Giraffe born at Dallas Zoo in April dies after breaking neck


A giraffe calf named KIPENZI,  whose birth drew worldwide attention has died, according to officials with the Dallas Zoo.

Animals need to be out in a savannah type zoo with lots of running space.
Wintry Kiss
Aubreys World of wounder
I just watched this poor baby giraffe being born and then I hear she is dead!!
Andi Addimando
Sandy Ramsay
Thank You, the waiting & the Birth was wonderful~!! I pushed every time she had a contraction~I was exhausted when the Baby came out. What I missed in the video was how long did the baby live? The other question was do Giraffes expel After Bith?
Jen Taylor
It does look like it need to be larger if they are going to have younger more playful giraffes there that obviously need more space to run and play. But I'm sure the keepers do their best to keep them safe and this sounds like one of those things that no one could have imagined.
I'm a bit put off by his comment about not wanting to put human emotions or behavior (I can't remember his exact words) with the animals which is insulting. Emotion is emotion no matter who is experiencing it. Animals grieve just as humans grieve. Why else would they be looking for changes in the herd? When you see an apple call it an apple and not a red piece of fruit!
Destiny Walker
im so sad i love giraffes
Keng Yang
its so sad who wouldnt help
Peace and LOVE
Aww, I just watched the birth??????, sooo sad
Erynn P.
If they were roaming free in Africa these giraffes wouldn't have to worry about death from exhibits and walls. Duh! I don't like zoos for this reason. No animal should be caged, it's in-humane.
Suzy me
Can people not read? Look at the dates folks.
Regina Marie Oliver
Jaybruhh Wolf
WHY!! WHY..... JUST WHY! 😫😔
Fly Pile
Horrible. Animal cruelty. There are way too many giraffes in that enclosure. No room for them to run or get up to their high speeds or open territory. Too many trees in the way that they have to dodge and then the water so close to where she is running. But, it's a money maker thing, right? Too costly to give them 1/2 acre or acre to run on without obstacles. Ya should be fined and shut down!
Bob Swaget
Deborah Roy
Praying for April & Her Baby. Blessings on Her Labor , Birth, and Long Life for Oliver, April & awaiting Calf.
sam 20
go to hell none of this is true
Nia S.
😑 so sad. Good thing there's no walls for baby giraffes to run in to in the wild.
Katie Fisher
That is sad 😭 that she died 😖😖😣
Jena Reynolds
These giraffes are in Dallas, April the giraffe in is NY.
Tania Flip
zoos are cruel for human amusement. free them
Tamara Eckstadt
This was almost two years ago, folks. July 28th, 2015.
Susan Barthelemy
need more space. how cruel to keep so many giraffes in that space. check the disney animal kingdom and learn from them. if you can't provide more space, put them somewhere that would accommodate their needs.
Deb C
Human attributes to animals? Being a animal lover and witnessing my animals dying, and the survivors are quite like human when it comes to losing someone we love. They all have feelings and do mourn the death of one they love. For instance, our 12 year old dog died in my arms a few weeks ago, and our puppy witnessed it too. He was so devastated, and depressed for days, until I put our dogs collar around the puppies neck, something miraculous happened at that point. He perked up, and began eating again, and playing as usual. Before that, he completely shut down, and we thought for sure he was going to die from depression. So, to separate humans from animals when it comes to losing a loved one is a poor choice of words. They do have feelings. Our chickens also have feelings when another one dies. Laugh as you may, but it is true.
Wide Awake
Too small enclosure!!!!
Debbie Nguyen
This a news story from July 2015.
Debbie Nguyen
This is not the current giraffe being born to the giraffe named April. Search Animal Adventure Park Giraffe cam.
Berrie Mckokiner
R.I.P. giraffe
Paula Ibonie
So sad .
DestinyEyes Msp
this animal is having another calf Xx hopefully her birth goes well
Kaylee Smith
That is so preshios that one when the giraffe gives the worker a goodbye kiss
aww that's sad
I never saw this when I lived in Dallas .
wateves wateves
the enclosure is so small .. these animals need space to run about.
Fox Reporter: "Well what was the reaction from the other Giraffes that were there?"
Zookeeper: "Uh wow, you are a sick lady."
Casey Lin
s Harendza
Flower Girl
This is so sad. I watched the live birth and then shortly after heard of the baby giraffes death.
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