Women Take The “Hardest Period Quiz Ever” • Ladylike


Guess who’s a woman now?!

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I had my first period when I was 11. I hate it.
I’m 13.
Gabzo Edge
She slapped you........
Gillian Reneé
They're over there saying 12.... I got mine at 10 😂😂
Kinga Niemiec
Why devines mom slaped her in the face when she got her first period? I dont understeand...
Bratayley Edits
Who's on their period right now?
Sophia Raines
Am I the only one who is very happy on my period
I call my period Voldemort, cause it shall not be named
Sky George
I took it before watching this and I got 6/17😂
Vilde Gloppestad
Why in the aksual f**k did she slap you and also I got my first period when i was 11 years old
I got my period when I was 9........

Life hates me
Emily Parrish
Kristens explanations are amazing
Elijah Wong
Omg devins opening
There all like " I think I was 12" lol I was 10
Anna Brown
One night, I was thinking about how I only had like a year left of freedom before I got my period. Guess what happened the morning after? Yeah.
Meow Meow
I got my period when I was 9 in 3rd grade Isn't that fun!
Luisa Cardoso
i got mine when i was 9 turning 10 or so
my ten years old self thought it was awesome and all because in my mind i was "already a teenager". but when i turned 11 the doctor said that i wouldnt grow anymore because of that. i cried for weeks cause be a model was my dream 😂😂😂😂
Nyah Torres
"Because spermies are little mother fuckers" i lover her omg i died when she said that
ITS ME Samantha
I got it this year when I was 11
Indy Bossy
I got my first period at 12 on a hot summer day
Ksenija Carleton
saf reminds me so much of robin from how i met your mother 😂❤️
My mom new like five days before I started my period too!
x__i__m__a __v
Who else got there period 9
Sara Lang
I got mine at 12 in February and I'm now 14
Shannon Pulliam
what acctually causes cramps?

Me: Satan...
Livvie Jean
It's very interesting that in America the average age for girls to start periods was about 12 for most, yet most girls in Australia start later, say 13-14. I am 14 and I got mine when I was 13. Only 3 of my 10 people friend group got theirs when they were 13, including me. The rest were 14 and 3 still don't have theirs. I heard that the hormones in some processed foods can cause earlier puberty. Australia is known to be healthier than America and we eat a lot less processed hormone pumped food.
MunamoVlogs Dude
There are so many struggles being a girl
MunamoVlogs Dude
And the winner is .......
Drum roll please
Daphne Schow
I have that book right now😥 my mom got that for me when I was 10
SavagePurpleGirl :3
Lol, got mine at 9, and it was like 1 month before my birthday and I was like "I CAN NEVER SWIM AGAIN!! I AM GOING TO DIE!!" And I was crying because of my thought, and was laughing because I got it at school (At least I got it on a Friday and it lasted for only until Sunday/3 days) and I actually thought periods happen everyday and I was so grateful that it was monthly. XD
i started my period at a camp that i was at for the week. Not a fun experience, let me tell you. AND OMG THE AMERICAN GIRL DOLL BOOK XDDD
Ochaco Uraraka
Me sleeping peacefully
me waking up
me sitting up
r i v e r
tindra woolfy
I got it now im 11
Fofo_alattari girl
When I first heard about periods I thought that u peed blood for a whole 2 weeks 😹😹😭
Reina B
This guy was trying to tell me I was a guy and so I said "how many boys get their period?" That's how to get guys to shut up :D
SlytherinGymnast Laura
I was 12 when I got my period and I was excited for about 2 minutes then I realised how terrible it is and I had my gymnastics training that night and it was terrible and I haven't used a tampon ever ♥️
Lacey Harless
Just got my first one
Abigail Blair
I got my period the day before my birthday!! :( My last day of 10 years old.
Nijah Bhatti
Everyone here was like 12 when it happened and I was about 10
Alpha Wolfjuju
I was in class in the bath room when I was 9 and I started to scream.I was scared about the fact I was bleeding!
Kara Jenkins
The American girl book same 😂
*Fangirl Explode*
Am I the only 1 who had their period before the age of 10????????????
Daqueensavanna Lambert
I grow up to fast...
Kinda confused why devin got slapped for getting a period lmao
Leilalove 12345
I was ten when i got my period
Riley Culp
Mostly all of them had it at 12 I'm 11.
Princess Ta'Nya
I got mine in 6th grade and I'm in 7th grad now
amber The Unicorn
i was 12 too
kat 5678910 700000000
I asked my guy friend to explain periods to me, he has a older sister so it was accurate but my other guy friend who has 4 brothers and gay dads........he said babies are already in the uterus and if the baby isn't chosen by an egg or sperm the babies die and the blood is the dead babies... He kept going after dead babies and I said, " no no no no no, I am not going to tell you but I won't smack you in the face if you go buy me chocolate
Cxrolina _
When I got my period I just wanted to die bc I got it in front of my crush and my trousers was white 😖
keptic gkt
I started my period at age 11

Ha.. ....ha........help
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