Women Take The “Hardest Period Quiz Ever” • Ladylike


Guess who’s a woman now?!

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Tarwynne Sept Cooper
"Blood was gonna come out of the old vagenne😂😂
XxNerdFoxX 7
I got my period when I was 11
Jessica Haumann
I got mine when I had just turned 13 and i was at a museum with my mom, stepdad and (at the time) best friend. I could feel it and I literally thought i had peed myself so I went to the bathroom and saw my (warning; disgusting) pants were covered in blood. I was too afraid to tell my anyone, not even my best friend so I just tried to rub it off my pants and put som toilet paper down there. We then stayed at the museum for multiple hours and I was so uncomfortable, but I still didn't say anything.
I did tell my mom when we got home tho so she then told my stepdad who went to the store for me to get pads. And that was how I got my period in the middle of summerbreak 2014.
London Blue
13 and still haven't gotten mine I know I'm lucky but I still feel left out (all my friends have theres) plus I know I'm paranoid but my ultimate goal in life is family and it scares me that I might not get my period and achieve that goal
Martha Cerda
I got my period at 10 years old
sonia p
I got my period yesterday and am 12
The Hooded dark cat
I started my period at 11 and I hit Puberty at 10/9
Emmy K
fun fact:
when a woman goes through her period, her hormones actually go up to match the level that men's hormones are (almost) always at.
Thaya Leão
I also used to think that periods were once a year HAHAHAHA
Why does buzzfeed always talk about periods?
Dorothy Gaby
All I know is that I've been bingeing Ladylike videos and now more than even Safiya's transition into Morticia Addams is supremely evident. I wonder if this is her final form, or if there's more to come.
Emily Hollingsworth
I think the girl with the glasses is the prettiest out of all of them, not that the other girls aren't pretty
Melanie Martinez Lyrics
I was 11
Annie Thrash
14... still nothing
Kitty Jeler
Moms really have period radars somehow...
I got mine when I was 15 I think (my mom too) and knew a lot about it by then and I got it when we were on summer vacation on a sailboat... I got to use tampons right away xD
Mina Mellott
HAHA! Yus that American Girl Doll book! I passed that book down to my sisters because our parents never talked to us about anything remotely sexual, including the natural development of our own bodies!
i got 12 out of 17
Karen Lazo
"bc spermies are little motherfuckers"
I didn't get mine until I was 3 or 4 days from my 16th birthday
I thought periods would last for half a month each month..Can't imagine what that would be like!
Most of them started when they were 12... I'm 12...

Cristina Scarimbolo
I know I have the same thing
helenor 190
i got my period yesterday 14 january
Cameryn Johnson
so funny because i'm on my period right now haha
Rumaisa Mohammed
I got my period
What a horrid mother to slap her daughter because she got her period. Some people should not have kids.
Rab MacIver
ar 4:02 "sperms are mother f*#kers" more like mother makers
Sneha Hossain
"because spearmies r little mother fuckers " lols
I only got one wrong! yay me
Did they tape the apple logo? Lmao
leslie martin
omg! lmao i LOVE you guys!!! yall are my fav!
Jenna naghavi
I got my period yesterday and I'm 12
Cookies N Games
I like calling it a vaheen
Umm I got my period when I was 9 I'm 11 now
anastasia maria
where's jen?
now that's a bold opener
Delaney Watrus
"What causes cramps?" I immediately thought satan😂😂😂
Pichu Pug
I thought dat you got your period once a year for a month
Alana Martinez
Lol never watch this when your on your period 😂💉🙅🏽🙅🏽🙅🏽
Shelley Hayden
do a cloth pads and like diva cup vs disposables
Potatoes Cheesy
All these lucky bastards getting them at 12 ;-;
Nelva Sanchez
I'm 11 I got my period when I was 10
Okalani Wilson
I was like 15 lol
Merce 101
I got my period today😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Emma Devlin
What why did she get slapped ??! ... Straight to the comments 😂😂😂
Penli Yang
Can you try reacting to K-pop? Maybe BTS, Got7, TWICE, and/or KARD...
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