Mimi Lau-Webb
When your watching TV and thinking about the fact you have no balloons 🎈 🤣
Károly Király
it's not even cool it's mostly dumb
Zevon Robertson
3:52 that is pointless, can you not just pour it in?
fancy K
Epic fail on 7:45
Denka Russak
7,9 million people klicked this video because of the fidget spinner. But this one is the borest!
А ты арбуз тот съел потом????
Ivarr Brawler
Putting a false fidget spinner trick just for the thumbnail in order to take an additional bunch of thousand views = fucking genius. Lmao xD
Ethan Bell
I liked it until the stressball idea came up twice. Very disappointed at unoriginality
Woof Woof
Thumbnail looks like a hybrid cross between a condom and a fidget spinner and you put your dick in that lil tube and spin it
Robert Thao
Time to go to sleep. Watching too much shit on youtube.
Baby luna kawaii
5:16 fantastic!!!!
last one ruined all the others
snivyrocks 101
Rip fidget spinner it was used to make a shit mouse and pour your drink dont make a shit machine ffs
Jerking tv
Jamie Lawrence
I've never thumbs downed a video on YouTube, until today.
Cyborg Skull5
I love spidget finners
Jake Paul
why does the thumbnail look like fidget spinner has a boner
Yusuf Aydın
09:10 Emine Erdoğan
DT Wilson
Is anybody else tired of these fucking fidget spinners? ):O
3:51 the backwash system 👌
Rustii :D
Is it just me or for a second from the thumbnail it was a fidget Spinner inside a condom
Pedro Aguirre
last one was pretty gayy
Kenneth Webber
never mind
Kenneth Webber
was that a condom in the thumbnail
ya when you actually try them it doesnt work :P
Было на русском
Is he okay?
But what happeneds when you dont have ballons at home ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Asif Khan
How much time this guy has!!!
Bungles The Cat
Anyone with tripaphobia be where
Ciprian Cipi
The last one is horrible
Seven Evans
Cosima Creative
the last one of the fidget spinner doesn't make sense at all😂Wh8 needs a beautiful mouse?😂😂
Teodor Scurtu
name name
sitt video, panin dislike.
BMX Fails
BMX Fails
I can't see straight
hentai neko
Killing people in style
hentai neko
Faggot spinners
Emilio Rodurguez
Hold up tf I understand the pop but how tf u loose a jelly top like how u must be dumb
Ian Halabi
0:58 I can do this trick so my friends think I'm a air bender.
Ezio Auditore
3:49 I think its easier to just pour the drink
Ramiro Camarena
This guy is so wierd!!!
Dinah Taylor
The one with colgate that a waste of toothpaste
Allie Kat
The thumbnail has a condom on the.. I'm not going to say it 😥
Tobias wildenhoff
I hate mice
That last one was really dumb
the music is horrible. fun stuff tho
Adam V
Desperate for that fidget spinner content.
Undertale Chara
autistic screeching THAT THUMNAIL THO
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