Ethan Malloy
I know you're supposed to put away props in improv, but check 5:24. Why does Stephen put the hole away? It's not a tangible thing.
Cory Ziegler
Colbert heads the illuminati
Daniel 87
Spoilers! I didn't know who Luke's dad was! I'm still watching this. I'm like 3 movies ahead! Com'on! Dude!
Aylett Kish
once again, brilliant!
Dak Lamerbusch
Trump's "salads" consist of hundred dollar bills, children's foreskins, and Putin's "zecret sauce" wink wink. (sic)
Cant Touch This
Stephen is going all in!!
Furtunel Ciordeala
Awesome suit
Bill Hampton
Why is there no funny right wing political satire ? Because they are satire .
ROFL cash me ousside πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚
Alex Landherr
The bit with the Clancy novels was the best use of book titles outside of book covers.
Snoopy 101
That ass is too big to be Trump's
James Wolfe
I wish the band would shut up during this show :P
And on the list of bits I only get because I'm a librarian...
Ric Thompson
Why do they keep coming up with these "trumped-up" stories?
Seth Griffiths
Borrow variety flash invent swallow.
Lol when he say "Or Trump has a really talented penis" I died.. hahaha.. Coldbert for president ... now tat would be the dream..
Shawn Smith
I think Colbert found the only use for tom Clancy's books
Snoopy 101
Whoever wrote on that chalkboard has nice handwriting!
Teo Rosales
I'm surprised Stephen didn't use Tom Clancy's the bear and the dragon since trump says Russia and China a lot.
Maddy Smith
Ryan Liu
I love Tom Clancy!! favorite author of all time
Doctor Holmes
This is so brilliantπŸ˜‚β€οΈ
Ramon Loteria
Late night is now a political satire show?
Ryu Cartel
I don't understand how he can possibly disseminate all the information concerning this in a 10min segment. I spend hours reading about and researching this stuff. Sorry, but everyones being sold short here. "I'm going to spend the next 3 min teaching you about the rise of the Ottoman Empire and it's influence in the islamic world." anyone with a healthy mind might ask for more. Clouded minds... Ehh not so much.
Brandon Schwichtenberg
No Hunt for the red October
Daniel Fuller
Joking about the killing of journalists – really keeping​ it classy, Colbert.
Get a new topic. It aint funny.
kokfai yap
if colbert is a candidate... everyone will vote him to be a president!
JS Landaverde
YouR Triggered
Division specialist Stephen Colbert
Darkness Awaits7
"Or the liberal media at the New York Times and the FBI." πŸ˜‚
I seen many brown roses smell like shit in other peoples gardens though...
So what does smelling like a rose mean anyway?
James Hull
lame joke America
We can't rely on the Republican Congress to fairly investigate the Trump campaign's Russian contacts, Sad, but true.
Zero Quanta
Colbert is an Idiot!!!!!!!!! Leftist anti-American. AND, the BIGGEST sellout ever born.
Fist up, Fight for Truth.
Aneka Fernandez
The master has spoken
George Laxton
Thank god for comedians cutting out the BULLSHIT :D
These wars are distraction tactics to prevent more investigation with russia
Kremtim Petrovci
where can i find all these 'blackboard' episodes?
Abreha Berhanu
Zaina Wahid
Colbert ... what a man ... you made my day Thanks..
Stephen is the epitome of SAVAGE OMG :D:D
John Smith
D-T ...a world clown ....we having fun here i EU listening to this jack of .....
Jon F.
Is this show ever funny or do always live in fear?
Stephen Fullerton
Col-BERTTTTTTTTT is a moron.
Alec C
almost 900 000 people watched this without subscribing. Steven colbert is comedy gold so why not sub.
Bianca Berardo
penis size jokes are disrespectful
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