The US spends more on its military than the next 8 countries combined

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According to 2015 estimates gathered by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the United States was responsible for 36% of the entire world's military spending. Even so, President Trump is calling for a $54 billion increase in US military spending which he says is needed to "rebuild the military." In order to pay for this, Trump is also calling for a $54 billion cut in other parts of the federal budget.


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all that money and we still cant feed the poor and shelter the homeless 😕dont got nothing against the military thoe i support them full on just saying.
Darth Vader
Swami Umgami
Make America Grate Again. Like grated cheese when our sons and daughters slay themselves in servitude to the beast.
Roddy Henrique
A country which spends this much has no defensive intentions but attacking.
Josh E
Assuming china, russia, and some other countries are really that transparent on their military budgets..
And we're 19 trillion in debt
you mean NINE
This is really old news.
Cardo Richard
Greatest nation on earth. I'm not an American but I wish I was. This guys dominate everything: Military, science, arts, culture, diplomacy, Olympics. They might be behind a few nations in healthcare and general living standards but it's still world-class.
Frank Underwood
Our military is weak, compared to the f** Death Star.
Dima Pavlenko
The Us budget is so high, because they value their soldiers. I think the amount of troops and military technology development would be the same as Russia. But the equipment of US soldier is more then 17k and for Russian it is 5k maximum. Salaries for a Russian officer, the greatest is 1000 dollars/ month.
Carlos Villegas
They should spend that money in infrastructure. Roads in the US are horrible at least most of them and it would create a lot of jobs
Michael Phosphoros
Americans are paranoid as fuck.Put that towards space programs or maybe the starving motherfuckers
Can't they calm down & just allocate only 2% of their GDP to the millitary, in order to only fulfil the minimum NATO requirement? This way they'll still be spending more than China & as a result I'm sure they'll remain as the superpower of the world.

Then you can allocate a whole lot of that money to infrastructure instead... For e.g. Obama said that: "they were $2 trillion behind in infrastructure investments." Am i missing something or is this just a matter of having the right intentions instead? Surely you can keep your people at Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman & Raytheon etc. busy with an allocation that is just a little less.
Sergio Arreola
the U.S. spends $650 billion dollars on its military ! And wants to add $54 billion dollars more to it ???? How about we cut it down to just $150 billion dollars for military spending and and transfer the rest to education, health care, or any other place that needs it the most !!!
The Fifth Hour
And yet the president hates the idea of science. The world can be destroyed using science.
Iricanado trend
someone jealous?? We need protection, a military might ensure ☮️. God bless the USA!)
Ken One
fck yea!
Renen Baskerville
What the fuck lol it has been like that even in the past administrations. Business Insider is so fucking biased. Literally every political shit from this channel is against the current administration. It's not as fucked up as Buzzfeed lol but still this channel disgusts the shit out of me. Thank God nobody gives a fuck about this tiny channel
med icine
america is planning new wars then
Santiago Broncano
I wonder how much Trump was paid by the military industrial complex to increase spending.
Santiago Broncano
murica is more like a warfare state than a welfare state.
US citizens could benefit so much if the country wasn't so fearful
Killer_ Doggy_
I thought the budget now was $664 billion. It's $554 billion now?
Donald Trump
Let's build a wall around USA.
We do it so other countries don't have to. AKA we're the world's pimp. and now daddy trump wants his money you bietches better be ready.
Bri Guy
Video of America to these eight countries is irrelevant:
1. This is first an incompatible comparison - Most of them aren't republics. Not every country in the world is for liberty and are determined to destroy it, so of course it will cost more.
2. The ones that are republics are way smaller than the US and need less protection.

Not a very convincing propaganda video.
also has more experience than the next 8 militaries combined
user 15481
the truth is the military in my country is full of a bunch of welfare Queens. I run my own business and I provide a service to my customer. my customers are happy to pay me one third of their income because of the services I provide. I don't force them to pay me, they do it willingly.

not so with the military. They force us to pay them and they don't provide any kind of service. now, they talk a big game about keeping us free, but at 50% taxes, Free to do what? be poor? the truth is, the military is full of a bunch of useless welfare Queens who couldn't make a buck if their life depended on it. they don't keep america safe, they put america in danger by pissing off the rest of the world. they are a waste of our country's resources, a leech on our society and a threat to our security.

keep it that way....
America 😎
Aaron Brown
America protects the entire western world and then some. every other country is stiffing us the bill
India? Da fuq
677htg hgbn
Where's North Korea
Nicholas Bridgemohan
If they spent this much on charity the world won't need weapons :)
I'm Dutch and i'm damn glad that they do. We should also up our military spending!
Nothing New
suck it
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What ya scared of merica👻😂😂
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