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Guess who’s a woman now?!

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BunQuake Vidz
I got mine when I was 11 and I was... in.. Disneyland.. luckily I didn't have any cramps but the long lines and having to pee every so often killed me...
Julia Bubblez
"The period is a bizarre, strange animal from the planet f**k you"
Magdalena Lalić
1:03 I wish :(
Esmé Green
They're all talking about getting their periods at 12 but because of dance I didn't get mine until a few months ago (I'm 14). Side bonus due to me dancing like 16 hours a week my period only comes like every 2-3 months

Where is my 10 squad!
Songs- my life
in few days i will be 15 and i still didn't get my period. is it normal?
Lelia Allan
I got my period at a sleepover when I was 12. But I watched like, a billion period vids the day before. Ew
Clary Phantomhive
i love devin in this video lmao
Yayzana dayan
me got my period 2 months ago...i'm 14
Imogen Platt
Ha there is so not an apple logo under the tape ya know it's clearly like Samsung
I'm almost 14 and haven't got mine yet ☺️
Rome X
I got my period when I was 9
Alicia Robinson
the one in the purely red jumber looks loke my mum
Ashlyn King
Am I the only person who misses like 4-5 months of being on there period but still gets cramps?!
Yaoi_Lover_Of_All_Kinds Ereri_Is_Life
I got my period when I was 10
Ariana Winterlake
Me when my period is late
"omg I have a few days to prepare"
"oh god"
"am I pregnant"
*takes a test, even though I'm 16*
Gracie Lyons
I don't even have a period anymore... why am I here
Raynell Cunningham
"Because spermies are little mother-fuckas"
Best. Line
Oova The Grape
I used to think when I was little that when you got your period you had it for the rest of your life. (Like every single day, no points where it stopped.)
Beth Roby
I got my period at the age of 8
Alien Filth
Thinking about periods makes me feel like I'm on my period
Nature Girl 153
my mum talked to me about periods the night before I got it
Nicole Pedersen
Am I the only one that doesn't get emotional when I have my period, I don't get angry, sad, happy and all that.
yoongi's hand
I got my period when i was 9
21 seconds of crybabys
Omg...almost everyone had it when they where 12. I was like...9 or 10?😳😂
MyuuChanSings Well
I have cramps.
I was 11 when I got mine
kat wright
I relate to Devin too much
kat wright
I got mine when I was about 11 and I was in a hotel w my family and then our friends family and it was a Sunday so no shops were open until 10 and the hotel didn't have any where to get pads. I was so sad and in such a bad mood.
Legit the day before I got my period I put an extra pair of pants, underwear, and some pads in my backpack and I DIDNT EVEN FRIGGIN KNOW I WAS GONNA GET MY PERIOD!!!!!! Also that same day I watched period videos by marissa Rachel
Nightmare Knight
am i the only one that got mine when i was 11?
Why tf would your mother slap you across the face when you got your period?! That sounds like abuse...
Andrea Sorita
I'm in a period when I was 10 and I'm still 10 yrs. old
Tori Scherle
They were right that oxytocin is not involved in menstruation but their reason is wrong, oxytocin is a hormone that causes a positive feedback loop which causes contractions during labour and (along with prolactin) causes the secretion of milk in the mammary glands when a mother is breast feeding.
Sarah OHair
i got mine in fourth grade
Kenneth H
Spermies aren't motherfuckers, their mothermakers🙃 I'll go know
Crap I'm Turing 12 tomorrow
Lauren Mills
i got 10 out of 17
English Panda
Who got an 'always' ad before
2:31 is me
Thank you period, for telling me I'm not pregnant.

Being a lesbian and a virgin, I was very concerned.
u_need_ tylernol
I got my period when I was 9, and I had to call my tia so she bought me a pie had had a party.
Quinn Miller
Prostaglandins don't actually cause cramps. Your cervix dilates ever so slightly and you start having mini contractions to push the blood out, it's basically a sample for childbirth
Frances Atty
M Greenwood
wow Devon's mom was abusive
amanda lamb
0:55 "..blood was gonna come out of the ol' vagee," I thought I was gonna laugh myself into a stroke when she said that! LMAO
Ginny Williams
I could watch lady like videos all day these girls r hilarious I feel like their my friends lil
Cowlover 34
I was 11 😬
Somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me
I always thought a period was just blood would come out when you pee but I was so wrong
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