10 AMAZING Barbies From Around The World

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10 Barbies From Other Countries
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Did you know that the original Barbie doll was named after Barbara Handler, the founder’s daughter? And that the doll actually got transformed from the original German doll for adults called Bild Lilli? But many countries weren’t happy with how these dolls were portrayed, so they created their very own version of Barbies. We bet you can find a Barbie doll alternative everywhere you go.

Ever heard of Hijarbie? The term took the Internet by storm, and it belongs to the 24-year-old Haneefah Adam from Nigeria. She wanted to create a Barbie doll that dressed like her. As there are no Muslim Barbie dolls in Mattel’s collection, she decided to make her own version and document her creativity on Instagram. Her account became hugely popular, and Haneefah continues to outline the beauty of Muslim Barbie dolls.

Nigeria also has one of the most best-selling Barbie doll alternatives called Queens of Africa. These Barbies embrace African culture in body and spirit. You can find three models, and each of them represents a popular African tribe. Queens of Africa are also really rocking the African fashion and are gorgeously styled from head to toe. 

Another popular Barbie doll alternative is called Pullip, and you can find it in South Korea. These fashionable dolls have adorably large heads and big eyes, which are completely customizable. Pullips are a huge hit, and the company releases new dolls almost every month! 

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Fatima Saad
Kyla Best
lol Emily Dickson
Anne Thames
Holy shit, the muslim dolls is pretty than I thought
SprinkleCandy Aj
I Live In Saudi Arabia But I Am From Pakistan And I Am A Muslim.
my favorite barbie doll was this Russian model doll, she was so pretty, i wanted to be her, for the first month of having her i only ate salad so i could look like her :(
MattAndErin Krumenacker
Actually fashionista Barbies have been around for a while, they just introduced different body types and Heights and skin colors to that specific line. I bought my daughter fashionista Barbies back in 2010-2011. it is true though that the sizes and Heights and stuff changed 2016
Huda Odeh
Huda Odeh
2:46 this is my country's money lol
alishah K
but still we don't have an indian barbie doll
Michelle Lynch
fashionista barbie c:
Laurie Heymans
My favorite barbie is the 2004 holiday barbie. I want the green one and I only have the red.
Tamanna Mohanty
Sonia Singh is an Indian...proud to be an Indian..Jai Hind
Random BTS ARMY In random videos
Sailor Moon? Sailor Moon.
LPS Hearts
3:32 you can see an littlest pet shop
Foxy fox 2
Um excuse me but girl guides where from england founded by Juliette Gordon low born in Savannah Georgia (1860-1927)
the new made to move ones
They should have made a native doll!
Alicia Herrera
Do they say bad wrods🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😗🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
I remember the Dolls of the World series from the 90s. Those were awesome!
T.p.k Perera
hate Muslims
Ava Burrell
i have a lotty doll
Yap Jason
i wish they will make a kagamine,rin or megurina luka licca-chan
Wheatley Core
Krin G
So Barbie was banned for showcasing basic human rights women aren't allowed to have, then?
Wow! This is so progressive! Fula's beautiful!
samy lynch
Renée Schwartz
not to be a nag, but a few of these use images of different brands or inaccurate information. for example, the miku doll listed under licca is a pullip. there was a blythe under the pullip, too. they're different companies....
Regina Miranda
these are all so beautiful
Meme cat
Fula is the most beautiful barbie
Poppy Hopkins
No goth doll? Well...
Ihlet LPS
Did they just say... Hatsume Miku!?

Omg. I. Am. Triggered.
chibi xx
I really want to buy some dolls now
ZooZoo Vlogs And Gaming
yes I have tow friends from Egypt and they are Muslims
ZooZoo Vlogs And Gaming
yes why do you say things wrong America but no hating
ZooZoo Vlogs And Gaming
you are saying Hogan and folla wrong
Rozy Zakaria
Yes you have to be islam not cristians because Allah is here not jesus
clumsypie DIY
the things you forgot the indian dolls find them out
Nour Fahs
I'm Arab
Ginger 耿
My Rosa Bella Beauty Doll!
jack william
does islamic barbie come with a suicide vest?
Bella_Paws _506
I'm Irish but never heard of those Irish Dolls😂
Crazy Gwen!
I love Pullip dolls its just so adorable!😣😣😣
xX Fabulous Msp Xx
Why is so many things being pronounced so weirdly?
Like im sorry but it aint mas-lum its muslim and they also pronounced Australia so weirdly like Autral-ya

I'm sorry but it is just really annoying because no one speaks like that
mess is lucky
I live in the United Arab Emirates in Fujairah
LpsFanLover 9
3:31 Lps😻
Kassidy Online
That's not how you pronounce Muslim or Fulla. Get your shit together.
Africa is a country that is often misrepresented and misunderstood?? AFRICA IS A CONTINENT! And which "3 main tribes" of Africa are those you talked about exactly? Do you know how many hundreds of tribes there are here? Do better, you guys. :(
At least you were right about the misinterpretation and misunderstanding.
You don't need to know about me
She seriously pronounced hijabi barbie as "Hai - jabi Barbie". ooh girl no no no its "he- jabi barbie"
I swear to god I used to live in Syria and on my birthday my dad got me a fula doll . I lost it . I only have the prayer mat
Jaquio de Mieux
2:57 noooo you made a MAJOR mistake here!!!! Thats not a pullip thats a doll CLOSE to a pullip but isn't quite!
angela rosas
licca chan <3
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