daniel mejia
"That's two words you baldy bitch" lmao
Brian Johnson
17:59 savage
You'll do notin
I have a question. How does that foot taste?
4th Eternity
Where the fuck is my second belt~ Best question ever.
Mario S
When does the fight of may weather and him start
After all this trash talk, i really hope McGregor kicks Mayweather's ass😂
deathreaper 09213
One two tree
fuckin ad whore, chill out with the add every few mins man
@1:11 😂😂😂😂
0:55 who the fuck is that guy lmao
This little leprechaun lol
Team 600
Honestly mayweather doesn't look 40 years old he looks 20
Mikey Císař
0:18 It also sounds like "Fuck McGregor" :D
Tj Hemmings
I'm really happy that i'm part irish cus i'm with this fucling legand
Just like Tito Ortiz, Anderson Sylvia, Jackson, etc. he will get his ass whooped one day and it will not be pretty. Whoever does it, will make an example out of him.

There is somebody out there with his number. He will say that person to “FUK OFF!” And his head will be backwards with him staring at his own ass and teeth falling out.

Because of his self-centered cocky arrogant smart ass attitude, I’m going with Mayweather.
I'm glad I went deaf after watching this video from those beeps
Wood Proctor
Mayweather is gonna make Conor look like a fool in that boxing ring, but if Mayweather went to the Octogon then Mayweather would lose because both are masters at what they do !!!
#somelivesdontmatter sldm
kids a chump.... my smile will occur regardless and in due time when that little Irish boy is laying on the canvas asleep
Kilian Sean
"Shutt your fockin mout you'll do nottin"
Lavar Ball
👳 ✌🎄
rafael serna
This crazy man try to come over here In Sinaloa Mexico
love that Floyd never made eye contact with Conner
Victor Daniel Fonseca
UFC is looking like WWE...
JayDehFunnehBaller Anjain
Don't talk about money ur broke
sean garcia
I love him 😂
Tj Tharrington
you fooking bitch. Floyd mayweather look like a 05' cherokee.
Wal Mart
They seriously weigh 140 pounds?
Elizabeth Klein
I think I'm the only person who honestly started to tear up when I saw them after...
Kelton Nicholson
Connor McGregor lowkey the lavar ball of ufc
"You're 40 years of age. Dress your fucking age". Burnt to a fucking crisp.
Brandon Garcia
Idk why I wanna hang out with him, and then be like "Alright mate, now I'm gonna fight you and lose"
Mayhem _
Sorry im late i just dont give a FUCKKK
JustGrowYaOwn 420
Shut your foookin mouth
honey bun
Yeah yeah hard work hard work point to the easy wort 👉 Conor McGregor
honey bun
Ha Conor McGregor will feel salty when he loses to money Floyd Mayweather FUCK THE CONOR MCGREGOR'S
Mcgregor 2 rounds
Do Your Dares
Conor is gonna hit Floyd so hard that he'll be able to read.
"I enjoyed reading your mean tweets, I will wipe my tears with my money and carry on''💀
Monster Vodka
Honestly, I don't know if I should hate him or like him.
Brandon Amparo
How I speak his name
Brandon Amparo
Conor McGriddle
Jake Reardon
Fook mahk henry 😂
try Moi
Connor is kind of cute. Lol!
Fred Jones
And im black
Fred Jones
Conor my nigga fuck meyweather
Killakolbyy66 Gaming
This man is a downright savage bro
Dont pay on payper view this Circus show, it's gonna be bore as hell and gayweather probably bought the judges.
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