Fernando Torres Horrible Head Injury - Deportivo La Coruna vs Atletico Madrid 1-1 - La Liga 2017 HD

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Fernando Torres Horrible Head Injury - Deportivo La Coruna vs Atletico Madrid 1-1 - La Liga 02/03/2017 HD

Osvaldo Castillo
WolfXD Gaming
he almost died
Jaden Whitaker
Come here after watcing choirul huda
Smashmedanclub Medan
RIP.. Choiril Huda
Оразгул Оразгул
When I was on my way to Spain for the first time, I had a connecting flight in Frankfurt Germany. I talked with one of the security officers their about football and he asked me if I'd seen the Fernando Torres injury I answered no. He said it was terrible I looked it up once I landed in Barcelona and was shocked, good that he is OK.
graffitied giraffe
giminez thought he was dead... thats rough
Wake up / Shake up
Looked horrible. Hope he is fine.
Maciek Kątny
Szkoda mi go
Fernando Torres, not as famous as his brother clit.
Gaming snow Llama
What happened
Dane Spencer
alessio giarola
Anwarul Huq
I still remember the memorable Goal Torres scored for Spain in 2008 Euro Final against Germany. Get well soon Fernando
Galatasaray The Best
Viva Deportivo !
jakov Carević
vrsaljko saves his live
fernando torres ,,, el nino
토레기 새끼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ저때 뒤졌어야 됐는데 아쉽노ㅠㅠ
Xavrock Gamer
0:12 Hahahaha wtf what happens to the middle because it runs like this?
Keyara Johnson
Did anyone know that he nearly died
Luke Xd
torres is the my fayvorite player
marco jaime
is he ok...
Kuba Franczuk Ronnie Castle Bravo
what giménez doing
He is die or no??
rock star
The couch of that team looks like hitler
Eslam Iniesta
Oh My Gud
HaZer [GD]
bruno berlingeri
Fernando Torres è ,e rimmarrà una leggenda del calcio,pecchato però la gente si sta dimenticando pian piano di lui e pensare che solo qualche anno fà era uno dei calciatori più forti al mondo...meno male che almeno adesso sta meglio ed e tornato da l'ospedale
michael johnstone
Torres is one of a few players who don't deserve injuries like this.
pelaako torres enään
1:17-1:20 Simeone was like look at the time wasted, maybe u should add 4 min extre.
Lewis Mackay
he hit his head of the floor....? that''s all i saw
my hero
This Random Kid
I only liked the video for medical support
Omar Mahmoud
Horváth Zoltán
Max Stoppel
Miles Moore
What were all the players doing after he went down on the ground?
濡らす r
what happened
I'm really sorry, but just look at the corner right at that guy who running like crazy on 0:13.
Always Malaysia
if he does not get fast treatment, he can die
Tora BlackHaze
Idiots discussing about swallowing tongues ...The Most important thing is that he is doing well...Get well soon :(
Alex G
I love Atletico :) Just how fast his teammates rushed over makes me smile.
1 million subs No videos challenge
It's so disturbing because the players thought he was dead they even started crying
rolls reus
when you do the brickfall celebration from fifa in real life xD
Daniel 2811200011
Lol 😋
i love how the enemies even help:football is a gentlemans game, its about respect and having fun
ivielcrack 7
suscribiros a mi canal plis
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