Game Theory: Why Mario is Mental, Part 1

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Mario is gaming's biggest mascot, but what is he hiding? Is he really the hero everyone thinks he is? Have we overlooked one too many of Mario's heinous crimes. In this two part series, we put Mario on trial to see just what is going on inside the head of this "paragon" of the video game industry.

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TheUltimatePvzLord385 PS
Remember the Mario in donkey kong isn't the same as the super Mario from the mushroom kingdom when In fact it's actually Mario's father
but i main mario in smash :(
Daisy Meloetta
Who's ready to read rage comments? I am! ...dear God please help me...
Trina Bruce
Gui Shark
Ignoring the fact that in Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside story Mario says Luigi is worth more than a chest of "everlasting wonder"
Even though we know that carpenter in the DK games is Mario's father,Yoshi is a good source for animal abuse.
Hani Alzughir
Mario didn't punch Yoshi, he points at the direction
Henroux Gaming
Well this is why Bowser and the koopa army deserves the princess and luigi
JJ Blocks
1. Mario doesn't drop the yoshi in the pit YOU DO!2. There is a thank you screen at the end of Mario is missing did you even play any if the games?3. Mario leaves Luigi behind because he doesn't want him on is date. Do you want to have your family on your dates?4. Honestly who's the bigger villain your controlling Mario!
thank you for ruining my child hood mat pat
JJ Blocks
Who else misses the old intro
Void Spider
Luigi closed the door so I don't think that one was correct
Andrew Strama
I own Mario Power Tennis and I have seen the cutscene myself
Daiknight RAAR
What's the name of the song at 1:34??
MinimolTiepos / MT
8:31 #gamesins
Ssjb Noodles
Even if the animal abuser is marios father Mario would have that personality of his father
OvRpwRd gaming
I'm gonna be CONSTANTLY thinking of this while playing Mario Oddessy...
In one of the levels, Mario can keep yoshi by jumping on a koopa, so dropping him is just optional. Also, Mario doesn't punch Yoshi, he just points, as clearly shown by the artwork. The game shows this too, but the finger is barely visible. But what about the "flinching" that Yoshi does during the pointing? Since Yoshi has frog-like attributes, this is probably natural to a. If a frog spits out its tongue, it has to do that "flinch" thing with its eyes in order to spit it out.
Icoolz 6404
Now that I think about it ur right Game Theory.
Ultra/ /actionz
you little b-
Train #4
Markell Davis
I believe this but the MARIO in donkey king is the super MARIO's father but the other ones are legit
The Eye of Agamotto
This video may be nearly 4 years old, but man is it just bad. Many of his points are just wrong, and he even debunks his own claims later on. For someone who says he's a big Nintendo fan he really doesn't show it, especially with all the videos he makes that is basically trashing on the company and its characters.
Jacob Joncas
But what if yoshi doesn't die in the pits.
Train #4
Uh oh..... Not this video
Mat: tourtering SMALL insects

Yah wigglers are TOTALY small
M4chan 15
mario is evil i am never playing mario again maybe idk
Victoria Adame
it is so true dat Mario is EVIL!!!!!
samantha Reeves
Mario is EVILLL
Jivko Daskalov
Do a theory about Rayman
mean while in super mario dream land lugi slaps mario with a hammer
Cr3p Calmy
Keep in mind that in that time, people thought that animal abuse was okay.
the jumpman in DK is actually Mario's FATHER and the girl is Mario's mother,and in DK 3 or 4 jumpman dies (I have no idea where the mother went) but HEY THATS JUST A THER- oh nvm
Pablo Near you
Pat athon
...Ok Albert Wesker (You gotta admit, he does sound like some agent smith villain at the beginning)
Jairo Antunez
matpat Nintendo said that he don't hit him he give him a signal to danger
Jairo Antunez
matpat Nintendo said that he don't hit him he give him a signal to danger
Spac3 Potatos
Poor Luigi..
BearHead Man
The first part according to matpat would be Super Mario's dad (the one who mistreated Donkey Kong) from his two mario's theory
Goat Mom
Mario doesn't fly off without him, Luigi Closed the balloon door himself.
I f*cking hate Mario now i showed this video to my sis that loves Mario and now hates him. Thanks for making this video i want to kill him now lol
Adia Dixon
U guys walter white is going to myfreinds dads work
Void Neko
Rosalina being Luigi's daughter makes sense if Mario is so heartless, I mean would peach really love phyco mario?
Pastel Pinky
I think it's funny just how angry you're getting at this 😂
Triston Swindell
i call bullshit on this
Angry Kittydog
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