PJ Lolito
I just want to thank you guys so much, this video made me aware of pullip dolls, and now I'm saving up for a hatsune Miku pullip doll. I love them soooo much that I want to go to Korea to see if they are cheaper there( but one thing is stopping me from asking mum, bombs) these dolls are the cutest things I've ever seen!
I always thought pullip was Japanese until I saw this. I feel so stupid
Army For Ever
fulla my sister hase one she hase a show in arabic conteris
فلا fulla
باربي barbi
OMG the korean dolle is my favorit i love korean like my photo did you see it!
Xbox UnicornK
Can you sub me
Mohd Chy
We can find Fulla in Qatar
Zoey Jensen
Don't have a fav Barbie but I loved doll house dolls
Raheem Smalls
I love the Islamic dolls cause I'm muslim and I love allah!!
Tony Purhartono
I 'm muslim
Saima Nadeem
I have twenty Islamic doll
because I was born in a Islamic country
Yuki Mystic707
Emma Atsum
I love the muslim barbie its so good im arabic and im muslim no hate please you can be who you wanna be and i like the korean one
The Muslim doll comes with stones and a removeable head. And you can only play with her if you also have her 70 year husband.
Izabella Suris
my mermaid barbie
fighter kyubey
omfg I had a miku licca chan and I threw her out she will come for revenge
l❤it لقد أعجبني
بس عشان لما تترجم تفهم
Jeff Megins
its not u r u make u
Caroline Black
No! Pullips are not barbies! They are for collectioners not for stupid kids
sazzatul alam
xxcamella xx
who thinks the old fashioned Barbies had big foreheads?? Or is it just me??
Miss Pretty13
The Fullip and Licca Dolls are gorgeous!
Olufemi Banswell
my nicky babie doll
Cherry Lovely
I want a pullip doll now!
rimona maad
i have fulla
Judhistir Das
I want the Japanese one!!!!!
Alice B
When I was little I had a Barbie doll with dark skin and black hair.
Arshi fatima.ansari
0:57 it's Brooklyn and Bailey. go check the video Brooklyn and Bailey rody channel baby version 4
Mira Strauss
pullip dolls are nothing like barbies I'm afended
Honey Nut Yurio's !
Aiko is pronounced like i-co. (i as in 'Alive')
It also means "beloved child"
The Japanese pronunciation is terrible in this video, I'm disappointed, it's really easy.
whats up guys
i'm like barbie muslim
Three of those so called "pullip" dolls are actually Blythes. GET IT RIGHT GOT DAMMIT, very offensive
Lps supper cat
I saw a lps next to one of the dolls with big heads
I am from an Islamic country Pakistan
bukharihouse 7866
I like muslim barbie
Vintageanaa Lps
3:30 Why is there an LPS?
3:27 Hmm.. Taeyang? k-pop??
Fio Renza Zalianti
omg korea
Lynn Dabbousi
2:30 i used to live in saudi arabia and i saw barbie dolls on sale at a store
Alexander Knight
They don't like that barbie isn't oppressed so they made their own? Wtf does she do, get abused by her husband and never leave the house? Does the delux version come with it's own microchip to track so she can't escape the country? I must know!
I have a curvy barbie!
Daniela Washer
I don't like the Muslim Barbie
Mine Marie Lundholm Gosmer
Made to move asian doll
Somen Chakraborty
no indian doll🇮🇳🇮🇳😡😡
Beatrice Lotspeich
They aren't barbies because they haven't sold their rights to Barbie! They are their own company!!
elma shala
i whish i hade the muslim barbie
Marcus Mejia
made to move dolls
shinchan 00
Tiffany Leo
I have 7 fulla folls
Who tf is Emily Dickson? It's Dickinson
Guest 666
I mean barbe
Guest 666
The moslim barber is from Algera
There is a doll who is similar to Barbie called Steffi Love that mainly sold in Germany and other European countries. And there is a doll who had similar body type and height as Barbie called Yue Sai WaWa I think she was only available in China.
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