What girls think about skinny guys?

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What girls think about skinny guys?

Keep watching as Kama TV has hit the streets with Annabel Pugh to find out the real answers from real women! Some answers are shockingly interesting!

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Fupa love.
PC Gaming & Sports
First girl was most attractive
Damn y'all still making these feminist blue pill shit videos?
Samantha Nguyen
What do I think about skinny guys? Nothing, they're just guys why should it matter that much?
I think when girls say that they like skinny guys, they meant lean fit skinny not bony skinny
Tom bryan
Most of these girls need to work on themselves, they are out of shape and fugly
Girl @1:58 says she is skinny lol Lady you're at least 165lbs
Mauricio Malaver
''Skinny guys can't protect me'' Why those dumb bitches keep telling this shit. This is not a stone age anymore. You don't need to look like Schwarzenegger to protect a girl. You just need one of these things: brain, balls or money. You can lift 1000 kilos on bench but if you don't have one of these 3 you can't protect anyone...
I wonder these asian girls hate skinny guys and they moans so bad even with skinny guys 3"
ben franklin
Sir Charizard
Fook Connels hierarchy
Brent Irwin
Just bc a guy as skinni dosen't mean he can't protect u camon girls
Zain Khan
All these PUA or dating channels trying to make men slave to women and encourage men to get their dick trapped in whore pussies. Lots of men learn to avoid women and not interested in dating or relationships or even marriages. There is nothing for man in marriages
Danail Marinov
Heightism and skinnyism (and some fatism) at their worst! Who says only women have body image issues? Who says there are no expectations towards how guys are supposed to look? Women keep complaining about some guys not liking their figure but they eventually get together with a guy who adores their outer image. On the other hand fat, skinny and/or short guys are shunned by tons of women and made feel ashamed of their bodies. Heck, even guys make fun of other dudes for their figures. I've experienced it myself.
The problem is, you're asking young city people. If you asked upscale older women, you would have different opinions.
Ben Korsunsky
Hotter chicks like thin dudes
rikudou sennin
Hahaha fuck you i was skinny i watched this shit went to the gym for 1 year and now I'm a monster
Dang... I guess I need to buy a gun. That's protective right?
Points gun at head
Jordan Medina
Theres skinny navy seals but they cant protect you? Im confused.🤔
Woka Floka
why do we make so many excuses for women I don't understand like if a guy is out of shape and can't get a girl everyone says well dude get off your ads and get your shit together if a woman is fat everyone just says its the guys fault for not being attracted 2 fat its in my DNA I was so in love for 4 years and that's when she blew up I tried to make myself ok with it for 6 more years and everyone hates me I slept with something that freaked me out for 6 more years that's how mutch I felt bad I watched fat girl porn I went to and got hypnotized nothing worked I just can't sleep with big girls I allways think about that slimy fat guy in starwars
Woka Floka
I'm 6.2 158lbs that's why I got all that ass in collage and dumb women skinny dudes can fight go watch nate and nick whoop some ass
What a bunch of fucking retards - i mean i'm skinny too and still stronger than my body should be
pumped Nation
I'm skinny and taking MMA class
I'm like Christian bale from the machinist...
vipeer 28
What girls want in a guy: BIG DICK AND LOTS OF MONEY
Aye 😂
Ask if they like double Chinn guys lol
Lol they don't want a guy more into himself than her, but she can spend 2-3 hours in front of the mirror painting her face on everyday and he should be cool with it.
Sermonia Games
Maybe they misheard her and thought she said 'Skinny wallet guys'?
Man is that guy who's wearing the striped shirt talking to the dyke on the left of frame at 3:27 a fag or what?
There is a high percentage of decent looking women appearing in and walking by in this video, the unsightly blue haired fat chick at 2:09 is a good example of the offerings we have here today in the US. Also everyone of those Asian girls was doable..
Vincent Van de Perre
watched 3 videos from this channel well i'm shy, short, small so i'm totally fucked hahaha
Kobe's #1 Fan
Fuckin Chinks want a nigga like Bruce Lee
anaz fan
2k skinny guys disliked this video Dx
giri aprian
Can i fuck that girl 4:08?
Angel Martinez
Bruh, I'm short (5'6) and skinny (114 pounds) and could protect a woman just as much as my 6'2, 165 pound older brother could 😐
Gossip Heart
I want this, I want that, I don't want this.
What the fuck do women want ??
Ravi Ashwin
What girls do when they are alone?? This is my question make a video on it. Thanks.
Veer Trivedi
"If he's skinny that who will protect me" bitches then stop blaberring about feminisms when you accept that you need a guy to protect you.
How old is Annabel? If she's single I'd love to take her out on a fun date. Maybe go salsa or ball room dancing? She has the perfect figure. So elegant.
Jack Leo
Nowadays a lot people consider you skinny if you're buff, overweight, or have a fat ass.
Sir lolallot
Im a "strong independent woman"
but i need a man to protect me..
Get the fok out of here.
Cde Nyimz
fuck all these hos..they ugly as fuck
i hit bombs
2:58 is 🔥🔥 .she look latina, just my type 😍
Test Calibre
I'd fuck that girl in the thumnail
Michael Coogan
Honestly think girls are watching to much TV ... most guys hit the gym couldn't run a mile ... but fill themselves full of steroids... but that's ok for girls as long as he looks good 😂 no Matter if he looks good ... if he spends more time in front of a mirror and taking longer than you getting ready .... that's just a woman stuck in a man's body .. the problem is self-image!! it's everything to people these days ..... what about just finding a nice guy ... goes out and work's ... treats you right and makes you laugh ?
Adam Withrow
Stupid stuck up women. Only get with women who wear natural rocks. The hold the secrets to real love ❤️
Adrian Gonzalez
What kind of abusement have these women been in......im 6'1" and weigh 160 and i can fuck shit up i dont know what there talking about
nouredine azizi
money is all they want
Ardhi Utama
Skinny guy can't protect you? Lol.. Well, i can knocking out bigger guy than me. Just saying.... And also, skinny guy can move quicker than "bigger guy"..

#Btw I'm not skinny tho,, but don't have those kind of "muscles" 😂
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