John Murbann
Philip Marasigan
Look the amount of Mayweather's body guard, compare to McGregor HAHAHAAH
Raul Castillo
Anyone know where Mcgregor buys his gum?
Carlos Alvarez
"Your 40 years of age, dress your fucking age" 😂😂😂
Real Fighter
You cant even read.
luis linhares
its not toronto flag u fag, its a canadian flag u stupid 2. 02 33 26 agust u gonna fall
Anwarul Huq
Dana don't do this please. Just bring Bruce and let him do his job
I see them exchanging their saliva
They are bondin😍🎂🎂
Khristian James Calderon
Floyd: "You fucking Egypt"
Jason X
1:49:56 dance for me boy!!!!!! Fuck yes
1:43:17 nobody wants to hear that fake professionalism bullshit. Talk like a human being that has their own mind
Reinhard Wagner
this drake fellow, he said 'nigger' 4+ times in his song. He was appointed by mayweather promotions. How come when McGregor said ''dance for me boy'' so many black people are offended, especially flloyd...but appointing someone who says nigger , that is all cool ?
Zain Ahmed
The press conferences is the only thing connors winning floyds gonna embarrass him in the ring
nick sev1
Conor is the goat of promotion
Kishan Dobb
I can't wait till I start fuking O.R.P KISHAN 💙
chriddo evolüschio
Song at 02:07:00 ?
James Clayton
What's the last thing McGregor says? I can't understand it.
Ace Carter
I bet if I were to glue some macaroni to my nostrils, I would look like leanord ellerbie!
Why did Floyd call Conor ''fucking Egypt?
Crazy Joker
Wow 😂
dwight thompson
Letès see how well Floyd hides behind his shoulder against a southpaw
seriously the flabbiest juice heads iv ever seen lol what a joke,what kind of steroids do you americans have ? in europe steroids make you like john cena
boxing is for people who cant really fight
Ningkhan Honest
This Fight will be the fall of Mayweather. No One is Super Human. Trust me.
Have Fun
Due to the talk of McGregor he surely have influence most of the boxing fan to UFC
edgar castro
1:47:00 is what you're here for! FOOK DA MAYWEDAS
Sam Stark
1:47:16 is my favourite part!
egg nutt288
When Floyd Was 28 He Was In Oscar De La Hoya's Undercard!😂😂😂 BOOOM!!!
Fook You
Conor Mcgregor will teach floyd about true fighting in Aug 26
lol Floyd is odds 1.11 to win, there's no chance mcgregor will do anything in the ring
gary martin
I think Floyd myweather win this fight August 26th 👌
Mad Man
Thick motherfuckers wearing the Canada flag.
Conor tore Mayweather a new asshole #savageaf
Am a conor fan but floyd did pretty well for the hostile environment !! RESPECT!!
Steven Tercha
did anyone see that African american guy in the back ground smiling his ass off the whole entire press conference ?
Justin Flowers
"Money isn't everything... It's the only thing."
In a set of one item, that one item is both the only thing and everything. I bet on Conor simply because he's probably better at combinatorics. Statements like Mayweather's sound powerful, but mean jack shit when you apply a goddamn ounce of brain power.
Haithem Mohd
1:57:43 watch out rinaldo
Dress your age, your 40 years old, for fucks sake. Gem.
That mic was shitting it.
1:51:38 that woman has no fucking face. what the fuck
rafael diaz
i'm looking for Mcgregor to get confused and frustrated and throw a kick. LOL
rafael diaz
I know it's all a show to bring in the money. That's why I never pay a dime to watch a boxing match !
rafael diaz
Too much cockiness from Mcgregor I hate that cocky F-ing walk !!
Federico Eiriz
2:16:51 - 2:19:10 That's some iconic dialogue
Panda Hazard
Anyone else notice that bitch ass Floyd wears his hat low as fuck past his eyebrows
Top 10 Plus
50-0 sorry but a bus driver can't beat a formulae one racer just because they both drive. #I3DcBO2-P1k jhdfyuk
Cherry Buster 69
This video is unacceptable. Reported for rape.
People love to hate a confident (or cocky) black man.....especially a rich one...But it's just fine when the non black guy is even more cocky
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