Game Theory: Why Mario is Mental, Part 1

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Mario is gaming's biggest mascot, but what is he hiding? Is he really the hero everyone thinks he is? Have we overlooked one too many of Mario's heinous crimes. In this two part series, we put Mario on trial to see just what is going on inside the head of this "paragon" of the video game industry.

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TK Tech Games and More
did you forget about your mario timeline, in those first donkey kong games that was his dad.
I love God I love Jesus
The "Mario" in Donkey Kong is actually his father
Nolan Burke
This theory is stupid
oreoiffic sk
Fnaf Man
Mario is evil
Fnaf Man
steve puncakes
It would be funny if you didn't disprove the beginning saying that jumpman carpenter and super Mario were different people. But lmao whatevs
Michael Hoetzel
SCREW Mario LOVE Luigi 😔
Original Gold
When this video was made you had less than 1 M subs
NinedTaledDemonGamer 7787
good thing I only played​ LUIGIS mansion,not Mario's
Lauren Buss
wait my friend and I are going as mario and luigi for halloween. I'm mario... crap.
Calie Gamer
Why are you guys getting bad rep?
I mean come on its just theroys why do people hate y'all for em'?
logan emery
but is he a psychopath or sociopath
Kevin Agyepong
basically racist mario is true mario
You sound pretty slow in these older videos. Never noticed this before.
my childhood is ruined
John Deyholos
Mwahaha my cousin love mario im going to show them this
George Zils
13:01 CRYYY
Josh Reis
No wonder the thing is so long, he wastes time on random stuff and the intro is like 20 seconds long
I love this video of game theory
Darius Szabo
it's clearly seen that luigi closes the dour for the baloon by mistake
Selina Zhou
If you feel upset about this, just remember, it's JUST A THEORY, A GAME THEORY
DYlan D
Anyone who hurts Yoshi and Luigi is officially on my hit list. Mario you better watch your back. 😈🔪🗡🔫
I still like the games and all, but I totally agree with you! Also, I really wish Luigi had more moments in the spotlight!
Zayaan Dadwani
Its a good thing i always liked luigi then
Sonan Wagari
Nintendo must be fired up by this video
Jake Vo
I always hated Mario and this works out with me
Oh my god and I even have a plushie of Mario
i hate mario
Kae Smikle
lugi is the best
Maryleen Guillauville
welll bros do that
You sound fruity...
Stands there and

Clan Maker
the mario girl looks pretty cool to me
Halo Debates
Didn't you say in your timeline video that jumpman and mario are father and son?
Arctic Pvp Gamaing
I always thought Mario was evil and Luigi was good ting in yang oh my god theary
A Strange Khajit
A Strange Khajit
Me too and my bro
Reece boy56
is something that I have to tell you Mario is not Jumpman it's true they watch it on the video once but I don't remember when or who's Channel
Yawa Afrane
I hate mario so much
CeCe R
OMG! i've never noticed this... WWWHHHHHYYYYY MARRIOOO?!!!
Hannah J
Does anyone else watch matpats videos soule to listen to his voice? It's so calming.
I don't care what I'm watching from him, I just love his voice.
Damn never realised mario was an absolute maniac
maio evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
themoocow rockyisawesome
i liked mario for a decade
Nicholas Klos
This theory kinda falls apart after your Mario timeline episode
Britain Cosplay
Wait Matt, I thought you said that Jump man is Mario's father, so modern Mario isn't responsible for what happened with Donkey Kong is he?
Britain Cosplay
The cute cosplayer at the beginning is Enji Night by the way :D
"Super Mario? More Like Super Villain!"

Really? Seriously. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.
Ignorance is bliss
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