Drake Introduces Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor at Toronto Press Conference - MMA Fighting

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Canadian superstar Drake introduced Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor at the second leg of the Mayweather-McGregor world tour in Toronto.

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john wayne
my name is drake and I love suckin guys off
MR. 359
There's only one Notorious and that's Biggie Smalls we gonna do a pull Conor
Lambert Lavea
Hahaha the biggest fight in fighting!?!?!? Hahahaha
Omar Espinoza
The greatest fight in the history of fighting? lol stick to music man, boxing is not for you.
Ryan Matson
6 god
Jeovany Rojas
What kind of shoes was drake wearing
Eugene Mitchell
Drake has the best ghostwriter 😂😂
barry allen
lmao the comments ...
Andrew D
He sounds like Kat Williams.
Circahh H
aye it's the dude from degrassi
The co main event should be Drake vs Chris Brown lol
P Brickley
McGregor in six.
Chin roids vs punch roids.
Roxy Palma
this isn't the greatest fight ever. all hype.. the greatest fight will be canelo vs ggg..
Thavisup T
Drake is SO LAME.
G Gg
that's one corny dude
Drake sucks ass
Jermain Johnson
51.50 Ilegally Insane , Just Like That Rap Group , The White Guy Is Insane To Get In The Ring With Mayweather... !!! Jungle !
Theodore Velez
this dude haves no style at all his outfits are always wack.
Mitch Hop
Drake loves me!!!
Peter McCalloway
How much did Drake get paid for this?
Amir Da Prince
i think I heard of this guy
I seriously thought that he was about to come out of the closet.
Preben Olesen
Anyone knows what brand jacket Drakes wearing?
Hunter Mc 1
khan ali
wtf ariel helwani introducing floyd and conor on stage
manjunath b n
I'm from India I'm a big fan Conor he Wil Win1000% bcoz he the champion 49-1
BlueLou Boyle
Who cares bout Drake, really....
manjunath b n
conr king of Fight
ray ciannello
Where's his wheelchair? This guy is a fraud!
sam charles
Shout out drizzy Drake!
A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House
Drake - the man with the shittest music who became famous. Just goes to show you, you don't need talent to be popular.
Raghav Thakur
So whether it its floyd money mcmayweather lol drake is a wwe fan doesn't know sit bout boxing or mma 0:32
Ishan Saha
he is fairer than a white guy
Juan Galarza
he smiled like he killed it 😂
drake was jogging around that area and promoters called him in between to introduce fighters
sweater to small
the goat!
Emma Ronning
Continuous adolescent camera nvauva file club college pitch alone change.
who is this drake fella then
Samer Jabareen
Did he say "Floyd Money whack mayweather"?
what a c**t .
88deeep Okay
He lying he don't love yous
Lavar's Balls
Good to see Andre Ward participating in this press conference
monta ellis
What is he dress like ??
I'm more of a Wyvern aficionado myself.
He didn't do the "call me on my cellphone" dance? Disappointed :(
THC Consumer
His voice gettkng squeaky-er as he gets older lmao
john wayne
Drake should just admit he's gay
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