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Who needs school when you got BuzzFeed!
Holly Comulada
Ugh I got my period in the 6th grade during a school day.
Sophie Adelia
I got my period a few days ago and im twelve i turn thirteen in a month
Alexis Keener
I don't have my period yet but I think I am about to get it because for awhile I have been having so many cravings
Ash does Random things
Nature Girl 153
The night my mum talked to me about my period the night before I got my first period mums definitely have a period radar

And my last period I got black chunky blood it was so weirdly
Satisfying ( am I the only one that thinks chunks are weirdly satisfying )
Rileigh Wilansky-Traynor
I got my period on April fools day
Kaylee Helling
My mom thought she was dying and rushed to the hospital and they said sweetly your on your period lol
yung cash register aka lil broomstick
i got my period when i was 9. im 14 now and ive never skipped a single period or had it come at off times. ive always been regular
Emilee Mae
"I was like mom I started my period" and she opened the door and slapped me and my face😂😂😂😂
I'm scared. They're saying their getting their period at 12. I'm 11. Send help 😂
I got my period when i was 10 :)
allison morris
"Spermys are little motherfuckers"

Jillian Jondro
My friend got her period on her moms birthday and her mom was like "aww best present ever" lols
I want to see a guy take this quiz
Lupita Wolf
I got my period a couple months ago yay but it sucks uuugghhh
{CHeshiRE ChAt}
Devon's mom really hates periods.
Mollie James
Its 2017 I'm 13 and I dont get my period yet!!!
Sheigh Williamson
They all got their period when they were twelve??? I got mine when I was ten!!!! And it sucked even more cause it was Christmas day
Hillaree Harper
For all you showed I got 4-5
Interstellar Games
I got my period at 12

Awkward 😬
Munchie The Closet Prince
am i the only person that got their period when they were nine?
Hayley Swindell
I got mine when I was 10 and my mom had told me about 3 years before. Plus she made me pack a pad and underwear in my bag since 4th grade. LOL😆😆😆😆😆
Started when I was nine. Honestly thought women had their periods every week. Was so relieved after talking with my mom. Can you even imagine? Lol.
Milagro Perla503
My period didn't come for a year best year of my life
ilinky Gt
"Spermies are little motherfuckers"
Starlight Dreamer
OMG! I have that American Girl book!!!
Marly Garrett
I learned from the American girl book too!!!
Thinkers 101
My mom made me read the period book too lol 😂
Anime Nerd12
I died when Kristen said from the planet f u
Hey Cloey
Oh the memories of safiya on buzzfeed
Samantha Sherman
yo i just got off my period and on day five i was crying my eyes out and almost vomiting because of those goddamn prostaglandins.
Sweetheart123 Holo
Dude same!!! When I got it and my period ended I was all like ok I'm don't till next year. Nope. Boy was I wrong
Eva Soto
I don't know if I should find it weird but the same way I learned about my period was with the American girl doll book too just like Devin
Pizza._. 12
I dont live with my mom so when i got my period it was soooooooooooooooooooooooo awkard when i told my dad
The Tiller Willer!!!
I known brown or dark blood was old since I was 8 and I gm 10 now and don't have my period at all
Nour Itani
I got my period 7 days ago and i had ended
That's my middle name
I started my period the summer going to seventh grade
Annalise Bombace
I feel like I'm very lucky with my period. It only lasts three days, no cramps, no mood swings, no headaches. And it stops when I go in the shower.
Aurora Surry
I got my period on a band trip at disneyland LA in may. I didnt tell anyone cause my parents werent there. The person who hung out with me forced me on ALL. THE. ROLLER. COASTERS. I am extremely scared of heights and fast jerky things (that sounds wrong but THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEANT) Luckily i was allowed to go the the convience store across the road.
panda lover
Ebony Horn
Lol spermys that's so funny
Sylvia Kiser
I have the American girl doll book to I still have not had my period
Anna Spurlock
I get my period 3 times every month. And it's exhausting. But these types of videos make me laugh 😂😂😂
Anicia malik
Anicia malik
I got my period when I was 13 , I was coming home form the beach
KittyCat Jess
I wish it was once a year...
Jada Lyn
"This is gonna be a rough quiz guys"
Literally me after only reading the 'Name____' line in any science or math class
Who else got their period when they were 11?
I had a dream I got my period and when I woke up I rushed to the bathroom to see if it happened overnight I was relieved to see it was blood free still haven't gotten it 😅
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