn off computer" for 2 extra hours. It's so great. There's alotta things that drive me over the edge in this world, but this has gotta be the worst. It's almost like Microsoft is trying to f**k me, anally. My desktop gives me the option to update. Why can't this? You're telling me not one person in your entire production staff didn't suggest this might be a bad idea? Are ya'll just so rich and high now ya forgot this simple feature that will once again quite literally F**K thousands of people? Ya dumb?
anoyyingg 123
Great. Another superb product that I couldn't afford :')
Liam -
This song is amazing
Adrian Vad Flaaten
When you’re trying your best to be Apple
Marisa Gain
Windows 10 product key here >>>
Finders vídeos Zap
Ginny Heider
I want XP back 😢
Vasea Chirila
This laptop is stronger than my computer!
If I could turn it into a table, I'd buy it instantly.
#pobre 🙁
Arvel Gavrilla
Song title please!
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