Moon Moon
Goddamn .... girls just stand there flaunting their cleavage choosing between skinny and masculine, thinking they have a fkin golden pussy, masculine guys put work in the gym and effort and shit ton of time, wtf regular girls like these do?
Another thing... Muscular = protection? dafuq? skinny = weak? dafuq? what the fuk is nate diaz then, pssh feel protected, I bet someones hunting them with an ak-47 24/7 so they need some masculine protection.
Ravi Sharma official
guys do like , share and subscribe please
Yugen TV
skinny is nice but not security for girls...imagine how a guy save his girlfriend if two huge bodybuilders try to rape her?
M Spencer
Fucking asians. Dude stope picking, you're fucking flat chested!! Stop picking buff guys will never get you!!!
theo huitema
skinny guys cant give you the feeling of protection ? put on that boxing gloves and get ur ass in the ring for a round of protection, like wtf one thing i have learned by now SIZE DOES NOT MATTER when it comes to protection you need to grow a pair and do what you have to do
mike 616529
I have the perfect body not fat or too skinny
gassed about her boyfriend
Rafael Cortez
a lot of butthurt skinny guys.
you guys complain more than my pretend wife lol
whois wat
answer? which ? that different girls like different types ? well thanks i never knew.
there's a difference between skinny " Sheldon Cooper" and athletic "Casey Neistat" and muscular "john cena" and just fat/overweight not even counting obese
mdivane ndlovu
im thin but i cant remember ever having trouble getting a girl.
Dr , Mahmoud Albardawil
I am skinny man but believe me girls I can protect you 🤷🏻‍♂️🙆‍♂️
Turner D Century
I wanna feel protected too. I want a woman who's bigger than me.
The Car Guy
2:46 Best!
Alev Orgiy
if you want a protection - go buy a gun, knife, shocker or anything else.
Jon Snow
It's all about the face. You can be skinny or big and girls will like you as long as you have a good face.

Emmanuel Scrive
Too bad for the bags of bones out there!
Wasser ist sehr Gesund
This video is good, now i will start to go to the gym !
Way too many picky women nowadays and the world is becoming a very lonely place because of their shitty standards. Here is the truth from what I saw in this video more than the half the women in this video just look o.k. They are not GORGEOUS or heart palpitating beautiful. I don't think there has ever been a time period then now where women have this overly entitled attitude. Ladies get over yourselves you are not that great.
Fresh Prince
I'm short and skinny :(
allen mathew
the irony is that none of them are in shape...
2:55 is one boob bigger than the other?
Rambang_PRABUMULIH Indonesia
Dari mereka yang suka perkosa bumi dan mereka di gubuk gila serta rumah sakit korban pria
Gabriel Eddy
What guys think about fat girls.... 😂
Baba Toon
my Dicks standing every day u fuking bitches come sit on it an rub it
What do they mean by Skinny?..Are they talking about wiry like Steph Curry?..Or borderline anorexic like Jesse Eisenberg?...Skinny can mean a lot of things.
i heard mcdonalds stocks went up soon after this video uploaded
Sanjay Kumar
why asians want kungfu maaster
agassi joel
fuck u skinny Chinese face girl cunts u hate skinny guys huh ??? look at u u r like sticks
But Snoop Dogg gets all the puh.
women prefer fat wallet dudes
"Skinny guys can't protect me" bwaaaaahahaha please learn how strength works.
Fuckin asian girls want a non skinny guy but they dont even have any assets themselves. No ass, no tits, nothing to offer but take your money lmao..
Shaggy The king
Omari H. Benoit
Well there goes my confidence lol
SUPER GIRL***** ++++++++++++++++
As long as you have money you don't have to worry wait I mean you do have to worry...

gold diggers
Skinny guys have the fattest dicks ...I'm one of them ...
3:00 the girls bubs is not even
Thrice Orphaned Dumpster Baby
2:01 lol what?
A grill Just a grill
A wise man once said : The difference between a woman and a man is....................
Man can fuck things up
on the other hand
Women are already fucked up.
100 subs Without vid
This is stupid
Platium King
asking about skinny lets talk about how most of these women in the interview are pale look like fucking vampire's we should ask do guys like albino women
Labyirnth II
depends what you mean by skinny. if it's rake thin, bones
theoffgridMGTOWshow hermit
I would rather just roll a dress up into a ball and cuddle it to sleep. less problems that way.
Dany Boy
well.....guess who's going to the gym
Purrrito Cat
Why is everyone so butt hurt? Jeez :/
2:55 The only reason why you clicked on this video.
Protect you from what, do you owe ppl money?
Jonathan Jimenez
Nice video. Cause i like the girl who said i dont care as long as he makes me laugh and i am a clown... ok no. I am just funny.. think :d
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