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Idk why but women who watch gay porn are hot to me. Maybe it's out understanding from watching lesbian porn? Women who watch porn in general are hot.
Loren Pemberton
If I consent 1st LOL
Rachel kind of reminds me of Tatiana Maslany
Camila Zapata
I watch gay male porn too...
Is just so cool
Kezia Hatch
They are so cute!!
Omfgggg they were so aodrableeeeeeeeeee
ImperfectCorpse MSP
Rachel 😍
Javaughn & Tichaun
I want to play 😭
I love BDSM porn! Like tie me up and make me cum! ❤️
How are they engaged but each other's families haven't met yet?!
Rejoice Yu
Kudos for knowing something..and not letting it bother you. I don't think I can handle that :(
Matt Smith
I wanta raw dog Rachel so hard. she looks like a fun time.
Casey Thornton-Collins
aw fuck i love these guys
The black is trying to deny herself being straight so hard
This is actually good. You'll learn something more about your partner which is essential for your relationship.
Nadia Bhatti
I've heard the sitting on the face thing before but what does that even...mean, like how is their sexual pleasure from that?
Nadia Bhatti
Her sleeping and the girl having sex with Her? What?
Lily Dunstan
This is so cute!
lol, best couples ever.
Stefanelul FTW
"I'd watch it with her" goals tbh
Alex Slayer
I strive to have a relationship like this in the future, I'm so jealous );
the man the myth the legend
the pale girl would be super hot w boring, normal hair
Wolfy Poison
Just the gentle "Can we have sex later?" Almost made me choke on my spit.

Michaela Hooks
They Are so calm
Is this the Rachel who has a twin from a previous truth or drink?
Angie J
2:15 "I think it's just called strap-on." That guy has seen some porn, that most men don't watch. Lol
And it's the twin,
Eliza Matrix
okay you can't tell me that Rachel doesn't remind you of the Orphan Black clones.
Kitty Alana
I want love like this please
Maya Papaya
I want my proposal to be that chill
"i enjoy sitting on ur face" sis me too
Ivan Langi
She looks like Orphan Black right? I'm not the only one that thinks that
Foxy FromTheNorth
Gosh they are awesome and cute together! <3 -
Summer Baby
Congratulations to the both of them. They're so cute together. Super comfortable with each other.
So cute
Kiah Kirkwood
Ayushi Gandhi
Rachel is sooooo much like Tatiana maslany and a mixture of all the clones from Orphan black!!!!
Ally R
It's refreshing to see how honest they are and they are not embarrassed at all!
I love them! They are so freaking cute.
Dirt Noodle
I love this couple lmao
Juana VG
They are so cute oml💕
I can't be the only one that thinks Rachel is hot af
Marcin P
"What was on your mind last time we were having sex?"
"-...Bangarang! Take me under!"
Caitlin Crowley
I love how they're so open to each other.
Lol I would never be able to do this i guess im asexual and these are like all sexual questions
Emma Wong
cutest couple ive ever seen
Leah H
Holy shit they're adorable as fuck <3
B H-0
"I enjoy sitting on your face." lol wut
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