This Diagram Shows Nunes' Conflict Of Interests In Investigating Trump

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Stephen rolls out the chalkboard--sorry, the Figure-It-Out-A-Tron--to visually express Trump's relationship with his newest latest congressional minion.

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Doctor Holmes
This is so brilliant๐Ÿ˜‚โค๏ธ
Ramon Loteria
Late night is now a political satire show?
Ryu Cartel
I don't understand how he can possibly disseminate all the information concerning this in a 10min segment. I spend hours reading about and researching this stuff. Sorry, but everyones being sold short here. "I'm going to spend the next 3 min teaching you about the rise of the Ottoman Empire and it's influence in the islamic world." anyone with a healthy mind might ask for more. Clouded minds... Ehh not so much.
Brandon Schwichtenberg
No Hunt for the red October
Daniel Fuller
Joking about the killing of journalists โ€“ really keepingโ€‹ it classy, Colbert.
Get a new topic. It aint funny.
kokfai yap
if colbert is a candidate... everyone will vote him to be a president!
JS Landaverde
YouR Triggered
Division specialist Stephen Colbert
Darkness Awaits7
"Or the liberal media at the New York Times and the FBI." ๐Ÿ˜‚
I seen many brown roses smell like shit in other peoples gardens though...
So what does smelling like a rose mean anyway?
James Hull
lame joke America
We can't rely on the Republican Congress to fairly investigate the Trump campaign's Russian contacts, Sad, but true.
Zero Quanta
Colbert is an Idiot!!!!!!!!! Leftist anti-American. AND, the BIGGEST sellout ever born.
Fist up, Fight for Truth.
Aneka Fernandez
The master has spoken
George Laxton
Thank god for comedians cutting out the BULLSHIT :D
These wars are distraction tactics to prevent more investigation with russia
Kremtim Petrovci
where can i find all these 'blackboard' episodes?
Abreha Berhanu
Zaina Wahid
Colbert ... what a man ... you made my day Thanks..
Stephen is the epitome of SAVAGE OMG :D:D
John Smith
D-T ...a world clown ....we having fun here i EU listening to this jack of .....
Jon F.
Is this show ever funny or do always live in fear?
Stephen Fullerton
Col-BERTTTTTTTTT is a moron.
Alec C
almost 900 000 people watched this without subscribing. Steven colbert is comedy gold so why not sub.
Bianca Berardo
penis size jokes are disrespectful
Malo Lecomte
Chalk is really expensive
Clever. It's sad that I trust the info I receive from the various comedy shows than the info I receive from the actual news channels.
That way he pronounced MAGA... hahahaha!
John Paul
I really wished Hillary was POTUS instead of trump
Iam Hudsdent
Obama with the help of Susan Rice spied on Trump. He used the NSA for politics, just as he used the IRS to get himself and Democrats reelected in 2012. And he used the NSA and Dept of Justice against journalistsโ€”read Sheryl Atkinson's book. He lied about Benghazi before the whole world at the UN, saying the murder of our people was caused by a video, not his own shameful incompetence. He lied about Obamacare, saying you could keep your doctor, and your plan. He made corrupt deals with energy companies, for cash. He sent guns to Mexican drug gangs. These are the characteristics of corrupt petty dictators. Snow flakes need to understand, he was very corrupt, and his mentors were America hatersโ€”Rev Jeremiah Right and the communist Frank Marshall David. Very bad president.
Zronda Willis
Amazing Coldbeer. Of course Nunez was @Casablanca (WH) looking to cop the Trump brand of AAS not Trump's Russian ASSociates. What's AAS? Watch the 2011 movie version of "Limitless" & guess who Robert DeNiro's rich guy thug character is based on? Athletes, Wall St guys, politicians all prize the latest most efficient steroid enhancements. No nasty street drugs for these guys. This real life person looks exactly opposite DeNiro making any connection difficult. When the movie came out in 2011 long b4 the election (yes the movie was based on a novel) I guessed Trump for obvious reasons.

DeNiro was doing anti-Trump clips during the election. They both grew up in NYC, they probably know each other & one might even be richer than the other, more credit worthy with less debt. Meaning DeNiro doesn't have to resort to Russian backers, Chinese banks & TBTF always fined as a cost of laundering Russian rubles, Deutsche Bank.

Also the Russian uranium charge against Hillary was and is bogus. A more complicated reality was behind this Zoolander example of fear & doom blizzard of lies.
he said "russhid salad dressing"
Erik Perez
i russian spy. i no boring not anymore i now drink vodka with irange juice
Lily Knite
I loved that opening with the books!
Nigel John
Stephen Colbert,.. the "Rabel-Rouser Supreme. hahahaha rotfl. Truth talker too.
Sabine Katsavrias
lol that figureitoutatron:P
Keith Songstad
I'd hate to smell your breath Stevy.
Vita O
he finished his though 9min later, bca he got small dick to type with. Last time i heard shit like this i was 13, is to bad that this dude is about 40, and is even worst that people actually laugh. Stupid make "fun" of stupid, how pathetic
Clancy was also head of trump WH security and just retired... novelist and writer?
Bich Ho
The audacity of this man to accused the president of the United States of small penis is outrage!
Mike Dabrowski
This is epic! But, let's give credit where credit is due. With an administration like we have, just about ANYONE can come up with good material. There are just so many ways to show the completely chaotic and asinine actions of just about everyone around the WH right now.
American Pi
why is he doing that chick from snl?
Dr. Zippy Mcscoots
Everyone wwho works for Trump seem to be children.
Christian Gabrielsson
I am a democrat but seriously i will flip if Hillary comes out again, stay out of politics and Pelosi please for the love of everything resign.
Absolutely adore Jon Baptiste:)
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