Celeste Castaneda
Are they watching mommy dearest in the background lol
Wannie101 !!
woman touches his belly

the kate show
I love dom💜
SunShi Autumn
i can't wait until that one vlog where dom gets an STD ._.
Tristan Querard
Tristan Querard
I'm 14 if I was there and don said that I would've been like let's go bitch
Sarah Dyer
Can we talk about how intimately David touched Scotty @ 3:48
Katelyn Richardson
Scottie needs to be in more vlogs; he's the best. Love him!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Mallory Kat
My fav song came after this! <3
Karmen Love
why do ppl hate scott, he's so cute
Micaela Vigil
How is Heath single?!?!?
3:48 Mommie dearest is on the T.V
happy fun fake
You guys were watching mommy dearest???!?!?
Regina J.
Heath is me when I'm having a mental breakdown
Nina Settle
Hello you pervert
Pauline Contact
am I the only one who thinks Dom is lowkey cute 😂😂
Marcela Tinajero
I love Scotty and Heath so muchhhh
Simply Maddy
Wth is the last part w Jason 😂😂
Alex Jordan
Scott is cute and Todd is hot
Delaney Wildermuth
I would be really good friends with the blonde at 1:06
magenta_ ink
Big nik inside and out !!!!! 😂
aliens for life
I wish I went I could got to vidcon but my parents will find out what I watch
Amelia Clement
I bet no one can out smoke me - dom 😂
Alex is literally the BEST in these vlogs.
Stay Queening
I swear the girl in the white hat is the only reason why I keep watching this vlog
Sky G
The only roast that could ever hurt anyone is.. how does it feel to look like big nick
Bethany O
13 year old girls wanting Alex to take his shirt off.. kind of sad.
Alleged Lee
Awww Scotty at the end i love him😭😭❤️
Alondra Gonzalez
Fuck bignik it's innik 😂😂👏🏻
Shirley Clemons
@david dobrik he loves your videos so much it would mean the world to him if u surprises him tomorrow on his birthday ps.bring lizza
Chloe Lemons
Hahaha the ends have the good stuff haha
I don't know why but in some weird way Alex reminds me of Bo Burnham...
does anyone else notice how david will occasionally look at scotty as if they are dating and scotty does the same lol
Kelsey Allwood
i like you chanel but don't f**k with god
Kawaii Dog
Even injections wouldn't help your lips
Oh my god 😂
Captian Crazy82
a burn for corrina "Is it weird that the amount of dicks you eat are smaller than your lip injections"
Have little bags of water
Aidee Carvente
what's funny is when Corina was doing the bottle flip you can see that there's a lots of water bottles on the ground and you can tell that they tried a lot of times
Jasmine Vancampen
"If your under the age of 18, cover your eyes!" everyone covers their eyes "those are all my viewers" 😂😂
ella and kristal
I thought that it was just going to be dom after he'd just smoked something and bottle flipped
Jelly Belly
Dom is hot af 😭
Red Demon
Dom is a fucking genius!!!
Layla Shihada
And suddenly Trump
Layla Shihada
Random Question but why would you make fun of the person who did what many or few could not. with the bottle flips
Gaming Queen96
Come on. Big nick you are not funny. Stop with the gross dick jokes.
Hannah the Rainbow unicorn
David are you going to vidcon plz answer
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