Trump Possibly Obstructed Justice, Who's Getting Fired? - Monologue

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Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Wednesday, May 17.

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Trump Possibly Obstructed Justice, Who's Getting Fired? - Monologue

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So, 0 people fired, no obstruction. Damn, the "what if" game hasn't really been working out for democrats, has it? Keep pushing! You'll get something right soon!

Now let's talk about the amount of reporters fired for lies in the last 6 months!
Justine Bayod Espoz
Fallon's political comedy is terrible. Trump is comedy gold, and this bozo is telling terrible, stale jokes. Want something good? Watch Colbert or Seth Meyers.
Jhonathan Zaldana
what happend to Jimmy!!!
no wonder he's getting hammered.
Antonio Gallo
Poor guy is being forced by NBC executives to berate Donald Trump
Backmarker Vali
So Fallon is finally put in place, right? Another show starts bombing Trump.
Polly Reich
Jimmy I absolutely LOVE you! I have a brain tumor and you make me laugh always! And I never think about my problems when I am watching you, thank you for your comedy and LOVE!
Yizzy 04
Jimmy got moves
Laura m
well traitor flynn just plead the 5th..
lock him up, lock him up, lock him up!!!!!!!!
Ðj John
same boring shit again and again
Canucks Fan
Your not Steven Colbert
Send that bitch trump to jail.
Zach Mad
This is exactly like an episode of the office called "Gossip". Michael Scott spreads a rumor that could destroy Stanley. Instead of coming clean, Michael starts spreading many many many rumors. He does this to distract everyone from the true rumor. In turn, everyone will dismiss all rumors since they are all false. Therefore, the true rumor from the beginning will be thrown out with all the false rumors. Don't give up searching for the truth no matter how much bs is piled around it.
Jpenney mrcoin
fallon sucks, I never watch him
Jimmy's boss told him to start to make Trump jokes.
not very authentic. Sad
Karl Fernandez-Cao
I love these monologues. Writers of this show, you're doing a great job.
Trump possibly did nothing wrong. Still... who are you gonna pick on because tv bosses say so?
Obstruction of justice=hammers, tarmac mtgs., & bleach bit! Hillary lovers are sore losers (looking at you Jimmy, Seth, & MSM)!!
no no no Jimmy you arent a politcal person. stop this before you divide your audience in half.

You are not a news group. You promote fellow talented people to strive further. Opening the polical door will just sacrifice your passion.
let me touch you
I think it's a good time to put our world leaders into a free-for-all arena. Whoever wins gets the Earth.
Bob Higbee
Come on Jimmy, you are better than this. Aren't you?
Carloman M
What do you think it would take to convince all the Chinese to bring millions of Mexicans into their country until the Chinese themselves were a minority, to intermarry with all those Mexicans, and to call anyone racist who refuses to do so? Impossible, you say?
But this is exactly what is happening to White people in ALL White countries and ONLY White countries. It is White genocide.
They say they are anti-racist, but what they are is anti-White.
Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.
the avocado story was from a British news paper and was stolen from a British panel show last week....called "Have I got news for you."
Every hour there is a breaking scandal
Tara Habibollahi
Fun Tip: Use a spoon for Avacados
Liv O'Reilly
Why is everyone making such a big deal about Donald Trump leaking information when Hillary Clinton and Obama did it several times and never faced the consequences? Is it because Liberals get whiney when they don't get what they want (President they want)?
Those chairs though xD
When your life is like Jimmy Fallons. "I don't have friends..." 😂😂 I may be singing that in my head for a week
Logan Ferrera
Perfect now Jimmy has to become a political sack just because he's losing viewers to Stephen Colbert
Luke skywalker
Trump should not have trusted Flynn but there's really NO PROOF Trump colluded with the Russians. I hope this guys ratings continue to drop the more he peddles that conspiracy
bill jam
Jimmy Fallon is such a little weasel. He apologizes to his audience because his bosses tell him to. Jimmy, I hope they at least use lube when you're getting it in the ass.
Sydney Pastor Poe
the movie night you guys have should be a filmed segment!!
Victor Kong
Good God, even his political monologues are mindless
Medium Rick
"The big scandal today"...
Everyday it's something new with Teflon Don.
Jay Shah
Jimmy is incredible at mimicking Trump. Just priceless
Tall Random Guy
Anyone else remember when the trending section didn't have any late night shows on it? Me neither
Tall Random Guy
So because this show hasn't been getting as good of ratings as other late night shows, they have to title every monologue with something to do with Trump.
Colin C.
Alright. So. After completing the circuit of late night talk show hosts, it's clear to me that Stephen Colbert is the most effective in going after Trump.
New Message
New catchphrase? "You're Impeached!"
doesn't have the same ring to it.
cas. s.
Lol I hardly think Jimmy "gave in" and started talking about Trump. Trump has been in his monologues ever since he was running for office, it's just constant now because he's actually president.
jax vee
Jimmy stop forcing your jokes, you are a terrible drunkard. Go Colbert Go!
Stevens Racine
Quick someone ask him about area 51 before more shit happens
Armando Dy
Fallon why go after the president? Every other show is doing that. What a douche bag move. Afraid you'll take a cut in pay if you don't. You're better than that. Rise above it all. Go after the smaller less covered stories. Like why a racist cop in Texas gets away with murder after shooting an unarmed black kid with a rifle.
ian benz
possibly ? ? ? methinks the orange one doth protest too much
Should have really stuck to originality Fallon..that's what made your version of the Tonight Show amazing..
Dirty Dan
Literally the only reason he's talking about this, is because the network made him talk more about politics for publicity.
massage chair... juicy!
Kamil Misiak
Who cares what do You think about trump. Ooohh im sorry Your boss told you so you have to say this boring monolouge mr fallon
Compare to new scandals​ by Trump and this Will, Obama wiretapping claim is just a Baby.
George beauchamp
trump is doing so good you liberals can't quit talking about him. glad he is helping your ratings
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