Game Theory: Why Mario is Mental, Part 1

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Mario is gaming's biggest mascot, but what is he hiding? Is he really the hero everyone thinks he is? Have we overlooked one too many of Mario's heinous crimes. In this two part series, we put Mario on trial to see just what is going on inside the head of this "paragon" of the video game industry.

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Savvy has osteoporosis
Mario fans can be childish but looking down on the comments, people who don't like Mario are worse
Ryne Schlesinger
what an asshole
Mario is not mental nor never was, this theory can be debunk very easily, just look up mangakamen video (I highly recommend his channel, great commentary) about this theory, pretry much debunks the whole thing, mario doesn't punch yoshi he is pointing and there's official art to support this, mario tenis with him stumping and griding luigu shoe is none cannkn even it is just look at the begging of super markp bros. 3 om the nes where luigi and mario are having sibling rivalry since Luigi jumps on mario head and hit him with a green shell. The ending in luigi mansion (not sure if it's the first or second) Mario congratulates Luigi saying his number 1, only matpad fanboy will belive this thoery can be consider as fact.
rex dose gaming
Mario is a f-ing sociopath
heatwave39 heatwave39
I actually didn't really like Mario anyways my favorite has always been Luigi.
Victoria Thomas
Mario is super mean
Freya Pedersen
As much as my siblings annoy me, Mario takes it to a WHOLE other level
triforce incarnation
Mario is not punching Yoshi's head Nintendo just used the throwing a fireball animation on Yoshi,in NEW SMB Wii Mario is pointing whare Yoshi to stick his tounge out.😤🌂
omg I'm totally running my friends shoes in when they win at stuff!
Sarah B.
I don't only take this as a theory but a true fact I mean Mario is a DICK
Allison Estevez
luigi is my fav chater
Tabby Cat
Sorry matpat but you kinda have a theroy weakness,at least for 2 games!That prequel and orginal arcade,that's not mario!That's jump man,that's his name!But that's just a bit of it,but I just wanted to say that!It's probally same with donkey kong jr.!
I just wanted to point out your loop,I don't want to be rude...
But I'm a big fan and I was rewatching and I thought of that!
:3 😶
Jump man is Mario and Luigi's father. Or at least that's what I saw on other youtube video.
Mark Bodnar
Mr. L has always been better than red head over here.
Wait, in donkey kong where "Mario" is smashing the barrels to save his "gf," you said that, that is Mario's dad, not himself
Mr. NumsNums
Marioe first supposed appears was his dad
Yakarot Sennin
80's Pornstar Mustache, LMAO!!
link06yt (link06yt)
Kittycat 0352
MatPat I found another way that Mario is a murderer. In your Toad's DEADLY Secret video you said the goombas are the real people of the Mushroom Kingdom and asked Bowser for help after their kingdom was overrun by parasites. Well in game after game we see Mario stomp them into the ground just to save his quote on quote princess In danger who doesn't even need saving. So hats off to you MatPat for decoding that Mario Jumpman Mario is a murderer, a rejectful brother and an animal abuser. I feel bad for Luigi for having to deal with such a psychopathic criminal. Mario is a despicable person.
Maya McCloud
I know this is old but, this is honestly so stupid
Puffy Pastels
Actually, to disprove your 'Mario abuses Yoshi' thing, Mario doesn't hit Yoshi, the official art suggests that Mario is pointing forward to show where Yoshi needs to lick.
Pilox Planet
i love the gameplay of the mario games, i like all the side charachters like yoshi,toad,rosalina,bowser,malek,kkoopalings, donkey kong,King boo,etc. I just dont like mario himself. I just think that in a world full of dinosour people, giant dragon turtles, giant monkeys,space princesses, magic birds, and ghosts, why do we have to play as a fat plumber.
Veronica Oneill
I hope moreer die
Save The Pandas
i thought mario was a plummer...
Erica Trent
GamingMadness /
This ruined my childhood
fizzy squid
I am from the future ohhhhhhh spooky👻👻👻👻👻👻
Lilythemessanger / ophappygirlygirl
Good thing I don't play mario
Well, you made a theory that Jumpman is Mario's father, so his father was an animal abuser that had extreme anger issues, and it was heredity and MARIO had it.
Kid Ender303
My favourite character is Luigi BUT I NOW HATE MARIO why is he the king of NINTENDO UM SO MAD
People are saying "oh, now these games are ruined. screw you, MatPat". I don't care. Cool, Mario's a sociopath. Doesn't change much.
well I'm the criminal because I controlled him to do stuff like this
Sammy Jocob
MARIO eats mushrooms so He is gruged
I still think the 'punching Yoshi' is kind of a stretch, MatPat. I always figured he was pointing. Letting Yoshi know what to grab. :P But the rest is solid.
Dwi Sandipurnama Putra
I knew it!!! This is why luigi is my faviorite
How does fire mario shoot fire in the water?
Popular Games101
That's Mario's dad on the donkey kong part
Abishek Goski
sounds like a persuasive essay you do in 7th grade, granted you would get a A+ and probably be sent to collage for the writing skills
Amaris Queen Of Ice
when he said mario even abuses his own brother iam like i feel like i have been wronged
Emma Thompson
I'm gonna change my stuffed Mario to a stuffed Luigi with bleach and fabric dye.
Amanda Verdugo
If you. Look you can see Mario has a finger out Mario is pointing
Justinlx30000 L
This video is rigged
Kayla Le
Mario is EVIL
And all of those copyrights that shuts down fan made games from Nintendo. Yep mario is crazy
The purple cheep cheeps attack you, actually
Bob Yawn
Luigi does the same he kills yogi in a bit and kills other animals
Illuminati Leader
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