Introducing Microsoft Surface Laptop

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Microsoft Surface Laptop is performance made personal. Featuring the best of Windows and Office, all-day battery life, a stunning screen that responds to your touch, and a choice of four rich tone-on-tone colors, it delivers the perfect balance of portability and performance. Learn more:

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anoyyingg 123
Great. Another superb product that I couldn't afford :')
Liam -
This song is amazing
Adrian Vad Flaaten
When you’re trying your best to be Apple
Marisa Gain
Windows 10 product key here >>>
Microsoft has clearly not had enough of its dominance in the operating system market, have they? They want to be the rulers of the world.
Finders vídeos Zap
Ginny Heider
I want XP back 😢
Vasea Chirila
This laptop is stronger than my computer!
If I could turn it into a table, I'd buy it instantly.
#pobre 🙁
Arvel Gavrilla
Song title please!
Eure eigenen Laptops haben viel Power ^^
Dilsn Modenessi
That laptop sucks eggs
The Sonic Echo
It needs more ports.. like no usb c???
LGChannel TV
tan promocionando la computadora y en vez de decir algo bueno lo q veo es lo siguiente un proceso de limpiado
Matthew Darling
Too much money for 4GB of ram. And also this is just a laptop

Congrats Microsoft
Yeah IM Totally Ginger
Yeah IM Totally Ginger
audrey caulkins
YEP. That Just happened Cloud. Wheres my money? HAHAH
Renan Neto
Lower price MacBook Pro $1299
Surface Laptop lower price $999

What you want, Apple Fanboys?
Manuel Ro
Microsoft is the new Apple. Apple died and reincarnated in the form of a four squared aluminum flag.
im in love..
The mac book pro is way better
Cooper Silva
Cool laptop
Cooper Silva
Awesome music
That is the most beautiful laptop ever
A this will give Apple a run for it's money comment
The song wants me to cry
Oh boy good thing they dont have windows 10 s on this. Heh lets just click buy for 2000 dollars. What could be the worst that happened right?
Cricri Chan
Like Apple add
Emmy Burgos
Is MacBook touchscreen
Magda Adriano
i just buy when the 8GB Ram Stays by 899$
Can we get the full song?
Jacquelyn Harris
An attention-grabbing talk is worth

comment. I think that it is best to write extra on this matter, it might not be a

taboo topic however usually individuals are not enough to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers
Cool _Boy
I have Microsoft laptop and Dell laptop both are amazing one of them is for my homework and another if for everything games, music all that kind of stuff
madhav jupalli
is there an i7 processor 8gb ram version In Cobalt blue
Scott Lee Webb
Beautiful sleek design but it's running windows, the most pathetic buggy os with a useless App Store. Chrome os is less buggy higher performance and less expensive.
Shalev Lazarof
Performance made personal? For real?
Ammar Alamili
Stop ruining the laptop market
Animated gif
Microsoft SUCKS.

Literally EVERYTHING Microsoft does SUCKS.

From hardware to software. What kind of employees do Microsoft hire? Lazy people making sloppy work?
Do not buy windows base laptop because of the bit locker. Trust me you will regret it!!
Parwinder Khangura
The Microsoft is baap of all
Dante Arcenal
0:17 qr XD try scanning it
So thicker than macbook air.
Try scanning the QR code at 0:17

Thank me later ;)
Moustache Suave
I've been saving up for this laptop for about 2 weeks now. What do you guys think should I buy it? Is it worth it?
Jinoy Joshy
I have purchased this device from US and currently am in india , how can I extend warranty for this device I am literally struggling, Microsoft support is poor in india ???
Wong Tik Ki
Why it looks like a luxury car commercial? And the touch screen will be much more useful/ usable if the screen can lay flat...wish they did that.
Planet Dante
Who sang this cover
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