Women Take The “Hardest Period Quiz Ever” • Ladylike


Guess who’s a woman now?!

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Cowlover 34
I was 11 😬
Furlour Egxsexsis
I always thought a period was just blood would come out when you pee but I was so wrong
Chloë Hayes
because spermies are little motherfuckers
Yulia Kolechkina
Am I the only one who got it at 11?
Palak Agarwal
Devin: when I'm on my period don't touch me

Me: sameeee
Franchetteschua Chua
I miss Saf😭
Lidia Rodriguez
11 and I learned about periods through buzzfeed
I actually got pregnant on my proud.
Sprite Burst
age 12 seems like freedom. try age 9.
Giselle Sandoval
Anyone else watching on their period...?
Karla Gutierrez
i got mine when i was 10
Boblovesamelia _366
She slapped her cus she probably stained the car seat
I'm 12 and still don't have mine 😭
Andrea Iten
wow, I got mine when I was 18 lol!
Kokona Haruka
" the plural on penis should be peni and I stand by that " 😂😂😂
wot hemmo
i got my period at age 11 lmao
I got my period in fourth grade and i did not know what happened and i thought i was dying xD i was screaming and crying and my mom said i should be happy i can have children now which was basically the worst thing i could ever imagine xD i never wanted to be a mom and i just thought i would randomly get pregnant xD
Sunny Vickery
Period, Period, go away. I do not need you, I am gay.
Taylor Sabre'ye
Why did devin open the door ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤔😂😂
Celin Artoonian
I got 2 of them right
4:36 the best poeme ive ever heard
Emi Thomas
Her mother probably slapped her because it was as uncouth or un "ladylike" (😏) maybe she had family in the car.
Deepa C
I don't understand the slap. Can someone please explain?
Lauren Ramirez
The blonde one kinda looks like Kristen bell
Fuzzy Piggie
"From the planet F*ck You"

I'm dead 😂
Nadia Garcia
Would you rather get your period once a month for a week or once a year for a month?
Nyan Kattie
I got mine the day after my birthday...when I was 11.
John Doe
Welcome to a buzzfeed video : CHILD ABUSE
Hellur boi
Boys have it so easy
Valencia Y.
"The plural of penis should be peni and I stand by that" x
Peni 😂
khadijah thedream
That's so ofen
Grace Williams
All this time I thought I pooped my pants but it was just old blood!
Destery Grimwood
I got my period when I was 10...It was thankfully at my house and not school!!!
Thee Summer Brown
Why do I need one if I'm gay??
Caroline Wilson
I was 8 I thought I was dieing so I kept playing the black parade over and over again. Also I get mine every two weeks yay
Karina Scalisi
I thought it was once a year too and that it was only when u went to the bathroom😂I wish
AKB 101
I got my period two weeks after I turned 13 and it was a bloody one lol
Kaila Jackson
Does anyone else think the blonde girl looks like an older version of Kendall Jenner in a way?
Mia Belax
I haven't got my period .... I know everything about periods...and HOPE TO GOD that I'm a late bloomer.....PLEASE
Tarwynne Sept Cooper
"Blood was gonna come out of the old vagenne😂😂
RandomPerson 7
I got my period when I was 11
Jessica Haumann
I got mine when I had just turned 13 and i was at a museum with my mom, stepdad and (at the time) best friend. I could feel it and I literally thought i had peed myself so I went to the bathroom and saw my (warning; disgusting) pants were covered in blood. I was too afraid to tell my anyone, not even my best friend so I just tried to rub it off my pants and put som toilet paper down there. We then stayed at the museum for multiple hours and I was so uncomfortable, but I still didn't say anything.
I did tell my mom when we got home tho so she then told my stepdad who went to the store for me to get pads. And that was how I got my period in the middle of summerbreak 2014.
London Blue
13 and still haven't gotten mine I know I'm lucky but I still feel left out (all my friends have theres) plus I know I'm paranoid but my ultimate goal in life is family and it scares me that I might not get my period and achieve that goal
Melanie M.
I got my period at 10 years old
sonia p
I got my period yesterday and am 12
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