Manny Mua
kid aim fo goals
I am watching this while the eclipse is happening what a coincidence
Jade Bisnar
Watching this today ON an eclipse day (August 21) is making me smileeeeee 💫
Mariza Hernandez
Luv u both. I need all of it.
Flap Jack
I love how he's so excited about this ❤️
sammi r
Manny I love u but what is that shirt
I'm soo glad they called one 'I'm shook!'
Hey daddy x
Amy rockel
Eclipse became an essential part of my everyday routine. Even if I don't wear any other makeup, I WORK with that blinding highlight on my cheekbones🙌🏻⭐️🌙
Aimee Kryla
Bring it back please!!
Annette Talavera
Jeffrey you should name one YES!! I love when you say that!! You guys are fuckin adorable!!! Will always love you!!!
Ебаный насос сука...
Jennifer Bloom
I am gonna need you to bring that eclipse highlight back k thanks doll
Are u gay
Alesha Kant
Every time Manny says 'hologram' it breaks my heart as a holosexual
Daniela Molcadska
you guys i wish you would bring daddy and eclipse back:(( i couldn't get my hands on it and I'm so sad about it
Purple Slush
Manny is wearing black, white , red & blue & so is jeffree
Purple Slush
what is that shirt tbh manny 💀..that needs to be thrown in the garbage ..but still love you❤️
Daniel Echeverria
Where is his sweater from?
Elma Brooks
Do they sell this at sephora ?
Mayesha X
obsessed with daddy omg
Wendy Yvette
I missed it 😫
mj daras
Somehow the backgrounds manage to go with jefferys eye shadows frequently
Jack Roper
Jeff should come out with a lip stick called "fucked butthole"!❤️ insert color:
Katie Davies
Love this so much I've only just started wearing makeup more and I love love this plus Jeffree loves you for ages
whyami likethis
The bundle is sold out T^T
Elizabeth Peffer
lol late but god damn 😍😍😍🤤🤤
Celle m
im so mad at myself for not buying this release 😢 it was amazing 😍
Stephanie Don
ik im late but mannys shirt makes me wanna scream.
mounia mounita
اسمي مونيا من المغرب احب ميكب احبك كتيرررررر
Brianna Mucciante
Omg manny it's sold out will if ever come back into stock!?!? I want it so bad
Abigail Drzewiecki
I'm normally not a big fan of bright or bold color lipsticks but that red lipstick is to die for! it has me shook
iMarshMellow_ 14
Jeffrees eye makeup is everything😍😍😍😍😍😍
Esha Rashid
when i first saw the packaging i thought it was the pakistan flag 😅
Hannah Gray
So this is Jeffree's and Manny's baby, it's their child omg lol
amy Louisa
i know im a bit late but my favourite shade is im shook as its one of my favourite shades and i know im late getting it but i only just got paid so forgive me but manny mua this is the best
Allison Bolton
Love the lip sticks! They're gorgeous
Heather Wiles
Jeffree your lips are so beautifully shaped ❤️
Heather Wiles
I love saying this I loooovvveeeee daddy 😂🙊🙉🙈 for real tho I'm obsessed
jackie steele
I was trying to buy DADDY just now but on the website it says it's out?? When will you have more in stock??
So happy for you two xx
joche kelly
I love i love i love i love i love
Cristal Mejia
what advice would you give to someone like myself who is just starting to work as a MUA? I honestly just get extremely nervous and I beat myself up a lot... I would totes love to hear from you two because ya'll are my faves. Extremely in love with you both :(
Dominique Fuentes
I love your shirt manny😭😍other bitches hating but I dig it
milats13 •
Yaser Nazir
I like the I'm shook liquid lipstick
queen anabelle
i want it 😣
Celeste Barbosa
are you gonna restockkkkk orrrrrrrrrr??????
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