Sang Woong LEE
It's culture that the people from other culture do not understand
well try not to
why would you?
Park Heather
so.... is she korean afterall?
Stanford Leeham
혈액형 유행은 일본이 먼저 시작되었는데. 그 이유가. 유치하게 미국인과 유럽인과 같은 생각과 반대론자에 맟추어 일본인은
찾기 위함이였다.
Stanford Leeham
정통 미국음식은 Angus Steak 및 Pan cakes...
미국이 Fast Food 이 많아진 이유는 전쟁 간섭

라면이 세계에서 않 좋은 FAST Food 라고 하지만, 일본은 라면은 건강하게 먹는것 유행처럼 1970년부터 시작되것으로 알고 있다.

아무튼 라면은 일본이 음식이 부족한 일본이기에....전쟁에서는 음식과 인구숫자가 없이는 훈련할수 없다는것 알기에.
moonlover x
Those broad shoulders though Evan lol💕💕
In china we have almost same stuff except For that" I'm older "one.
That small face is in china as well.
watermelon bubblegum
The age thingy is hilarious! I noticed it too like koreans always say oppa and hyung and stuff like that and it's really funny how they always remember each others age when I always forget my own age and my friends' age
Allison Chung
im korean dis is tru
OMG I really Empathize with this video LOL
왜냐면 전 한국사람이기때문이죠 하하하
I love this😂😂😂😂
Kpop Trash
Claire is so pretty!!
William Lee
Evan is gay.
Kristen BOOKS
The joke about dabbing immediately made me think of BamBam lol
Kanjananop Techasuknirun
Yup and at the party younger always pour the drink to others
ashmeet kaur
I am indian but i love koreans and their skincare routines..i mean how can you guys look 20 at 40..why though?<3
Khalid Mostafa
Shut up Tanya
Evan's voice is so soothing I'm-
Hung Quang Tran
This is not just Korean but seems like every East asian ever
Juni Luvs
Its not wierd im korean 그래도 웃겨
Lilyan Son
OMG, Totally relatable!!! Im a Korean so this is sooooo...

I'm Korean I do all the weird things mentioned in this video
Jimin 4life
The holy grail moment when you see this video is only 3 min :'] . I'm new here but hiii
Mish Y
Lol most of these are me
My bias Is Bts I just can't take it anymore
Kpoppers be everywhere on this video.😂😂
Im korean my mom and dad are too. I can understand and speak korean so i understand everything they say. I am now a US citizen. Its so annoying when mom and dad do this stuff.
김 차 누
Most of it is sooo true 😁
Michelle Lee
솔직히 혈액형 별로 성격따지는건 안하지않나; 초딩때 하던짓을 한국인들이 다한다하네
Not everything is true but the obsession with age & birth year and small face is soooo true lol
Fun video for me~
Pebble Pellets
Things only Welsh people do
"Oi, mate, get yer arse over here with two beers ye lazy sod"
My Life Is Lame
와ㅏㅏ 완전 대박 ㅋㅋㅋ 딱 맞아
Old Kid Productions
Do as I say! I'm the eldest!
Kookies and Cream
Shaina Grodi
I clicked on this because Claire looks like Jessica from SNSD... very beautiful! 😍
I rlly hope Evan and Claire are dating
Sweet Magic
With the "but I'm older" one, I had the same issue but I was in Japan. I was staying with my host family and the eldest child (Saho, 3 months older than me) kept asking me to get her things, at one point I (politely) said no and she just stares at me and just says "but I'm older."
Dammit Asian Countries and having such high respect for your elders.
it's WRAP monster not DANCE monster
Not just koreans, but some asians in general like me 😂 especially with recognizing other fillipenos
Black Sun
this is true
naila clarke
Help daehyun sneeze
Iraqis recognize iraqis from anywhere as well.. you just can't look beside the nose 😂
Oth'niel Nethinim
Looks like Seolhyun, damn
• N A R G E S •
ᗷEYOᑎᗪ TᕼE ᔕᑕEᑎE
Claire resembles SinB.. :0
정말 우스운!!!!!
A Person With No Life
Lol the hyping thing is so funny
Susannah Zoldyck
So, on another video, it said something about Eugene being Korean, and someone commented "I thought Eugene was Asian!"
God America is going to a dark, dark state
Obscurl Passion
I assume that they are talking about south...
Melanie Perez
me: hey dude wanna selfie?
Korean friend: sure
me: ok
her: WHY?!
me: because your weird?
her: punch me
rip melanie
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