What girls think about skinny guys?

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What girls think about skinny guys?

Keep watching as Kama TV has hit the streets with Annabel Pugh to find out the real answers from real women! Some answers are shockingly interesting!

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Anthony 911
females like guys who work out and take care of their body. hmmm. Some of these females don't really work out as much. How to get a female. step 1 make money. step 2 make money....
Anthony 911
real question: Do females like guys with no money???
Auch..but i dont think it matters that much, as long as you have value to the girl its ok. Its just a part of you that would be attractive. Unless you look really skinny in the sense it looks unhealthy. Its also dissapointed to see these women act so shallow and entitled, i bet if if hes skinny and has money she will be interested. Also they arent even that hot. Dont worry so much about it
Guys get high and freestyle hilarious check out their collection #blunttalk https://youtu.be/LPb6UqEke_w
Bit stereotypical Asian girls just cause skinny guys are “skinny” doesn’t mean there not strong I’m pretty fricken skinny but I’m one of the strongest within My friends and there twice my size
Angel Galarza
These girls are fucking ugly
Dat Nguyen
Yeah girls like muscular guys because they can protect them, BECAUSE we know girls can't protect there self because they are too WEAK
Alfonzo Aguilar
bruce lee was a strong skinny guy and still kick your ass lol
Stino Stamos
As long as your wallet's not skinny, you're golden.
i love skinny boys fuck this stupid ass video im out
aziz alali
How skinny we talking here?
Skinny are strong and always have bigger penis, that's the secret.
Hermes Chen
why need protection??just perplex
Orgil Batulzii
Women say they don't care about looks and they care about personality but in reality they care about looks more than men. That's based on my experience.
honestly i’m really attracted to skinny guys like they are my favorite thing in the world
I don't like skinny guys😕👎
Nordstrom Eddlestein
I know a few girls who almost exclusively date guys who are really small (like 110-130 pounds). Even when they’re taller than they are, they usually weigh less. Maybe it’s a dominance thing.
Zack Gilbert
😂😂😂 I guess no one ever watched UFC lol. but let's be real...90% of the women they interviewed are not attractive so...point made
Eazy_Lifeb TV
Yo I hate that fucking accents.
Nina Uchiha
Protect your own self bitches I fucking love skinny guys btw
itz xRitzyOG ,
Haha chicks like skinny guys with big dicks
anime quirks
What?! I love skinny guys! I Hate too much muscles on them. Even a lil too much fat on men makes me wanna puke. Be very LEANLY muscular. Thats attractive. Women need the fat on their boobs and butts. Men dont need cellulite on their ass. Its disgusting.
maymaedi dian
im skinny but it does'nt mean that i can't gain a weight bec. im skinny,i can gain weight by going into the gym
I always preferred skinny guys, I mean no fat no muscle skinny, if a guy is jacked, it's a huge turn off to me.
Leo Ramirez
Who's that girl that is doing the interview
Jon Haberski
Stupidest video..
i SkyWalKing
Hey you Asian bitches. Take your own advice you fucking cunts. You are the skinniest of them all and you have absolutely no ASS or tits. Fuck out of here....
Johnathan Roan
Too many girls are too comfortable being weak and helpless. This is why men seeing women as sexual prey won’t end any time soon.
Geoffrey W
I prefer the term lean and mean as opposed to skinny and anyway, you will be hard pressed to find a skinny guy in the true sense of the word when nearly 50% of the UK male population are either overweight or obese.
Matt B
Girls don't like skinny guys unless they have muscle definition, if you're a stick it is gtfo. LOL
Brian Waller
2:55 nice tits
chris ashton
I love you Anna!!!
Bertan Kama
Soyadimdan tv varmış Kama :D
Nicolas Holmes
stupid answer for most of girls... power of a person isn't measure in the muscles where this girls growing up?
Obey the Shark
Damn guess I gotta hit the gym
Isosori Harrison
Yoooo sometimes we skinny guys can’t get muscles as easy. >_>
warning: lots of skinny mens triggered above and below this message. you have been warned.
guys will be attracted to female mesomorphs and females will be attracted to male mesomorphs sorry guys but we are biologically wired that way. Honestly us guys need to stop feeling entitled to expect every hot girl to like us and then bitch if we are told they arent attracted to us..if you are skinny or fat it dont matter hit the gym, make gains, and get laid.
Timothy Speicher
OMG yes women are shamefully materialistic and vein
I bodybuild to get more stronger not to look sexy for any human eyes.. in that case its also a benefit for most womens eyes
Moses Khan
so the one lesson to learn is, if she east asian don't even bother skinny men and also when they say skinny they mean skin to bone skinny i.e actor Jay Baruchel skinny, Big Bang Theory's Stuart skinny not Bruce Lee skinny that is still 8 percent body fat.
Felipe Romero
If you ask for a muscle man because skinny guys are "unhealthy", you have to see yourself and see if you are not "unhealthy" too. I'm just saying. It's funny to see girls who don't like skinny guys, but they are worst.
Yousif Perchim
I've seen men 150lbs knock out 200lbs easily because they were trained and knew what they were doing ... only size matters is your dick and trust me YOU AIN'T USING YOUR DICK IN A FIGHT !!! LOL
3:45 just wanted them to start making out!
Set String
Basically girls want guys to protect them , take a bullet for them, jump off a cliff for them !!!
Sreeram Reddy
Guy must earn money(lot of pressure), manage money(lot of pressure), guy must protect girl and kids(bodyguard or what), guy must go out and do job/business(lot pressure & you have to obey your boss even if your boss is wrong, work can be tiring sometimes ), guy must take care of rent, bills etc... and what girl has to do is easy things like cooking(no pressure), laundry(no pressure), take care of kids(this one might be tough but only few years, later they will be grownup). !!!!!! Screwed up world!
Sreeram Reddy
Some girls are stupid, to think that only muscles & heavy body can protect is stupidity. What if a person comes with a gun in hand and your guy does not have any weapon but has muscles and strong body ?
Sreeram Reddy
Why must a guy protect the girl and not girl protect guy ? Equality. If guy needs to protect girl is a responsibility then girl needs to protect guy is a responsibility too.
Keshan Mootoo
Why the Chinese girl them talking that skinny guy can't protect a girl lol I can protect my girl don't care a big and bad any boy is to be honest
Ang Sze Young
Those Chinese girls are fat & less authenticity that's why no muscular guys will like them. True love comes from inward appearances & chemistry.
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