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Hello Everyone :D

iI've been watching a lot of Vanoss lately and I decided to make an animation of him and his friends :)
Hope you guys like it ^^

►Original Video► http://bit.ly/2ceoEK4

►People in the video►
VanossGaming: http://bit.ly/2cd9mpJ
H2O Delirious: http://bit.ly/191aKBE
Ohmwrecker: http://bit.ly/1tfarLU
Bryce: http://bit.ly/1chv4VJ

If you liked it, SUBSCRIBE for more►http://bit.ly/1jgxe8e

I really hope you guys enjoy it
►Love you all►


Sound Cloud►https://soundcloud.com/lixiantv
Steam Group►http://bit.ly/1gzrVQW
Twitch TV►http://www.twitch.tv/lixiantv

Silver Dragon
Ohm's face at 1:31 is so cringy that it is funny.
ClashOnOdin - Clash Royale, Geometry Dash
good but the vanoss model looks bad
XxLilyHatesEveryThingEvenPpl xX
lol ur characters ar funny! and i like the bunny i cant even made that and the other friends lets just say they are cute and funny!
Shred X
Ohm looks cute and cool
Marcus l
great animation man!!😂
Star Joy
I saw Tem from the Tem shop
Purple girl the killer
XD I'm dieing so hard cx
Cesaragaming pro
this animation is a ripoff of markiplier animation
Grizzly Gamer
This video fills your with...

D E T E R M I N A T I O N ! ! !
ESSOK Gaming
Vanoss:HOLY SHIT!!
Story Animations
Lol. That was amazing!!
Charles Withnell
rip pochey
Junior Mendoza
vanoss play undertale
Tinrut The Gamer
this is horrible
BlackDragon BlackDragon
You should make some more animations please!!! XD
game on sofa
That's fucking creepy
nathan figueroa
Who saw that secret temmie?
Chara Undertale
Welcome to my rabbit hole my friends thats fucking freaky
Gavin Cavazos
he KILED pochy!!!!
candice brown
I love this youtubers drawing
fnaf chicas
mangle the fox
undertale !!!!!!!!!!!!
Kale Turner
in this episode, Vanoss is a duck
Kristian Durta
why does vanoss look like a chicken
lukasik timco
well atleast pucci isnt going to reset the universe
farisa fairy
i love it, he should do more
Carlos D Ramirez
I'm not trying to hate but vannos looks like a penguin
Noob Stickmen animator
1:31 give me bleach because of that face
John Bejerano
Dose any one remember when delirios said GIVE BIRTH!!!
ceepypasta lover 546
are u the one that made the markaplier animateds?
Marlene Quevedo/joey graceffa fangirl
Gabby Costilla
it so funny
funny​ when hey said I got my rabbit hole back 😁😁😁😁😎😎😎😎
I got one question for ya
Banana or Cucumber
I think ohm should get this type of animation
kayleigh mortimer
It da poochiee xD
teal dragonrosexox13
subscribed 👌💖
Aesbel Palatheon
Delirious: That fuckin creepy
Jeni Lee
Bullet ploof grass
Funny and great animation and the character expressions where priceless. XD
Minecart Gamer658
Why dose Vanoss Look so weird wen he laughs
LaToya Johnson
I have a brother who my family nicknames him Poochie!
- Boondoggle -
Vanoss and the crew are UnderNoobs
- Boondoggle -
Vanoss and the crew are UnderNoobs
Daniel Sanchez
Vanoss looks so worried throughout the video
Marcie Larison
so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nova Enforcer15
Vanoss looks like a chicken
Frostghost 75_6
Looks like one of markipire's animation
Undertale Fan
Delirious x vanoss?

And lixianTV didn't you help markiplier to
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