J2XG inc
niggas got both seatbelts on
J2XG inc
old was better
l ᴏᴍɢɪᴛsᴄᴀᴍ l
On GTA it cost about $1.5M
Sean Carter
I got to get rich. Fast.
South King
This would make a perfect speed boat
Nirbhay Thacker
Oh don't worry about the negatives of the car, you won't be able to afford it anyway.
Jon Murdock
It looks horrible
Its nice, but is it 17 times better than a mustang?
Jaxx Brat
Not my fav GT
Asa Rayburn
Doug stop talking about this spiced up f150 piece of Ford crap that is going to break the 5th time you gun it. (Like the last one did on top gear) Get back to reviewing quality cars and talking well about them. $500,000 hahahahahhahahahahhahahahhhahahahhzhahhahaha my goodness how dumb are we America
Carl Hs
I love dreaming that I could afford that , living on $.1200 a month after RX $400 4 food
McSwaggerLord 569
I want it
Chad Smith
I'm not impressed for some reason
Moe Moe
damn this car look cheap
how many schmeckles is this worth
A 6 cylinder? Let me know when they spend some money on a real engine.
Mary Machiniak
Mark Hunter
Another great review! 2 things, i wish all cars had a steering wheel like that, and it is good to know if i race down the old Mulsanne straight i could use the cruise control!
I'm sorry, but this is shit that was done in 2008. Ford still is terrible. This car was a bigger let down than No Mans Sky.
kevin martin
Inflation and Greed.
Carlos Reyes
Why does this car look like a toy
Welcome the $800 oil change club.
Fausto Gutierrez
No no tecas vs justin bieber vs fausto.. Winner justin bieber.
Uzi Bold
The fmj😂
Dr Drooky
Those seatbelt looked as if you were tied to the seat
charles miro
Did Ford pay to say all those compliments lol
TheNumber One
This car is full of holes
big dog
how about you get a good camera
Luid Villegas
copy a scion tc 08 look it up alike so far
Kyle Currier
Its crap when compared to proper muscle cars like the dodge daemon. The body style and fake carbon fiber on the steering wheel do not justify 500,000, nor a $500million venture (at 1000 made) by Ford.... But this is ford, so what do you expect?... Honestly now. If you think mustangs get made fun of a lot, wait till a "real" car guy sees some tool driving one of these piles of crap.
TwistedFist YT
My dream car ੯ू•ू ໒꒱
Harvey Nelson
Useless crap
Davin Yeaman
I live in Tooele that at Deseret peak
This thing lookin like a mclaren but better
Privileged White Male
Prius is better.
Clorox Bleach
Nice to know the door locks are the same on a Ford Explorer
Kendall Jackson
Would rather have a mclaren 720s or 675lt, and an sclass for that price
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it has so many stuff that you could say they suck like in your other videos where you don't get paid to advertise the car... looks you got paid a good amount from ford
Dan Curry
Why are you not shifting a car like this?
what a green screen
John Tanner
This is looks better than the old model for me
This car has a beautiful body and just $500,000 🤤
Carlos Pacheco
Ni obama tiene este carro
do you get paid to talk good things?
I think this is Doug's only video with a decent backdrop lol
Just imagine how much an 8 cylinder would cost!
Hero Number Two
I have one!

Just a toy 😄
Holy cow it's ugly!
George Preston
You're so annoying and your nose shadows your upper lip like a hitter moustache.
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