Emily Transform Sister into a Crying Baby / Feeding and Changing

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Emily playing with her sister...pretend mum

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Кормление и изменение ребенка
Alimentação e mudança de bebê
تغذية وتغيير الطفل
Bebek Besleme ve Değiştirme
수유와 아기 교환
Pagpapakain at Pagbabago ng Baby

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Metisha Manderson
Frankie's Playtime - Kids Channel
Cute skit!
So So Cute And Funny
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Omg just stop acting like babies 👶🏽 you think acting like a baby gets you subs Emily is at least 6 years old and she's acting like a baby. STOP
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What is the name of emily's sister
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awesome video, happy easter my friend😊
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Can we be friends Emily tube
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:) Nice video!
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1 day till Easter yay
Super for kids
Emily Tube's video very very nice, i love Emily Tube's video
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creative​ video
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Ahahah that baby was funny))
great video and loving it very much :)
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so cool and funny :=) Great Bad Baby Video
Happy Easter Too All
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Awesome video! Big LIKE!
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Helo Emily Tube, very nice!
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the is funny siting on the toilet drinking from the bottle check if she is wearing a diaper
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