Junkyard Jeepin’ - Dirt Every Day Ep. 62

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On this episode of Dirt Every Day presented by Tire Rack (http://www.tirerack.com), Fred Williams and Dave Chappelle enter a junkyard with a battery, some gas, big tires, and a pile of parts with the goal of driving a Jeep home. The guys roll around in the dirt of the desert junkyard fixing up a 1994 Jeep YJ and then challenge themselves to find as many dirt miles as possible on their drive to Pismo Beach. Is it possible to drive a Jeep home from a junkyard? Is it possible to find open dirt roads in California? Is it possible for the guys to stretch a three-hour drive into a two-day adventure? Tune in now to find out.

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Colton Doyle
I've been a huge fan of the show since forever. Anytime you guys have jeeps on here.. I instantly get butterflies. Love it. I've loved jeeps ever since my dad drove me around the farm in a yellow yj back in the day. My first Jeep was a rotted out 1980 j10... ran great but was scared to drive it. I always wanted a yj. I finally got my first yj at 18 years old and beat it to a pulp. The frame was rotted away as well as the rest of the Jeep. But that didn't stop my love for off-road. I'm 21 now and I've owned 12 jeeps so far. Probably more if I could remember. The yj has always been my most favorite Jeep out of all. My buddy and I get so excited going to a junkyard and seeing a yj sitting there or any other type of Jeep. it's rare in Ohio to find these wonderful jeeps in a scrap yard that aren't rotted out. it's sad. the way you guys have fun at the jeep junkyard finding these nice jeeps brings a smile to my face. That's exactly how my buddy and I act when we go to a junkyard. Your show makes my love for off road even more. I wish our junkyards up here in Ohio had jeeps like that in good running condition. One of these days I'm gonna break free from ohio and do roadkill stuff with my Jeep. Tons of places I wish to see.
Derek K
I no longer feel bad about spending 6k on a 97 tj in great shape.
David Brown
What did the Jeep cost you guys?
FFS you're in a lifted 4.0L Jeep on 35s... just go around the gates
Living In A Jeep Wrangler
You guys made me actually laugh out loud... hard thing to do these days lol.. good job!
Tyler Powers
did anyone else see the pink gorilla?
Evie Scott
Ride ask people tcitau decade depression appreciate instruction enter belt arrive.
Daniel Jarmon
they savage
m Cave
Long for these episodes......
9:14 WHAT da FACK is that
Hanzistorr Hanz
Is this on start of video the instrumentals from Cage the elefant- Aint no rest for the wicked ?
Wyatt Kanuha
Dave is my spirit animal. rofl.
Anders Kaljas
What do You usually use as a camera car in these adventures?
Maisa Belchior
please... legend in português 😕
SammyT 96LX450
dominic garzon.
hey may I ask where did you buy the jeep at? what junkyard is that at? I heard you say it was close to Bakersfield! RAD video. looking to buy an older jeep
Charles Eye
I hate California and its emissions laws.
Adrian Pillow
Love cheap YJ content! What are the spec on the lift, wheels, and tires? (IMO it would be good practice to detail the items installed on DED episodes. The manufactures are probably throwing them in for free anyway, rep them hard.)
Jordan Hendrix
I need to try this
Matt I
What trails did you take? They look fun and I would like to go on them!
frank mathis
I've got a 92 YJ I painted it put a hardtop on it, I traded the soft top I only had it for 2 hours and these two young guys pulled up and said hey I'll trade you my hard top for your soft top. The top I got is super rare, it's got a sunroof in it, plus it comes apart in 2 different places and it had the door tops. The guy that owns the local 4wd place here said the top is worth anywhere between 5-7 thousand bucks because it's so rare. The guy at the junkyard really knew what he was keeping. The doors and that top were expensive stuff. But I'll tell you, you let some air outta the tires and that jeep is pretty comfortable, it just bounces. It would be cool to have the coil overs, but the basic design of the YJ is just kinda cool. I'm super happy with mine, it's got the 6 banger with the 5 speed. I put a good clutch in it, that's one of the only weak spots on the YJ is the clutch. Take my advice, by the better more expensive clutch kit. Otherwise your wasting your money. Taking the clutch outta the YJ is not much fun. But I'll tell you, we have 4 cars and I take the jeep almost always.
Great video,I subscribed to watch more
WTF he asked how much he paid, and then doesn't answer!! I hate that shit
Steven Vang
In Thailand being chased by bad guys in a 4runner with a bunch of camber gear...i was dying 🤣
Joseph Letosky
GREAT episode! Thanks for bringing back the pink gorilla!
Steven Bryant
The 4.0L is so reliable that they didn't even bother to check it out before they stripped the Jeep. That straight six is a good design.
J Fink
You should sell it to me on the cheap
God damn I'd love to have Californian climate over here. You'd be hard pressed to find a single old Jeep that ain't rusted in half and if you'd find one you for sure couldn't unbolt half of it in a day as you'd break or strip every second bolt.
Roman Bahayev
where did u found that dirt trail?
Fred Cormier
really good episode but i dont think that yj was scrap.
flavio pinto
I've always said, if someone wants to learn how to work on a car, get a jeep (wrangler or cherokee). They go together like legos, parts are cheap and plentiful, and the 4.0 engine is near unkillable- I've seen them run without oil or cooling and they didn't die.
I know you're jeep guys, but can you do something with an IH scout?
Amin Zain
i want one
Was the best episode to date!! Wish I could buy that Jeep from you. Would of kept the 1/2 doors, they are what makes the Jeep so cool!!
I never liked Fred. It's not his personality, or his sense of humor, or what he does to the trucks he builds (and later destroys) its HIM.
For some reason, he doesn't seem real. Like, I don't ever feel like I am watching a real person, more like an animatronic or a stuffed (animal?) that has suddenly come to life.
The way he moves, the way he talks, the way he raises his arms and rocks them about; the way his voice has almost zero inflection makes it seem like he is completely artificial, and he has everyone fooled.
Seriously. If it turns out Fred is an alien or a government project or something it would not surprise me. There is just something wrong with Fred.
The only vehicle Jeep produced that was any good.
Kavis Poole
it would have been really cool, with the accessories still on it!
Edward Tudor
Who needs a drill when u have HAMMER
Francois Laurendeau
More junkyard stuff!
Francois Laurendeau
good show...
Jeep on a Dime
Jeep on a DIME's flagship red Jeep is from Sgt. Jeep's yard. We did the same thing, except our project took a lot longer than a day or 2 to go wheeling! haha ...

Thanks again Tommy!
And we're all supposed to believe that this "junkyard Jeep" with a 1/4 of gas just starts right up....yeah thats BS. Clearly a staged setup. Deserves little credit. Fuel pump would have been trashed for starters. ZERO concern about the fuel system all together.

This was awesome. Makes me want 35's more than I already do. Waiting on my stocks to wear.....
i need a dave for my best friend
Hey guys I just made a channel and posted my first video of my jeep and many more to come if you can please show some love and subscribe to my channel!! Thanks have a great day!!
running with no trackbar??
I mean I wanted to see Pismo but ok we had plenty of offroading
Eric Huff
cough.. Roadkill... cough
"I got us a jeep, you know like 'Merica."
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