Fake thumb nail its to obvious
Lucia Gillam
you suck
Alyssa Ruthruff
I hate lions so fricking much !!!!
Julie Lachney
Did she have her baby yet
Workalemahu Degene
this lions are shaming the giraffe Infront of the video ,,,
Rafiul Karim
youtube should ban this account due to lie
its a lie to people and scam by animal life
scott O'brien
WOW what a shit video. Grown men laughing as this poor animal gets eaten alive. I can only hope you die being ripped apart too. Never watching this shit channel again!
Rory Hart
obviously no moderator on this site, the language is deplorable from people I assume are adults.
Lisa Rieger
Alle die gelacht haben: Fickt euch ihr hässlichen Missgeburten! Hoffentlich passiert das mit euch ihr Ficker! Erbärmlich!
White Box
Бля, ну это жутко когда тебя жрут заживо. Блять, уёбищьно, хотя бы б убивали животное попавшее в лапы хищникам, как то это совсем не адекватно смотреть и ничего не делать... Животное в агонии умирает...
free way
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Mariana Ruiz
Mahoba Mahoba
Bidur Ghimire
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Jason H
Shit... Title is a lie.
Cindy Park
horrible.. misleading title.. should have put giraffe down. suffering, as it's being eaten alive,, and he was crying out for mom..
This is very absurd and irresponsible because wild life protection of endangered species should know how to protect giraffes.
Jefferson Michel
looks like, mating season came early today.
kazakh mustang
giraffe kiled its own baby ,what a stupid cunt
Pat Schur
Absolutely no reason to allow all those lions to gang up on giraffes who are not dangerous to any animals. I bet humans watching this video enjoying the film needed a lesson in compassion for animals. Disgusting and not educational at all.
Sophie Jay
As sad as it seems, its nature and they have to eat. If they stopped it then the lions would go hungry. I agree they could have been more respectful about videoing it but the comments telling them to intervene with the kill are uneducated. Lions eat meat, you wouldn't see them surviving off berries and leaves. It's the circle of life.
Cynthia Cheek
stop laughing and save the giraffe you idiots
besorgter Burger
So it looks like this mother kills her own child. But thats all.
Poor Lion..;(( NOOOO
Denisita Ambrosio
se la comieron
Cinnamon Girl
Beth Fisher
Report this video! It's clickbait fraud!
I wanted to watch a video where the giraffe wins, the lions totally killed more giraffe in this video. Why make a video with a misleading title? Click bait just makes me not interested in your videos at all.
'Giraffe kills lions'. From what... overeating? This is horrible and disgusting. I am terribly upset. I didn't expect to see lions eating a giraffe alive while his eyes are still blinking in the night vision camera. You people are horrible to show this under a false name.
All I saw was dead giraffes
Chris F
Lagandev Ray
patna ke golghar
Rini Lisa
Stephen Fang
that giraffe stomped its baby to death...
Coudn't they just shoot that poor giraffe that was getting eaten alive??!!!!! F... Assholes!
No people scare me more. They kill for no reason. At least the lions killed for food. Mankind. The most dangerous mammal on earth!
JR Rivera
caution click bait.
Lilah Shawley
i cnat watch
Peter Tassone
Giraffes don't kill lions. Lions kill Giraffes. And assholes like to watch.
s Harendza
I'd kill myself for lions to stop killing such pretty animals
lying bastards! not one lion is killed .... and to show that end one was horrifying!! especially listening to em laugh thinking it is funny that something is being eaten alive for countless amounts of time... NOT at all cool to bait people into watching this... assholes!
shan rite
Deceptive ass titled, asshole!
Lousy video..... deception in the title.... click bait
Gracie's Life
Awe the giraffe had blood all over I feel so bad 😢😢
Ramon Campos
one million of dislikes mtf liar
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