Middle School You VS High School You

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This video is comparing your middle school self vs your high school self! Comment down below what your favorite scene was!

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Hiiii! My name is Mia Stammer and I do comedy and lifestyle videos! Things like DIY, Life hacks, apartment tours, expectations vs reality, and girls in real life!
This video is Middle school you vs high school you!

Maryjane Maturino
I subscribed and liked to all of your vidioes
Lia S
Alisha as the boy was so funny
Kya Clark
You spelt detention wrong you spelt detention as dentition🙄
Milah Davidson
Ha I’m in middle school and I picked the same blue backpack she did as a middle schooler😂😂
Supa Soprano
Why the hell did you act like a 4 year old in middle school. Middle schoolers are more mature than that. Fucking hell.
MySlipknot Please
When you shop and don't check the price...
MySlipknot Please
When they yawned, I yawned right after them!!!
Lupita Alvarez
4:22 idk if that’s how you spell flirting but she spelled it fliriting lol
Pug Life
Im in middle school
Blanca Sepulveda
exetation vs realitty
Nikhil David
I don't have detention in my school so I'm lucky😌😌😌😌
Caticorn Lover!
my sisters name is Mia and our last name starts with an s
Faith Nightcore
Emmm strip dat down
Man Basnet
I know that you are Alicia's friend I like your videos
Cassandra Cardenas
It should be switched dude it's aynoying
Zubaida YT
She was such a savage in high school!!😂
princess angelin
Do you love me or not 😙
*GumBall* *LPS*
3:08 shake dat booty
Catalina Gongora
My school have elementary and middle school so :p
Ale Carol
How old are you
Rowan James
Who els is watching this on Tuesday 😆😆😆
Tina Hemrick
Dyrttc xj so,hxbKuhzk,jzjzixnz $8*;$*9 $("(*)"(*/*
RubyKawaiiGamingartistkitty :3 n.n
My bus takes 30 min to come!ITS SO ANNOYING!!!!!
Nasro Abdille
What the heck did you just text her man 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨
Mallelia Msp
Hello 1% of people that will see this! Have a nice day 🤩
Stevonnie Universe
I feel like the dating one for middle schoolers makes more sense for 1 grade - 6 grade, and then for rest of your life you dont care very much about dating like that
Emily Cruz
thats me in the notebooks
Zoey Ironcloud
I didn’t know we couldn’t have gum in school my school let us have school🤔
Grabbing all the notebooks is me comment if you agree
Gwen Straka
I’m in middle school but with detention I have never had one in my life, with transportation my parents give me a ride but I sometimes walk, with flirting I have a boyfriend because he came up to me and confessed so I confessed that he was my crush, and finally for school shopping I just look at what all the smart kids in my class, with perfect grades, have and I just get the stuff like theirs but in the way I like it.
It's Frenzy101
3:08 that bootty
Squish cat
When she try's to open her car but it's to hard 3:14
Bcc bender
You clearly haven't been to school in a while because this is elementary school vs. Middle school.
Teh Mythical Pineapple
In my middle school we're allowed to chew gum
My 6th grade year and 9th grade year is soooo different 😂😂
Ashriana Does Stuff
SO ME 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Beau's tube
You can tell that is Ashley Marie
totally relatable
S. Lee P
OMG me when I was in Middle school!
Madison Kozar
Just umm gonna take all of these... no one will notice!😏
Lily Squared
My favorite part is when you as a middle schooler when you get detention
Kong DaSavage Vlogs
What intro girlssssss
Kiara Camacho
She spelt flirting like this “fliriting” 😂
Chevy Ellen Dizon
Middle school
Katelyn Davis
Allison Seefloth
For the middle school the back pack my friend has the same one lol😂
Pro Samantha14
lol for my opinion middles schoolers Are like highschoolers
xXCan't DecideXx
Bruh our teachers ask us if they can HAVE a piece of gum. They don't care about the gum.
Ixchel Gomez-Pierrard
u spelled dentention instead of detention
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