2 Swimming Pools In Our House! "Victoria & Annabelle Toy Freaks"

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Victoria and Annabelle decide to fill up the outdoor swimming pools in our house! One in the living room and one in the kitchen!
Freak Family Lifestyle :)

Surprise Eggs Baby Chicks "Annabelle Victoria Rex Toy Freaks Egg Style"  https://youtu.be/cSSxcWA5P3E?list=PLwJAbSobtiF25TGO8Fk5ETeTn3WqNMxw5

Pet Shark Throws Up Diamond Ring "Toy Freaks Style" Gross 

Maura Lobato
addy Williams
Annabelle blamd victorea
jadson damacena
Tay'vion Thomas
blue egg in the pool
Chandler Morphew-Tarbuck
Laimonas Zelba
Neek Keeton
hey you got to qaly
Brynn Salvadori
Victoria my sister has the same swimsuit
Ron Foreman
Victoria I have the same bathing suit but it's pink instead of blue
Barbara Lucrecia
I have the same suimin sut anabelle
Jackie Waters
I just saw that blue egg in the pool
Famous Kitty
Hevin Sari
Mero Nassar
Taylor Young
Plant joke chaos air resource summer administer contend platform.
Slushy Gamer
100% Savage
Dahlia McDonald
The Great Lagiacrus
Okay this is actually funny your kids are really cute XD
Anna Rodriguez Rodriguez
found a blue egg
Devann Davis
that girl screams a lot I like her
Lester Reese
this is so funny
Iggle Figg
Valeria Reyes
I love you guys pool freaks
Heather Townsend
I am. a fan
Brittany wormell
it looks nice outside
Annabelle is so cute
Jasmine Davis
Klk to get
Daruis Ogundipe
Laura Herrada
Great job girls
Jennifer Alvarez
the question is how did they blow them up
Makayla Paul
I love your video
Laurian Cornwell
in the pool
Daneeka Griffin-Bey
The egg is in the pool
Kyah Matteo
Victoria will you date me
Leslie Gonzales
I spotted a blue
Siriam Vega
canciones para niños
Kia Cheng
Abigail Pitter
I.saw the egg in pool its blue!!!
BRO vs BRO Vlogs and Minecarft
Pooper=Freak Daddy
BRO vs BRO Vlogs and Minecarft
What a party pooper
Ahmad Zia
Sarvesh Shaanan
if you take big pots it will work
Sirandu Bakaba Sahona
prejuicio knhnñk
Sirandu Bakaba Sahona
sv gimnasio bhkuyhnliunkihlpoykdwbl
love hoy vitorea and annabelle
I am your number 1 fan
you gays are cool
Makhia Carr
i have the same pool the big one
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