10 AMAZING Barbies From Around The World

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10 Barbies From Other Countries
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Did you know that the original Barbie doll was named after Barbara Handler, the founder’s daughter? And that the doll actually got transformed from the original German doll for adults called Bild Lilli? But many countries weren’t happy with how these dolls were portrayed, so they created their very own version of Barbies. We bet you can find a Barbie doll alternative everywhere you go.

Ever heard of Hijarbie? The term took the Internet by storm, and it belongs to the 24-year-old Haneefah Adam from Nigeria. She wanted to create a Barbie doll that dressed like her. As there are no Muslim Barbie dolls in Mattel’s collection, she decided to make her own version and document her creativity on Instagram. Her account became hugely popular, and Haneefah continues to outline the beauty of Muslim Barbie dolls.

Nigeria also has one of the most best-selling Barbie doll alternatives called Queens of Africa. These Barbies embrace African culture in body and spirit. You can find three models, and each of them represents a popular African tribe. Queens of Africa are also really rocking the African fashion and are gorgeously styled from head to toe. 

Another popular Barbie doll alternative is called Pullip, and you can find it in South Korea. These fashionable dolls have adorably large heads and big eyes, which are completely customizable. Pullips are a huge hit, and the company releases new dolls almost every month! 

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I want a pullip doll, but they're so expensive!
LittleWolfey & The Fancy Moostash
welp Next year i will go to Indonesia to meet my family and BUY DAT DOLL
Zack from Lookism is an angry cinnamon roll
The Hatsune Miku doll was a pullip from South Korea...wrong photo lol
Zack from Lookism is an angry cinnamon roll
Do your research next time. Pullip is not a Barbie doll and you showed incorrect photos of it. Some were not pullip but they were Blythe.
Venla Kilpeläinen
I have like two pullips and one tayang.
Lil Hunny
Cosmic Productions
3:48 Heather's confirmed XD
شجرة الساكورا
Starrie Remirez
Bella xoxo
My favourite Barbie that I have is Video Game Hero
6:47 this doll can turn me on...this doll is sexy
It might be a good idea to research a little, and provide pronunciation tips to your voice actor before you start recording. The 'Laika Chain'-like expression we hear in this video is nothing close to the Japanese 'Licca-chan'. Makes me wonder how wrong are the pronunciations of the African or Middle-Eastern doll names that I haven't heard before :(
LPSPashdog Productions
obsessed fujoshi
Sailor moon?!!!!😍😍😍😍
Five Nigjts At Freddy's fan
I am in islam
i remember fulla i loved the dolls i got more then barbie really they were cheaper,respected my religen,looked better for me its my opionion sorry if i offened a barbie fan
kristina fleck
not true barbies cost 8 to 20 dollars
Miss FroggyFun
My fav barbie i owned is........ NONE
Echo Arts
lol I still have some old Lottie dolls in my bedroom
That Emo Kid
Sara Animations
Omg you made me remember fulla btw I'm muslim and I remembered just now when I had a fulla doll it's was wearing a hijab I'm so happy xD
Jake Pauler
those freaking barbie shoes
Noor tyي مع اخواته و الاصدقاء
i am Arabie Girl
The Greek Winter Queen
Fulla dolls... Pullip dolls..... OMG amazing!! I want one!! ❤
Gagandeep kour
I am Sikh
Asif Bana
Mash Allah
Butt Monkey
wow i want an african queen doll! i love the hair, and the clothes are simply fabulous!

anyway, my favorite barbie doll I've ever owned was flower power barbie. i liked her most cause her hair was brown and her skin was tan. i guess i got sick of all the white skinned blue eyed blondies XD
Butt Monkey
fulla isn't saudi, she's syrian (or maybe lebanese?)
and also, when were barbies banned in saudi arabia? I've been there many times and every time the toy stores were chock full of barbies. even more than fulla!
Arpit Anand
my little sister is a big Barbie fan. she has got a number of them
Ummm yeah, two of those Pullip dolls were actually Blythe dolls:/
JoElla Itlhobogeng
Africa is a continent
Leah Carey
I have 8 lottie dolls and LOVE them
Mg9princess999 __999
I'm from Saudi and we have barbies what the hhhhhhh I swear our dolls are just like yours we have Barbies believe me this Chanel tells lies all about arabs I'm from Saudi and this is all lies
Emma Shell heart
Yehui Yun
In South korea pulup? Dolls are not popular just so you guys know
Eid Obaid
Love you how do anything with work Donuts bring everyone I want love your heart
Eid Obaid
Love you mama mama you love me too I love you I love you
Diamond Kittens
You can clearly see how some of them are made to empower girls while others purpose is to prepare them for suppression. Where's this world going....
Owlgirl 1206
Fully sucks back at Saudi Arabia
slow clap so take some ripped up napkins in order to "create" a Barbie dressed like a beekeeper cuz the ones showing ankle are still too inappropriate in your fucked country. WAY TO EMPOWER FEMALES, GIRL!
Lulu Chan
Everyone's getting upset about the HatsuMe Miku thing...anyone else notice how they showed a Blythe when talking about Pullip? ;-;
Soul jello
When I was younger I visited my cousins a lot they live in Quatar and they gave me a fulla all I said was "The f@ck is this" Keep in mind I was 9
Kowai Kinz
I wanted to get a pullip but they are like at least 150$

Eisha McNaulty
I like how she put the hijab on them
Lamees Gold
في عرب
منوعات القمر
I like the Muslim barby her name is folla
The Blumiereist
Yoooooooo it's fulla
Sel. s.
still not sure what a pullip has n common except that both are dolls...
Choi je Hoon's live
south korea😍😍😍
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