Weird Things Koreans Do

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“Is he blood type A?"


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Kevin Kim
Claire Lee

Lee Seung-Ki One of the Facebook accounts in Korea uploaded your video without revealing its copyright. It looks serious.
bb bsh
그래도 한국에서 나이많다고 저렇게 행동하면 왕따되요
Im ur HOE Im ur ENJEL
Please do weird things Hispanics do LOL
the korean guy look a like Namjoon from bts
Liza Khludova
The British Empire Will rise again
u forgot eat dogs
somethings correct somethings wrong. Like unneccessary events, most adult couples in Korea don't make 22 days event. Teens do but not adults. However many things are correct. Like fuckin dabbing.
Min Seo KIM
뒤통수 빡!!!!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

ok... am i the only korean watching this video??

i hope not
Rafy Adhiyarsha Sastranegara
racist stereotyping
Arlene Aquino
That dab reminded me of B.M oh well
A hyung ᅲ
I just like this korean accent c:
I think claire has plastic surgery. it's common in Korea.
mae parcia mamaril
still people ship Evan and Kelsey😂😅
seung hyun choi
r thy still dating?
Ian Kwon
Lol, I'm not korean but pretty much can relate to most of it 😂😂😂😂 especially recognizing koreans lol
Any later generation koreans feel white AF while watching this video?
Morikun Rinari
The whole "small face" thing is also talked about in Japanese society so I would have quickly understood what someone means when they say someone has a small face.
Juliana Hinton
When you want your dongsaeng to respect you
taetae my baebae
Claire looks like Barry's cousin
Kk M
omgomgomg they are so cute
Bananya ᄋᄉᄋ
Literally my mom 😂

I'm still developing Korean skillz

My dad is Korean, raised in Canada so he doesn't have these habits

My little brother... uhm, speaks more Korean than me but articulates less...
Louie Shen
these also apply to chinese....
Rosie Kim
when you can understand everything they're saying
Simply Aoi
BuzzFeed is a bunch of koreaboos
Hamburger are German and Pizza is Italian, how does that equal American?
Ben Sauls
Is there a "weird things black people do"?
King Brie
When he dabs I immediately thought of BamBam from Got7
blvck iverson
Bloopys Kay
The Korean language is so pretty. I've been learning it for 4 months now, and I can understand like 30% of what's being said and I'm so proud of myself lol
Megan Sandy
Uhh according to this video I am Korean...I KNEW I was adopted!!
I'm Korean and I still whip.Lame right ?
Harry Hogfart
The weirdest thing Korean guys do is think they have an adult sized penis and try to molest women with a Vienna Sausage
Garden-Variety Google User
"Do you like to drink? How many bottles of soju can you drink?"
Dave Mr Dave
YB ♥!
Karl Kwon
It's 100% true.
Eddy Haryanto
blood type actually could very well be a factor(among the many factors) that determines personality.
Rebecca Abramowitz Holmberg
white guys are so hot... azns not so much
The Cindy J. Show
Hahaha, so true!
Faizal Ali
Claire ur reaction is very good, you should be an actress haha
ye won
솔직히 기분나쁘긴한데 공감
La'roy Jnknz
Isn't it kinda racist to say ALL Koreans do these things. Koreans are people from a certain country not a group that is to be labeled
one way or another
i'm from philippines and we do the age thing as well.. we ask the age and then we say the year he/she is supposed to be born in, and yeah, we also think that since you're older the younger ones shall obey you
It's not just Koreans though, but this was entertaining XD
Army. Is. Everywhere, including here!!! :D
My new aesthetic was born.
2:15 is 'dab' really outdated? In Russia we started using it only half of year ago, I can't recall any before.
Soooo true
쥬아 juAH
Couldn't deny 🤣🤣
Katarina fe
i love the subtitle so much
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