So THIS is the speech everyone is getting worked up about? I fail to see the "rambling" and the supposedly "confusing" message. Pretty clear to me: Médecins sans Frontière mission is hard; at the end of the day the volunteers have a break and watched his show; they liked it and that makes him happy. I don't see where's the big covfefe!
Ok, new to the Night Manager (& fairly new to Tom Hiddleston). I got (understand the reason for the saying of 'paying himself a back handed compliment in a long winded way).

Sure, he's intelligent - but I don't think that was it. It was just clumsy - that's all. Just my opinion, but I think Sudan & MSF really made an impression (as you'd expect it would) - and so did people 'of value' asking after him. He wanted to say thanks - and also dedicate the award, so he did. Clumsily.

He tried to think (in a slightly 'wrapped up way') that they may have watched the GG, or somesuch, which may be slightly deluded (!) - but word got back (now at least, I'm sure! - so mission accomplished (in the end!).
Toki Nakamura
he was clearly nervous and told a story in front of a bunch of people who don't even know what or where Africa is, so they looked bored
Alex Chia
Smug alert
Chill out. We all make mistakes and at least he meant well. He didn't want to paint himself as the white savior and also apologized for it afterwards. Get over it, he's not a malicious person, actually far from it. He won't be caught dead being even slightly rude towards someone.
1:49 I'm screaming cause Christian almost had the same facial expression he had in the cafeteria scene of Heathers when he seen Veronica writing that letter
Funky Pants
903 !
And the problem was...?
juliet mag
I don't understand what's wrong with his speech it was sweet obviously he was nervous but I don't think he was trying to be arrogant or brag about the show
Look I don't know him personally but from the interviews I've seen for him he seems like a very very nice guy and a very down to earth man he's great
I love Tom but I think Riz Ahmed should've won instead.
Hussein Mouazzen
you know I always try to stay out from the people
Joyce Lin
I don't think this speech was bad. He do a good work but just too nervous.
Typing sarcastic comments is easy work, maybe someone even never participate in public welfare activities
Michele Schettino
Couple with the fact that he shouldn't have won, cringe-worthy speech. And to think Elizabeth Debicki got zero nominations.
Pantalla Verde
I still don't get why this was so controversial
claire joyce craig
what are you talking about dude????? lol
Yasi Fernandez
Sure sure, he should have said this! He should have said that! I want to see YOU in his place from the beginning and I bet you wouldn't be any better than you want him to be. My gosh! Of course he is a star, he should be used to it bla bla - no! It's simply normal to be nervous and try to make the best out of it over there, it's also not bad to talk out loud that you are proud of the people that help or the things you have done. So keep calm and try to overthink your expectations of humans beings
You can tell he's nervous!!!!
Catherine Danvers
Wow. I really don't get the hate he got for this speech. He is just a kind, humble, giving and passionate human being. I feel sad for those people who thought his speech was 'self-absorbed".
Hannah Maria
I don't understand why this caught so much flak, it came across to me as Tom simply saying that he feels proud to be a part of an industry, where his acting can bring some joy to those doing unimaginably charitable, and brave work. I don't know, think what you want, but all of the criticism is a bit much. Besides all the drama, Tom's performance in The Night Manager was truly exceptional, he deserved that award.
His speech wasn't that bad. People are just overreacting like always. He was nervous and probably not even prepared for that. Nobody's perfect, but I'm pretty sure he's closer to it than the people who are always judging and taking everything too personal.
Adrianna Smith
He's a very talented actor. It would be nice to work with him.
Pink Love
pause at 0.31 and please tell me , ain't that the face of the most beautiful man in the world??!! dear god he's so gorgeous.
hailey siddorn
Ok this definitely wasn't as bad as people were making it out to be
Yeah I see where people are criticizing him. He's a bit of an idiot right here, but this isn't the "secretly actually bad" tea I was looking for. Honestly if I knew people were enjoying my work in a crisis situation I'd be a bit pleased. Just a bit though. I think he meant to humble himself before the doctors who do good work, but yeah it definitely came off wrong. This wasn't the right place nor right way to express his feelings. I pity him a bit, but that's all. Most celebs have done far worse.
I feel bad for Tom because this is not how you want to start 2017: The press having a go at you. Again.
Cidao Aparecido
Why are people critizing this... I guess they don't want to hear the truth
Val Nenuial
This will go down in history as the encyclopedia definition of humblebrag.
Queen Jawan .
What a bae such an king he deserves this.
Franz Hadrian Gungon
I didn't feel bad about this at all. I feel so sorry for Tom that he even had to apologize for this. It' must've been a shitty feeling: Winning an award and apologizing later for saying nothing wrong. This was a heartfelt and inspiring speech. It was probably the longest speech of the night (except Streep's) but even that isn't such a bad thing.

That tornado's carrying a car
I have no idea what he's talking about, but I love his soothing voice and beard 😂 he's handsome with a beard
The only actor with any class at this show.
Skye Carte
Wait what's so bad about this I thought it was nice?
I heard the criticism before I saw the speech so I really tried to not be influenced but....This was painful to watch. --'
Wonderful gentleman. Glad to see him getting honored ♥
cansu kan
Tom is a wonderful person 😍😍😍
I like the speech! It is very touching.
He should have told them all to Kneel before him! KNEEEEL!!!
Frank Lesher
Tom Huddleston is one "Loki" man. I wish him the best.
Loki _ Hawksilver
I think it was a very nice statement - showing us the truth of society, and showing how people CARE. Thank you for showing us the reality of life- Tom. You're statement was admirable in my eyes... I don't care what anyone else thinks
Anna Lisnichenko
don't see anything bad in what he said, he just dedicated his award and showed that it is a good thing to do. Those in the hall making faces are the Elite that cares only about their good reputation, money and fake smiles.
Diogo Pereira
This sounded somewhat tactless of him, but he's young, he'll learn his lesson and overcome it.
He his not showing him self as somebody in the comment said. He is really helping and continuously raising money for them. Watch his video.
He didn't thank Taylor Swift in his speech. Why?
the Winchester in the tardis
guys. Come on now. We talk about Tom Hiddleston. He was not paying himself a compliment and everyone knows that. I mean, he is Tom Hiddleston. if you search for him you will understand.
He might have taken a little bit more time than usually allotted. But in all honesty I thought it was a very good little anecdote.
Erica Ford
I'm confused what's so bad bout this?😂
I don't get why they have to make long speeches, just say thank you and walk off.
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