Fails & Dumbass Moments in MMA

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Fails & Dumbass Moments in MMA. Funny and awkward moments in mma.
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Andy Kelly
Who was the winning fighter at 0:50? I forget his name.
1:52 that awkward moment when someone walks into the room and thinks you are watching gay porn
ilija cvjetkovic
2:40 he is like if I make myself big maybe he will run away ....2:50 oh shit didn't work Play dead
ilija cvjetkovic
0:49 he is like Dude that wasn't a deal deal was I hit you you stay down I win ?!?!?!
federico bode
Muy bueno todo ok6
Noah Hurley-Abelew
So, 2 of these were good.
Rofedex xxx
song 3:35 ?
3:11 he did that because the other dude cheated, he kept getting poked in the eye and ending up winning because of the pain but the ref gave the win to the cheater so..
RC 83
Ref goes in to beast mode after the sucker punch
Nope Exotic
Like u can see that the dudes wearing clothing
Franna Gerryts
love the intro
themasterpro gameplays
haha i like si much. 1:25
Bryan frye
Anderson was like "Well won't do that again!"
great clickbait faggot
Unicorn Bunny
clickbait CUNT
The best moment in this video is that last clip. Dog is awesome.
Please tell me the idiot with the cross at the end got his ass beat?
Maicon de oliveira Maicon
vcs russo sao pequenos e inutil.bando de merda
MidWest PartyFest
anderson silvas is the biggest dumbass one.. but what do you expect from a cocky nig who thinks hes god?
1:27 that was just smart as fuck not a fail, unless you mean that the opponent failed when he fell for it lol.
David Lopes
at 03:58 STOP kidding ! Anderson "The Spider" Silva is saying kind of:" I must loose this fight... ( all sports that involve lot's of money ) Isn't about the best athletes...
Bradley Robinson
1:29 looked one powerful punch but isnt that cheating or something
Chris Br
The last one, obviously, is fighting against a vampire!
Ed Lucertola
1:50 I like him so much.
King Kami
Who was the blonde in the speedo?
Канжар Камчыбеков
кот екен
Mr. Vinny
garageband beat xD
Francisco Chardon
Back in Roman time or Greek, ufc was nude with white power all over the there body's, it funny the guy in speedo 😄
Steven Pawley
ha l
Humberto P
why did the guys at 1:13 lose?
Zachary Pridemore
There is absolutely nothing wrong with that second clip of sean sherk's takedown attempt. Thats how alot of takedown defense look and the fact that he could chase the guy with a wrestling shot that long amazes me.
kawika dav
Lame video.
Don Howie
4:13 NICE! Finally, that cocky Brazilian SOB got his comeuppance.
Marcia Vieira
Alguém sabe me dizer o nome do lutador do 5:41 com asas tatuadas nas costas?
Desde já, agradeço!
Jeovanny jared Rivadeneyra garcia
soy bany wooo
Mega Ears
1:56 the blows goes well with the music
rico suave
That spinning back fist shit only works if you have all 7 dragonballs up your ass when you do it.
Moto Club Papao do norte
roses are red violets are blue I came for the thumbnail and so did you
Backflip Gaming
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I fell for the thumbnail
And so did you
The funniest was anderson silva he my nigga but he lil too cocky
ja andre
Okay ? All I see is blood ! I am hoping they all have been tested.
Abraham It's Me
So u call it fail or dumbass when the fighter walk to the ring with a cross in his right hand??
There was so much blood in the ring.
You really need to get someone to commentate on your videos.
Pavel Šmíd
name of music?
anthon zaraspe
Timmy Turner ?!
Gotta love the Silva one. From living legend, to living bum.
Fuckin Anderson Silva
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