Film Theory: Doctor Who Time Lords REALLY EXIST! (pt. 3)

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DOCTOR WHO has dazzled us with Time Lords warping through history, but could such a thing exist? There are plenty of conspiracy theories out there about various celebrities who have been spotted throughout history, but none of them hold water on closer inspection. Until Now! After much research and literal years of puzzling over this problem, I have discovered a Real-Life Time Lord! 

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Jay O Blue
Ryan Chiu
I am pretty underwhelmed
There are an infinite number of realities, he's bound to exist in a few of them. Along with Sherlock Holmes, Spiderman and Sheldon Cooper. OK, Maybe I was stretching things a little on that last one.
we peregrine
you featured eliza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hanna Chan
I HATE YOU MATPAT!!!! I. HATE. YOU!!!! Okay I don't hate you! I love your videos and I absolutely LOOOOOVE Doctor who! But I waited... I'm so funny... The girl who waited! Get it? Amy Pond...? Huh? No? Oh okay
Also I'm a hardcore whoovian!
St.mirren videos
docter who is crap now i've stoped watching it
No disrespect Pat, I love most of your theories and how you present them, but this is basically what you said here:
"I procrastinated for 2 years, and finally got fed up by the requests. Now here's (what I know is) an unsatisfactory theory. But maybe you won't get mad at me because at least I tried?"
slow claps
Greenjolt 555
I thought you learned from the darting simulator
Historic Panda
Zucc is a lizard not a timelord
Jaelan Sakry
5:51 Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, can it be considering she was born in early/mid 1700’s? and you know her mat pat???!!!!
Jazzy Maw
What if he faked his death and made the fire himself to get rid of the evidence???
ThatOneLegend Emerald
Is this a joke episode?
Julieta Avilés
Me, clicking on this video: Oh yes, tell me all about how the government is lying to me
Nicholas Mayor
That is Eliza Hamilton at 5:44
JDJG Inc. Official
Karolína Vilímovská
4:12 is that Travis Willingham and Lin Manuel side by side both credited as rennaisance men?.... that makes me happy
MatPAt,how come you didn't mention Hirohiko Araki, the immortal vampire who ages backwards?
Mishta Romaniello
The Count was like the Forrest Gump of the 17th century.
Emerald Nugget
YAH!!!!! PT3!!!!!!!!!!!
Jasmine Ho
Matpat, please please please PLEASE do a theory on the movie Coco by Disney and Pixar (SPOILER ALERT) on why ALL of the family members of Miguel that passed on to the land of the dead has black hair while Mama Coco is the only one white hair as she died due to old age. Does that mean everyone else died at a young age just like how we see Hector died as he was poisoned in his mid or late 30s while his hair was still black. And if you do watch it in cinemas along with Frozen Christmas edition.. please figure out why is Hans in one of the split second frames where Olaf goes to each house in the kingdom to look for a Christmas tradition for elsa and Anna, and he's not alone as he has a family with him, a lady right next to him, presumably his wife along with kids next to him..
I hope you'll do a theory on Coco more though.. Anyways thank you if you manage to read this Matpat. Your videos inspired me to look at things in movie and in life from many different perspective and allowed me to be more observant ❤❤ Whatever videos you do, game or film, I love them all and I watch them all.
Ian’s Scofield Channel
jimin's non-existent jams
remember when he started this series? yeah that was in the 80s.
MagarVlogs & More!
Came out 2 days after my birthday....... truly a blessing
A: not the first ever female Doctor. Joanna Lumley played The Doctor in a charity short.
B: did anyone else get nostalgic for 7 days, Time Cop, and Crime Traveller watching the ad for that show at the end?
Cristian Moya Romero
Unsubscribed :) I'm tired of the opening in every video. 2 years is not a long time asshole, I'm tired of your expendable products culture unitedstatians, I've been struggling to fit in the art industry for two years, and is not a long period of time, is a short one
Allan Odiadi
I really thought this was going to be about John Titor. My disappointment is real.
I just thought he was never going to make this episode but make joke about it so we know he didnt forget but is just being lazy for the sake of annoying us...

Also I was here when those doctor who epusodes came out... thank you for part 3!!!
Nahh, dude. He's Pennywise. He changes his name to fit in with anyone and he's lived for a long time... Nah, bruh.. He's a child eater! C:{
“...other people in history...”

lin-manuel miranda appears
Blackcreeper B.C.
When's part four
CaileyIsAPhsyco :/
I saw a Schuyler
How dare you
(Hamilton fans anyone)
I haven't seen a single episode of Doctor Who... why am I watching this theory?
Good times good times much wow it’s here
Leonard Ciotau
I'm from Romania!Who else is romanian?
Zack McZackington
I'm feeling a mix of happiness and extreme confusion...
нету этого же виде ток на русском языке?
Mitchell Schott
Anyone else read the alchemist? No? Ok...
the slender
interstellar theory please
Ven Chan
Anyone else have a mini heart attack when the Angel came on screen? No? Just me? Kay...
The editor for this video is my favourite editor
I recognise you from older matpat vids
Christoher Crowder
Do a video about the water balloon zim launched at the earth and how much damage it could have done on the show Invader Zim. Episode: The Wettening.
Polska Pomarańcza
9:45 is that, nooo... ... maybe? Mariusz Pudzianowski? The second polish Time Lord (right after our president Andrzej Duda)
DeathScythe Gaming
This is actually crazy, but one time, I was at a friend’s house, and we heard the tardis sound. His internet was off, too. It was right outside his window, which was even weirder lol.
Poke 1
What game is that at 9:42.... I swear I’ve seen it before
Lol Bit
I think he got kidnapped by Capaldi.
Acronic X
Try these games, You will maybe enjoy them:

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Rhiannon Rose
It took 13 or 14 Aussies to get this episode out XD
2 yrs in the making!!!!!!!
The Dark Knight Guard
Full metal alcamest is the best anima ever
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