Introducing Microsoft Surface Laptop

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Microsoft Surface Laptop is performance made personal. Featuring the best of Windows and Office, all-day battery life, a stunning screen that responds to your touch, and a choice of four rich tone-on-tone colors, it delivers the perfect balance of portability and performance. Learn more:

Petr Uhlíř
microsoft macbook pro? nice copy job, microsoft cab even copy apple advertisment? Great job :D
Smithy of Normandy
1:14 what's with computer advertisements these days always having colourful powder explosions? Love the laptop by the way
CanCan Graphics
microsoft make a mistake again
Morris Laurent
Just get a Xiaomi laptop.
Windows 10 RT
Master Lollipop
In my country which is Malaysia

$1000 can afford u a core i7 and Nvidia 1060 for less than $800 and other equipment for $200 :v even $100 can afford me core i5 and 8gb RAM of laptop ;/ great and very noice
A laptop in 2017 that won't use the first universal port standard that finally rules them all: usb c. How innovative, this is more a potaotop..
Sale Em
Aero Chord - Surface.
Lou Cregan
This version of that song is really cool!
Jorge Arellano
Cool design but I don´t like the keyboard material.
Duy Anh Trần
the actress look like asian Miley Cyrus :V
Daniel Huynh
I feel it is not perfect like Surface 2in1. The design could be better. Still, it is quite exciting
Boris Treukhov
I remember having a not expensive Asus laptop that had 128 SSD and 6 gb ram in 2011.. It's like they've hired that famous Apple engineer.
Oso Alex
Whoa, this remake of 'Grease' looks nice.
Review Rảizzz
I love surface laptop!!
Kevin Bailey
Der verrückte Slime
Wundiws and Surface sorry Windows S isn't good
A Cat a 100% real cat, not a Dog
this is better than the macbook air lol
Arnav Gupta
oh microsoft just went high they took drugs named tim cook
ksk h
I really love this.
I love you Microsoft, but just... why?
Look, Your copying MacBook
Star Mason
Did anyone know what is the background song? Not the original one but the "one" that play in the video.
Zoya Aslam
the created a "true Laptop this time"
Zoya Aslam
I have re-watched this commercial over and over again. I don't even want the laptop, the commercial is just beautifully made, the song remix is really good, and the graphic and set up is amazing. There's probably something wrong with me but I just really like the way some commercials are made!
Ollie Saer
0:16 - looks like there's a component that's having a seizure.
It's WolfLink!
I don't understand why there's applause for this. A thousand dollars for Intel HD Graphics? Just buy a MacBook and install Bootcamp on it. Better yet, buy an affordable Gaming PC that outpaces these slow netbooks. A decent GTX 1060 rig can cost you $750.
Leonardo Da Vinci
Apple, is that you?
The best ad i have seen in my whole life
why is it so expensive and cant i just get a gaming laptop for that price
PsyShastadelic Wolf7X
Looks like a frikin MackBook. 😒
Jessica Dugger
what's the song cover called lol?
Microwave 5606
I hate the new MacBook like the only thing they added was a better keyboard witch is bigger,better screen and CPU,comes in space grey,thinner,replaced all ports with USB that can power 4 4K monitors,a new back apple logo,better speakers,changed the bezels,bigger track pad with force Touch,touch I'd,touch bar,lighter,metal hinge and much more but besides that there's nothing new
Семён Персунов
Matthias K
Again a hipster device.... Why dose Microsoft do not understand that hipster are buying Apple devices. They could youse so much potential if the built a useful and fairly priced laptop for professional use as well as a tablet which gives the opportunity for paperless work . I did not buy a surface product so far but i tested dem all, and I still won't buy one. I even had to buy a iPad Pro because it enables almost perfect handwriting as well as lightweight , good battery, nice apps like Mendeley for paper reading.... almost perfect except price and that there is no apple app for using it for serious not taking. (many companies are using still Microsoft and would love something like an iPad Pro but on windows...) Apple sold it as an artist device and this is what Microsoft should use. I think paperless work is the future but although the technique already exists there are almost no useful devices on the market. A touchscreen is only useful if you can write on it but this is not possible on the surface laptop because you can not bed the screen by 360 derg .... really sad... the design is good but you are always making stupid mistakes mikrosoft! If you don't get it to make an all in one device (obviously) make two. I am sure it would be even thinner an lighter and especially cheaper than the surface book with the benefit that the tablet battery reaches mor than one or two hours....thx
The fact that everyone is saying "4gb is stupid" makes it actually more attractive for the intended buyer. The whole idea is that it's overpriced, calling it stupid supports that idea.
They shouldn't have branded it Surface...
Nothing new here.
Now lets get rid of that gigantic windows logo in the middle and we have a winner
Luis Miguel
Pendejos hijos de su puta madre nos jaden
Zach Settewongse
Looks awesome but...... I'll wait till I know it can run Chrome before I'll buy it.
Really nice looking laptop, good job Microsoft. Please make sure it is not buggy like the Surface Book
sai dikshith
can u make Samsung note 9 vs surface laptop 2017
USB-C anyone??
Ryan Rodriguez
Although this doesn't detract any, what's with that weird expression the girl has at the end?
Instead of that i would like to see new smartphone
world info
Microsoft is not safe to software security otherwise problem with my data . Ransomwere attack 104 countries affeted to windows software security system break . why this problem
Gaven T
Microsoft if u don't stop looking like apple I will just buy apple and stop making fun of apple
The Laptop That Can Replace Your Macbook
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