A cicada flew in my house just now and I did this exactly cause I've seen this before. #onceinalifetimeopportunity
joel pacheco
bug face
Ben Poopoker
With all the political stands google has been taking lately im going to start advertising Bing. Google will slowly drift into the nothing soon.
Kids Travel Diaries
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If you entered the wrong birthday, update it now. Otherwise, your Google Account will be deleted in 24 days.
If this Google account is for a business or organisation, use the birth date of the owner or the person who manages the account. Help?
Sock TV
Is that james?
its me you know
is that nova but older
yo is that uberhaxornova?
Rinesh Andrews
Cool Video
Tatjana Krapf
Lyrical InsanityOvev
It seems that google violated their own terms, did they ask the guys in the background?
Hmmm... i don't think they did.
Joe Capo
They've now managed to take something that you can instantly do by pressing a button, and turn it into a verbal command that takes 3 seconds...
Joe Capo
it takes 3 seconds
The cicada flies off before the photo is taken
Jered MC1
I think this is the clue of cicada 3301... lol jk ✌✌✌✌✌😂😂😂😂😂
Master Mew
Wow he's awesome!
100,000 views...20 Comments...WAT
My iphone5 could do it faster
Victor Rocha
how the heck did they come up with the idea for this this video
Alex Stefanov
This exact command opens the camera but doesn't take a selfie. It would be too cool if it did.
Anil Rathod
I'm not sure if assistant could understand my voice in that situation 😂
Nachiket Hinge
It doesn't work on any mobile phone other than Pixel! :(
sohom saha
so early
Diogo David
i would run
Kunal Gupta
Mason Landolt
Mason Landolt
I comment when this video has 300 views
Rahul Rajgopal
Максим Кошевой
This doesn't work =(
Ayan Serwan
first comment i guess
MasterBoy TV
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