Good news! 😇 😍
Fernando Torres is conscious and lucid, he will spend the night in hospital for observation as per medical protocol. 👏
I'm really sorry, but just look at the corner right at that guy who running like crazy on 0:13.
Always Malaysia
if he does not get fast treatment, he can die
Tora BlackHaze
Idiots discussing about swallowing tongues ...The Most important thing is that he is doing well...Get well soon :(
Alex G
I love Atletico :) Just how fast his teammates rushed over makes me smile.
1 million subs No videos challenge
It's so disturbing because the players thought he was dead they even started crying
A_A Franco
when you do the brickfall celebration from fifa in real life xD
Daniel Geier
Lol 😋
i love how the enemies even help:football is a gentlemans game, its about respect and having fun
ivielcrack 7
suscribiros a mi canal plis
Bravo for Šime Vrsaljko.
Young Hussel
the guy on the other team elbowed him
Farid Folkertsma
I hope one day, I will know the reason why people dislike this vid
Farid Folkertsma
I hope (this ain't sarcastic) this well get his talent of 2009 back
Gabrielle Livebardon
le pauvre j'ai failli pleurer en regardant la vidéo il a eu de la chance 😘😯😭😭😢
MasHaliHaI TV
Alter ihn ist faul wichtiger Als sein Spieler was für eine Umferschamt heit
Leukste filmpjes Zeg ik niet
Saeed Ahmed
Recover well El Nino
Oskar Studziński
Fernando Torres lalalaalaallaa Fernando Torres lalalaalaallaa
Maria Winder
was ist da passiert
The New
Aadiesh Der Wwe Gangster
I SE de match
Christoph Schönfelder
Wish you all the best fernando
Tesla 12
what im about to say has nothing to do with this video
I just came to say
and what is Simeoni doing....changing the tactics??? really!!!...shit behaviour.
Twist Nation
He is in the hospital now and he can talk and he is in stable condition!
Get well soon Torres
Rambo John J
I am happy no one got seriously hurt. So I am not bashing anyone..
but soccer players are the most dramatic beings on the planet except from black women. The over the top hand gestures, the yelling, the drama...just calm the fuck down faggots
Sumpy Beast
A ne bi ni spomenuo Vrsaljka
guys he dies
Henrry Guerra
ROCK SOLID -league of legends
pa mi tiket jeben mu isusa
kenneth cash
Bambie legs 12secs
William F
Vamos Nino!!
He will come back stronger then ever!
Kabil AK-47
Dimitar Vankov
The teammate who turned him up and tried to open his mouth could have killed him. Do never do this on unconscious person!!! Turn him side lying, pull his chin up and wait for medics. Check his breathing and if he's breathing he'll be okay. If he's not breathing then turn him up, pull the chin up and do mouth to mouth. It's the best you can do. From what I saw here, it's a standard knockout you can see on boxing matches. Loosing conscious is a normal brain function upon receiving trauma and is actually protecting the brain. Look at it as software failure and the computer automatically restarts.
Was ist passiert?
What's happend?(in german pls)
Elay Sieukfp
LOL. can someone tell me why the players pulls out his tounge? Its not a seizure hes having, he just got knocked by the other player LMAO
nice dive
clash royale gamer11
torres is good
Piol Aney
yvi- chan
Oh how you south europeans act like monkeys. Shouting and screaming at the other team as if it was intentional. Your IQ is totally below 70 like MENA-people when you act this way. Look at yourselves... starting wars about nothing and protecting your silly honour. You assholes should be more worried about Torres health instead of starting Jihad every god damned minute. I'ts football and not your fucking desert war. No IQ at all, monkeys!
Jokoko Lopopo
Marcus Simonsen
is it that also happened to Oleg gusev
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