MacBook Pro with TOUCHBAR Review

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what was his old macbook?
Pc is perfection.
_Art3Eazy _Sy3
Rip old laptop
LOL $3500? Do you have any idea how beast of a PC I could build with that kind of money? The best CPU, GPU, SSD, Mobo, everything! Apple is terrible now.
Which MacBook is the one with the stickers???
GabakUSA Free computer training
you can fill the form at the apple site where it says feedback and write all your complains
Adam Pope
the magsav you can get this dongle thing that you but on the computer that makes it magsav
Mario Cartolano
man i cracked up at that intro
Dwyer Barrett
what is the song???
Timo Hissink
Well, I can say that the iceberg wasn't very far away...
Paradice _24
you got me on both of those tests I thought that it was your new mac book pro...
Harrison Wheeler
New to your Channel but I love your vids... have watched a bunch now... thanks for the HONEST review of the mackbook pro. I need to upgrade and macs are almost out of my price range now. $3500 and you need to buy expensive accessories to be compatible? Rediculous. That alone is enough to get me looking elsewhere. I am pissed off at their magsafe connectors. In the past 5years, I have had to replace my $90 charger 4 times! They wont even make it modular so that you can replace the one cord that keeps failing! Instead you have to buy the whole thing. There is no good repair option either. The brick is sealed tight and difficult to get into.

I am considering building my own video editing desktop and moving back to microsoft. I cant stand the proprietary nature of apple. I am all apple right now and havent used a PC in years, but it looks like a better, more affordable option for me now.
Chang Ye
Considering how big that touchpad is why don't they just make that a display in the next generation. Basically, have an iPhone built into the touch pad, make it run on an A9 or something that would be a little better than the touchbar.
Saxon Costin
Casey your next computer should be a surface studio is just like a huge Imac but touchscreen and can fold flat on table but if you looking for portability, go for surface book, amazing specs huge screen portable touchscreen :]
nick van twillert
Just try windows, it's better

They dont want to make youre life harder
What's Casey's old computer called exactly? The one he used to work on all the time, with the YouTube logo...
Leonardo ZEEDASH
Your delivery man is nice!
Klejdi K
Casey i could start a yt channel with that can i have one?
How is this a "Pro" laptop again? Where's the pro exactly?
RandomChannel Offical
I feel like every white Vlogger has a mac book. Even though they have not heard of windows ultrabooks
I know I'm late but Apple will keep pushing their laptops w/o a touchscreen because they will lose Ipad sales dramatically.
I understand that this video is a review. But every youtuber willingly buys 2016 MBP 15 and then just starts rambling about its defects. If you have so many problems, don't buy the computer (to protest against Apple) and just use the 2015 MBP 15, which is only very slightly slower than 2016. Spending thousands of dollars for something that offers like 5-10% better performance. WTF is wrong with you?
Disobedient Tongy
apple need a touchscreen laptop ;/
kekchan biggest fan
No USB ports? It has four
lol it have 2 usb. But USB-C
How can i explain how much i live Casey Neistat
Nathan Quiterio
Well they are usb ports just the new usb standard
Angel Muñiz
they make one adapter with all usb ,sd hdmi needs now I love my Mac Pro got the same one as you since I got the hint from you in others video💪
Evan Glatkowski
Shall we talk about headphone jacks(or lack thereof)??? ;-)
Grant Allard
What was your old laptop?
Ashutosh Bhosale
That Titanic joke! 😆😆😆
I imagine sketchy people are looking for that UPS driver since he regularly delivers $3-4K packages to Casey
Chugada Cheese Gaming
I want a Vlog from Marlin!!
What was the name of the first laptop?
Moustache Maniac
The mail guy is so damn nice like bro......
They're not dongles, they're adapters, actually. Believe it or not, they are actually two very different things if you look it up.
Dazed & Confused
when is the next one coming out???
Jan Starič
Razer blade pro would solve all the problems that your having.
Jeff Turof
Casey----I bought one of the R2D2 Mac Pro systems myself in June 2016 and couldn't agree with you more!! I edit video as well and was assured that that system could handle whatever I threw at it for video editing, animation whatever. It is next to useless for anything that requires graphics processing and speed. It's GREAT for data crunching and 3d on-screen redraws but for anything that needs to be rendered (3d, video)....HORRIBLE.
I honestly wouldn't have doubted that you broke the MacBook
HowToWithTater Tater
Please dislike this comment
Egor Astakhov
ahaha that opener with cracked macbook!! So good!!
Luke Plumb
I feel this is one of the best videos of Casey showing his funny side compared to newer more drier material
Trey R
Have you thought about doing an update on how your liking your new MB Pro? Still using this as your daily driver? Have you gone back to your old MB with legacy ports?
The keyboard is just bad. It's not that it isn't clicky enough. It's too clicky. It's loud like a mechanical keyboard but has the travel worse than a typical membrane keyboard. After a few minutes of typing strains my fingers. It's just so distracting and unpleasant to use.
Pawel Golab
haha, awesome one! I have the previous MacBook Pro, and I love it too. I do all of the editing on it.
Fuck thiiiiiiiis
Andrew Howard
lol I am using it
Nut _
Folks, the specs are worse than on a pc. But it doesn't need that. It's about the Software and Hardware working together.
Jason Diennis
dell xps is way better for editing
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