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Giant Dubble Bubble Gumball Machine with Bubble Gum Challenge from Ryan ToysReview! Ryan magically transform a small gumball machine to a giant candy dispenser ! Ryan and daddy tried the candy challenge to see how many bubble gums they can dispense in one minute! Another Bubble Gum Challenge is to see how can collect the most 3 green bubble gum first! Great ways for kids to learn colors and have fun eating yummy candy! Then Ryan and Daddy tried the Giant Jaw Beaker and smash it open to see what's inside! Ryan's family also tried the super gross extreme sour Cry Baby Candy!  It was so sour, Ryan's dad became a Cry Baby Daddy! Thanks for joining us on this fun toy unboxing and candy review video! 

World's Largest Gummy Candy Challenge and Fun with Food and Candy Challenge and Candy Review playlist

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