Introducing Microsoft Surface Laptop

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Microsoft Surface Laptop is performance made personal. Featuring the best of Windows and Office, all-day battery life, a stunning screen that responds to your touch, and a choice of four rich tone-on-tone colors, it delivers the perfect balance of portability and performance. Learn more:

batman345 dj4
I love Microsoft😄😄😄
BBS & Pro Pizza Gamer
hey there i would like to have a xbox one do you have any damged ones it said in the video you do
who else wants to laugh with me 4 GB!! OF RAM WTF!?!? SNORED
Non-repairable. Disposable Laptop. Cool.
Sarah Mah
should have bought instead of asus
Saba Sab
Hmm, it's look like apple controlled the company's of the world.
So, Samsung copied Iphone, and now Microsoft copies Macbook and laptops Apple!!
I don't know how apple expect that curable situation..
Anyway who does want get a virus in his laptop every day..
Can't be upgraded, can't be repaired... I can't be bothered.
петя петров
"This laptop is not intended for opening or repair. It is impossible to get, without inflicting considerable damage," they concluded in iFixit. The researchers called the device a "monster filled with glue"
петя петров
According to experts, repair or even just disassemble the Laptop Surface without damaging it is impossible!!!
What is musik?
Baby Nyanners
Blaze VR
Beautiful laptop, the fabric could be troublesome over time, poor port selection (come on MS, where's the TB3) but the main kicker at least for me is that it doesn't have MacOS. Windows and beautiful laptops don't go together. I only want to use Windows on my gaming laptop, everything productivity/work related I prefer MacOS as it just looks slicker and works better for how I use it. The trackpad and gestures kill Windows. PS. Not a fanboy, I use both daily.
macbook: i am overpriced af but at least i can drive 2 5k displays at the same time while getting charged and sending data over the same cable.
surface: what is usb-c?
Roberto Marvin Reyes
What song is that? 😂
Your national help worldwide 2
love it better than the new iMac pro trailer
Alex Medeiros
Microsoft is with each video with one song better than the other. Surface phone has to be a music of overcoming, because the system has already died and resurrected so many times. : )
Oh what's this? I can hear the Apple fanboy's incoming!!!
YuMadeDis IMadeDis
The music sucks щ(゚Д゚щ)
I think, if I'll have enough Money, I'm going to buy this :D
Hammad Umar
can we play games?
Song name????
Gb Zane
no way I`ll ever choose this over MacBooks...
Gb Zane
this ad is a steal from the MacBook commercial...
David Pratt
this is so useless... no dedicated graphics card... I'll take a thicker laptop same price with a graphics card 😁
Limolincoln 4x4
can the laptop replace my MacBook air??
Pushkar Raj
how it download
Mateusz Felix
what song is that?
I perspire a lot, especially here in Southeast Asia.
Therefore, please make high-end products which do NOT use fabric or Alcantara as keyboards or casings !!!
I've to buy a personal laptop soon !!!

I don't care whether Alcantara is used in Formula One race cars or designer bags.
mahdi bc
the song get's me very time !!!
XDcristianDX YT
Is this the real Microsoft Team
What have apple and Microsoft in common?

This is how I expect every single product to be build
Hail Arriola
You better shape up, cuz i need a friend

its 2017, still friendzoned
IWishILivedInTheUSA !!!
I'm with apple all the way but Microsoft ads are top notch
Hi, I want a minor damaged Surface laptop for free if you have in your factories can you give me? Thanks
Aaron Everything
Wyatt M
I've literally lost count of how many times I've watched this video. 😂
Avery Zyphyr
God yes.
I need price its almost my birthday
have this work like the surface book n I'll buy it
Pushkar Raj
what is song name
Is the screen detachable
Oeht Tsbreh
What music is this, I want it
Danika Nelson
I want one realllllllly bad
Mr Vlogger
Cool. Laser cutting. I thought they would cut out all the felt.
Would you rather have Windows 10s or MacOS High Sierra
Can't deny that the design looks epic.
Still less expensive than the 2017 MacBook. Additionally, the Surface Laptop has more ports than the MacBook.
Mc Baumwolle
I am the only one who hears the "beep" from caps lock at 0:11 (or 0:12 ,...)?
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