Cancer Comments - The Truth

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I don't have cancer. I give you my hot take on cancer and cancer comments. Thanks for watch. remember to like comet surviv


hell yeah


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My channel = cancer
“Oh wait, that’s black face”
nadia janjua
I just lost it at 1:13
Get to da choppa
So does he have cancer by now? I am getting a bit impatient.
Porsha Randall
Remember E.T? This is him now.
Josh's best Fren
Wait, Tyler was bald before... is he a cancer survivor?
Ksopas 8
0:58 oh no
Trans, Pan, And In An Emo Band
He didnt even get his own qoute right. "Hey, that looks pretty good" ?!!? No its, "Hey...

Thats Pretty GOOD "
Jacksepticeye 2
2 years to the date
Jordan {prince of darkness} mohahahahahaha
Dude ma Grampa has cancer and he is dieing
Cody Gall
Lmao "I dont have cancer... but let me talk about my cancer"
People that hate on ricegum for making fun of rape, yet they laughed at Idubbbz for saying that he was diagnosed with cancer and replying to his tweets “lol funny joke” gtfo
Joseph Stalin
You look like a neo nazi. HEIL HITLER HEIL HITLER HEIL HITLER!!!
Skip to 56 seconds he says the N word
Mckenzie Ross x Huang ZiTao
His forehead is so big
Marc Anthony Saunders
i watched this exacly 2 years later
Soapy Memes
Open bob and vegan picx pl0z
Fool -_-
Lol I got cancer a couple years ago and beat it but don’t really care cause I’m suicidal anyway and depressed so I though “whatever it’ll probably come back in a few years so I might as well live”
India Moore
Omfg the more I watch u the more I love u
You suit that wig at the end
have fun being bald faggot
Idubbz I want to tell you a secret

You’re bald.
creature from the dank lagoon luis
I have cancer i dont have cancer i got stomach cancer but it was a mistake but lets talk about my cancer
Miranda Penner
His forehead is so big
Incident \ Beanrr
This is coated with so many layers of irony it's hard to tell that he's joking
firstname lastname
still waiting for more anime reviewer
man thats sad....i was happier when i thought you had cancer
Hydro-Red Gaming
Thank god you alive .
Mason QH
I'm so confused
Richard The roast
he looks like wierd russian guy
I'd pay $100,000,000 for the 17in Dildo
Ranger Constipation
I fucking love the burp cuts
Jesus Vargas
Idubbbz: Do you know the show "The Last Airbender"
Barber: Say no more
This whole video is like having your favourite uncle embarrass himself in public. God help you.
This is honestly the least funniest idubbbz video.
Jackson Reviews Animation
I just thought you looked like you, but with a shaved head.
Idubbbz is an egg
NerdieStuff Anime
1:00 wow u cant be saying that.
iDubbbz is the hero we need
Stone Deer
bro that was so dark that guy crying saying idk how much more i can take. holy fuck dude i feel terrible for laughing since many people in my family have cancer and one of my friends died in march from lymphoma. But somehow idubbbz can make fucking ANYTHING funny. Truly a talent to behold
Maggie has magic
wow you do look like victor holy-
"hey boss im going to be a cunt and ruin weddings"
Orri 44
Hey you scrolling through the comments, ARE YOU FUCKING GAY🤔
one upper
He says"N" word words!
Mr. Catz
I got cancer while watching the cancerous cancer video about cancer... cancer
Matthew Clem
5:01 trendy in 2017
Gertsa DaGOD
Who’s watching 2017?
Gertsa DaGOD
He says that he’s not laughing about cancer and the category is comedy
OG r9
Wal Mart Daniel Tosh
Olivia Wink
Why do you look like howie Mandel?
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