US, South Korea stage military drill amid tensions with North

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US and South Korean troops launch Exercise Max Thunder, the second largest annual military flying exercise held on the Korean Peninsula -- it comes amid soaring tensions with North Korea over its nuclear ambitions.

Loydie Mason
we can have all the drill's we want..
Tonman57 Tonman57
Lets take him out now
X F100
jets so fast they time travel
SIC in the head
Thursday April 20th **
Joe Adkinson
The F-15 Strike Eagle is so badassed
john cole
What's the point in having all these toys and not been able to play with them we all know Trump's a big baby so guess there's going to be a lot of broken toy's
Yawanah Banyamyan Qadash2
Wicket T
false flag incoming.
its only the 20th. somethings off here
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