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In this segment of On Location, Coyote turns into a ZOMBIE who’s thirsty for one thing and one thing only...desert sock punch of course! 

Well ok, maybe he’s not actually a zombie but he sure does end up looking like one! 

Prickly Pear Cacti grow all over the Southwestern United States and their bulb-like fruit are a prized delicacy among many desert dwellers because they can be used to make things like juice, syrup, candy and all sorts of other tasty delights!

So while filming Breaking Trail in Arizona, Coyote got the crazy idea to try to do something a little different in regards to preparing his mid-morning meal. He actually uses his own sweaty sock right off his foot to squeeze and drink some freshly picked prickly pear fruit for breakfast! YUCK! 

Now the only question that remains is will the rest of crew also induldge in some of his messy desert concoction?

Get ready to find out and see some REAL Zombie Juice! 

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Cringed 1000000000000000%
Holy Powerade
ok that's absolutely disgusting
Haley Ortega
his first clickbate ever
Andreas Bahr
Lol if he cut his tongue while eating it off the knife
Dominick Trav
When I was little My mom gave me a prickly pear fruit and I got all the little things in my hands
ziad00 alhazmi
خلاص الله عليه وسلم
Tammy Smithson
What's a beet
Epic Wolfa Craft
My gosh!.....
I want dat fruit
Skylar and Hunter show
When he was bashing the fruit he looked like he was killing an animal
Kiara Dickinson
For a moment I thought it was going to turn into a Tide ad 😂
Zombies do not eat blood they brains vampires eat blood so part of this video was a FAIL
roberta smart
look s like blood
6:03 erm...not true...
Babysitter: your mom asked what are you watching
Me: I'm watching a coyote suck juice out of a sock
I like how he just sticks a knife in knife in his mouth
Omega Cat1268
Don't watch this if you're younger sibling is scared of blood because in the start when Coyote was hitting the sock and when the juice was coming my lil sis thought it was blood so she screamed ZOMBIES ARE REAL ZOMBIES ARE REAL my friend was on my bed and I had my phone on the same bed and my lil sis is with me and I was embarrassed
Brian Stoner
its like coyote turned into a zombie killed some one chopped they're foot of with the sock still on bashed it with a rock and drank they're blood.
Brandon Aguirre
it really looks like blood
I'm sure it's delicious, Coyote, but next time, feel free to do it in a fresh sock. :D
My nephew was scared of the beginning when he said zombie
wowsospoopydaniel animations
The poor sock

It got spines in it and also it got stabbed by a rock then squeezed...#socksmatter
Breana Pascua
Breana Pascua
Disgustingly delicious
Accept The Reject
When he was bashing the fruits it looked like a crime scene.
goku black
it look like blood
Gymnastick's GIRL
rip to the sock
Andy Slay
Hey do. you. Won't. to. hey. a. joke. we. did. the. kid. bring. a. later. to. school. to. go. to. hi. school
Angelica Wiley
the music added makes it seem creepy XD
Jen Heatherly
I love all your shows
do you have a son
how old is pup
Kendra spear
can you eat the outside??
Tailess Meah
Can u make Jam out if it?
Emma Termonia
Omg are you ceding me 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Mara Doles
it dus not look like blood because it's pink
Erica G
What the hell🤔😵😱
Jordan Cannon
this guy is just like pokemon, "GOTTA CATCH'EM ALLLL"
Murf 17
Lol I found some in stopnshop
Chewyfox Games
RIP sock
Lailani Austria
Willy Rodriguez
you look so DIFFERENT when you wear regular cloths
claudia f
Yummy! it tastes Good!!
Insane Trick Shots
He is a real Pokemon go catcher
Lekena Poung
I'm like he's crazy, blood? Then, I'm like oh, he's not, it's prickly pear juice. Then, OMG he is crazy, that's his sock!
Fia Franco
you do look like a vampire
I'm willing to bet he started carrying an extra pair of socks after this. Hiking without socks is hell on your feet.
Sasan Solaimani
like the music when he drinks the juice
Missy K
oussama elhajam
that's not how it should be eaten
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