Truth or Drink Engaged Couples- Solo (Rachel & Kayla)

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Mystery Wonder
Foul Lily
I love their hair
Zakia Burse
The cutest relationship I have ever seen 😚❤️
They're so relaxed, honest and open.. VERY OPEN XD
Leila Alamango
theyre so cute i love them
I clicked on this video cause I thought Skrillex was on it.
Bidi Bidi Bom Bom
If anyone is interested - Rachel's IG: inktomyelbows, Kayla's IG: tidalwavy
Death Knight
So ones a librarian from the 70s and the others shrillexs sister, good couple though
they're so cute
RoRo W
I don't knwo why but Rachel reminds me of Tatiana Maslany a little bit. I think it might be her laugh.
maisara alfawakhry
how da fuck do u have sex does she has a dick
terrance alexander
this is the cutest one
Thee Emma
Wait, you have to give speeches for your wedding?! Now I'm scared to get married
Couple goals.
Charlie Wilkinson
I bet £50 every person who asked the other a question who refused to answer a question re asked the question later on in the car on the way home, and got really curious/paranoid.
Marie Luther
They are such a cute couple. Damn, I love them
It's 2 AM
I love the way how confident they are about everything. So awesome
Giovani Anugrah Tama
can i copy this concept?
best one yet
Alex Larking
Clicked on video because I thought it was a skit with Skrillex and Bob Ross.
Yup Yup
Relationship goals
Reina Kousika
Two disgusting feminists
Messi Magic
Witch one is a boy or girl and how do girls master bate????
Alli Black
The And + alcohol lol
I'm gay, and I wish that my relationship was like this ; v ;
This is so cringy
Sir Turtle Lord
Drunk lesbians are my favourite thing on this planet.
Imma Smiler
"Can we have sex later?" hahahaha lol segue
This is what straight people think gay people look like
Ben Read
Man, proposals have REALLY changed and become less romantic ever since gay marriage was legalized
This is the third or forth time I've heard a lesbian say she liked to watch guy gay porn... I find it intriguing, are they just curious or does it turn them on?

PS- Porn Genre: Lesbian Interracial strap-on porn lol
"how often do we have sin--- sex*"
Azonic Nebula
I want this kind of relationship but like I'm straight
Sonny Moore?
Amanda Nichols
Why do lesbians confuse COMMITMENT and MARRIAGE so easily??
Rachel is cute as hell
Mad relationship goals right here. I've never wanted a relationship like this more since I watched How I Met Your Mother.
Hadi Samara
bean investigator black leadership schedule knife sweat flash servant.
Harriet O'keefe
"Can we have sex later" "yeah" "cool" same 😂
I thought this was a video of skrillex his love life
Thế Hoàng Nguyễn
Buzzfeed ain't got shit on this.
Nico Martinez
I feel like deep down they're not this chill and there's all this like what why do you not like my family bitch
I'm a straight woman....but I gotta agree w/ Kayla in her gay porn pref lmao I have no idea why I enjoy two men going at it
Adi Raicebe
I love this couple so much! 💕
Have you guys dont WatchUnCut Video yet where you post the full sessions of these? Im waiting :(
it's like they don't know each other
Rajesh Limbu
I'm sorry if ya'll think I sound arrogant, but lesbian people can't have sex. I mean 2 guys, I can understand. They can have anal. How can 2 girls have sex?
Isam hiraka
They are scary,like monsters
And nice,like sprites
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