Rocket & Groot
Guillermo Deserves his own Talk
Rocket & Groot
I'm a Computer assistant A-nulist.
-Guillermo uh..I mean.... (Tucker From The Valley).
20 subscriber with no Video?
Lets build a wall

And let Mexico pay for it all
Danny Ocean
Tucker, you have a bit of an accent there.
Cris Gutierrez
I hate these 30 second ads
Is Guillermo an ILLEGAL immigrant!? God damn it Kimmel and you other left extremists are stupid.
Rob Villanueva
Why is Guillermo so adorable?! 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️
bill johnson
Fuckin liberals
why do i feel like Trump would actually fall for this and then become really good friends with "Tucker from the Valley". They are gunna make a movie about this
john deaux
I wonder how much Guillermo gets paid a year. He's on the show doing bits all the time.
Izabelle aker
lmao I love guillermo 😂
Samyra Marcelino
I love jimmy
Ed Dawg
First Mexican named tucker
Or he could just be legal...
how tf did he change that fast lmao. Tv magic?
LOL Who else caught the subtle Johnny Carson reference?
Jake from Statefarm
damn liberals guess who's laughing now
Justus Levesque
if he does build the wall all the tax payers in this country are getting scammed because mexico isn't paying for it, rip your tax 💰
Sheen Leng
Now Guillermo looks more redneck than jimmy lol
Rosy Sangals
lol computer system anal-list!!! XD This just made my day!! Had me laughing non stop!!!
Osito Vertiz
Emma Robert
I am Nigerian I hate the Nigerian prince scandal it us insulting
Matthew T
he's a computer ASS-istant ANAL-yser
Rob Z
analyst....reminds me the first time i came to America and mispronounced 'vegetarian'
abe contreras
trump favorite nba player is John WALL
Jhiannaanghela Magpantay
the ones who unliked this video loves donald trump
Lierni Larra
Well i don't want the hamster to die
Kiki's World
Tucker! Tucker! Tucker from the valley
D Fens
If Guillermo is in the country legally, then why's he worrying about being deported? The dishonesty of these anti-Trump people is staggering. You all MUST know that Trump's against ILLEGAL immigrants and not LEGAL immigrants, yes?
Matt Bennett
even the adds skip on your videos Jimmy!
Timothy - Minecraft & More!jmm
Guillermo looks like the Simpson version of Trump
Ali Souki
could only think of george carlin's tucker bit
Tucker From The Valley
tucker from the VALLEY!
Tucker From The Valley
Eyy guys! It's me... Tucker from the valley. I am a computer system anyalyst
Anthony Villa
Well I guess the invisible hamster died
Richard Henry
The yuppie Guillermo lol.. Most huggable guy in Hollywood.. big fan..
Ogenki Desuka
I clicked the subscribe button coz i felt pity from the invisible hamster 🐹
Mateo Molina
When tucker from the valley said " I am a computer assistant analist" I laughed so hard 😂because I thought he said anal ist
Jaime Hernandez
Hide him in the attic . And have him write a jurnal before he gets the gas.
Guillermo is so good.
gregorio ortiz
Nice eyes Kimmel High ass hell
If Trump takes Guillermo away, I'll stop watching Jimmy Kimmel
Fishsauceee plays
guillermo should be on conan, sorry jimmy your not that funny
Braden bange
there is all ready a wall and it is call the border of Mexico and the USA
Adam XYZ
People are outraged at the tax dollars being wasted by the construction of the wall, but they were totally okay with Obama spending millions on lavish banquets, vacations, etc. lol American hypocrisy at its finest...I am glad that I couldn't care less about either party: they claim to be so different than the other, but at the end of the day, they're both the same.
that's racist in so many ways, dont make jokes with a latin american people because that situation is not fun. more repect
Stop being so political, I don't watch you for your views I watch you because your somewhat funny. Now dance monkey!
Temzin Wangchuk
And anal lyist
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