Weird Things Koreans Do

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“Is he blood type A?"


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Kevin Kim
Claire Lee

Ricka De Guzman
dab's still alive for bambam hahahahh
petition for bambam's name to change to dabdab people
Andrew Velasco
"but i'm older!" - hilarious!
haneul jeon
100% true
sao ong
My korean friend is always late on trends, thats why im great friends with him LOL
well made fun video
koreans are disgusting
검머외 새끼들 이건 뭔 컨텐츠노 이기야
CheonHong GO
100000000 %
Isn't this just kind of asians in general
Jennifer Kishi
George Lockhart
What's with the "too many anniversary" thing? Could someone please elaborate? ._.
Girls are mean.
add kimchi to every dish
Sir. Quips
and u guys dont have the guts to do 'weird things blacks do...'
Beatriz Santos
The last ones untrue... We do judge if ur Korean or not but we don't approach each other. Just give each other the look
J-Farmer's Fresh-For-Bowl Watermelons
When you're not Korean but kpop fan af, so you relate on a spiritual level. ;-;
Park Minje
ah... that older bossy crap is not something you would find in Koreans who are affluent with English. But you might find some people do it if you approach Korean using Korean.
ej blitz
Claire looks like Serena From Gossip girl.Am i the only one?
Zander Zenko
Im not even korean and i tell ppl they have a small face and if i get a selfie with a friend i try to get my face to seem small...
2:44 banlag ampotaa
MIn Suga Bias
I relate to all these and im mexican hahah
I am not Korean but I do 90% of this things 😂😂
Sydney Van
kelsi sounded like she was going to cry at small face XD
i can perfectly relate to this. my mom is Korean and im half asian ive been to Korea many times and i can speak Korean
Kim Do
Weird things vietnamese people do ex. the way they squat, being racist lmao, etc
가랑 BTS 나도 그 레!
OMG I can so relate
Ulfat Aaisha
I'm ready for these weird things .
Tazza Love
Gotta respect your hyungs, noonas and unnies😂😂😂😂😂
Seonhye Pack
As a korean that's 100% true.....
Korean women are really pretty.
yum-yum Korean
You can learn Korean alphabet and language at yum-yum Korean !
The koreaboos are back!
Howard Hoshii
More like ‘asian’
Grace Eclavea
I'm not Korean but I do the 100 days 50 days etc etc anniversary even with friends and exam or deadlines hahahaha LITERALLY.

Koreans are fun to be with, I teach them English for my part time job and I noticed the reverse of this culture on age. since I'm older than them they are sooooooo respectful and I'm like hey, it's okay don't be too much polite hahaha.
Moon Brock
The dabbing part was true, even Korean idols today still dab 😂
Dragon Fire
Rapping better than mumble rappers
I've always wondered if Asian people can tell what type of Asian people other Asian people are, because I sure as hell can't.
Ara Girl2
Small face in South Korea is everything
Shehryar Tayyab
Lol 😂😂 I love Korea 😍😍
Younghan Bae
Medi Mic
i hate koreans.
Kartika Yustisia
i don't get it why they prefer small face. i mean even when u have big face but when u have good proportion that's good
Extreme 10's
Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
If You Are Intelligent
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Omg i fucked that up. XD
Mistah Yusuf
I hate koreans

Just wanted to test koreans
Parawee A Ditthasook
Similar Thai haha
No no no no Not the dab
Well it's not just korean, my country also do that.

The title has to be "weird things asians do"
Bluekiss 2525
200? Am I too much? 😂
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